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Graduation night. While Edward had always known he'd get there he never would have guessed he'd be there with his current company. He couldn't help but grin as Jasper nudged him to take back the flask of Gentleman Jack they were sipping on. Jasper furrowed his brow in a questioning gesture.

"Just wouldn't have expected this," Edward said. Jasper, being who he was, didn't require any further explanation.

Edward liked that about Jasper. He didn't need all the bullshit and babble. Edward was pretty sure Jasper was still on the fence about him but he didn't intend on giving him any more reasons to break his face.

Not that he didn't fuck up anymore. He still fucked up on a nearly daily basis. Some kind of snobby douchebaggery was always falling out of his mouth. At least that was what Bella constantly told him. And then she'd smack him. Or shove him off the bed. Or nearly drown him in the hot tub as was the case last night. But it seemed she had never ending patience with him. Like she saw something good in him that he still couldn't grasp. He was glad every fucking day.

He was also glad for one last night of high school debauchery. With plenty of moms and dads on the members list it was pretty easy to get the country club to themselves for the night. Blitzed seniors were boozing on lounge chairs, doing body shots on white linen draped tables, and losing bathing suits in the pool.

"This is insanity," he heard his girl say as she perched on his knee. She and Alice were returning to their table near the pool with fresh drinks.

He grinned. Every now and then she conceded that the privilege perks weren't all bad.

"It's good to be king," he told her with a grin laughing at the eye roll he received.

"Are you fucking kidding me," suddenly crowed a slurry approaching voice. "You're here too? Just because Eddie's into slumming doesn't mean the rest of us are."

Vicky was wobbling on sluttastic heels in a dress befitting a midgrade hooker. She was sneering at Bella. A super pregnant Tanya trailed behind her looking tired. Since she was now a future child support mom instead of a trophy wife it looked like she'd been tapped to babysit. Internally Edward couldn't help but snicker.

"Vicky –" he began, intended to shut her up once and for all only to be stopped by Bella's hand on his chest.

"I got this," she murmured to him then turned her attention to Vicky. She stood and faced the other girl without a hint of apprehension. She was menacing. She was fucking hot. "Listen up, you miserable cunt. If you as much as open your mouth to me one more time I swear to Jesus I will fuck you up so bad your own mother won't recognize you."

"Fuck –" that was as far as her reply got before Bella tackled her.

"Holy fuck!" Edward yelled jumping to his feet.

Jasper and Edward pried Bella off as quickly as possibly but not before Vicky sustained a fair about of facial rearrangement. New masses erected on her forehead and eyes were new, fun colors.

"You bitch, I'm calling the cops!" Vicky screamed.

Edward tightened his grip as Bella lunged again.

"Take her," he told Jasper. When he was sure Jasper had a hold of the wildcat he turned his attention to the bloody wench clamoring to her knees. "And tell them what Vic? That you swung on my girl and she beat your ass?"

He was using that smooth mother fucker, above the law tone of voice.

"Fuck you, Edward, I didn't do shit to her," she growled.

"That's not what I saw sweetheart. In fact I think you should just cut your losses 'cause if the cops happen to get called right now, they might just search both of you. And they might just find that little baggie I know you have in your purse. Do you really want to deal with that hassle on graduation night? Is Daddy gonna bail you out again?" He was grinning.

Edward had to fight not to laugh as he watched her reaction. Realization, shock, and then the most pissed off look he'd ever seen.

"You're a fucking bottom feeding piece of shit, Cullen," she snarled at him. Tanya was pulling at her arm, getting her out of there. Clearly the brighter of the two.

He rolled his eyes and turned. His girl was across the way, watching him. There was caution in her eyes now. Wondering if he was with her or against her. He sighed; there was still work to do. But he was ok doing that work every day. For as long as it took. He gave her a smile to reassure her. He was always with her. It was all worth it when she smiled back.