Disclaimer: All characters in this story is owned by the BBC and Toby Whithouse

Hal sighed. Then the look of horror came across his face.

'Tom|! She better not have moved the fridge.'

Tom couldn't hear Hal as he walked up the stairs to the attic room.

Alex was sitting on the sofa looking very smug with herself. Next to the sofa was the fridge.

'Are you impressed?'

'Nah not really. Ya can get the fridge downstairs now.'

Alex's face dropped.

'That's the thing, I can't get it down. It's not my fault! I'm still learning how to rentaghost.'

'Ya betta try to get it back ta the kitchen. Hal wont be impressed if ya don't take it downstairs.'

'Tom.' Alex gave Tom the puppy eye look she learned to do when Tom asked her to do things around the house. 'Please help me get it down. I've tried for hours.'

'Ok. I guess I could try to get it downstairs meself then.'

Tom walked over to the fridge and pushed it slowly towards the door.

'Are you gonna help me?' He turned to see that Alex had disappeared. 'Of course ya gonna leave me ta do it meself!'

He carried on pushing the fridge until he got to the top of the stairs.

'Naw how am I gonna get this blimmin' fridge down the stairs?'

He got on the stairs and dragged the fridge towards him.

There was a huge thump.

Hal looked up. Alex stood in front of him.

'What have you done Alex?'

'Nothing Hal. Just rentaghosted upstairs with the fridge. Are you impressed?'

'Not really Alex. Tom gave you strict instructions to watch me.'

'But you didn't need watching.'

'What about if I had been ill? During the detox, I can be violently sick. You wouldn't have been there to watch me and to make sure if I was ok.'

'Sorry Hal. It just so boring!'

There was a massive thump. Hal and Alex looked towards the bottom of the stairs to see Tom laying on the floor with the fridge on top of him. Alex and Hal both burst out laughing.

'Alex help me would ya?'

Alex walked over to Tom and put her hand on the fridge. Suddenly both Alex and the fridge had disappeared. Hal could see Alex in the kitchen along with the fridge.

Tom quickly got up.

'Bleedin' typical.'

Alex saunted back in to the living room.

'I'm sorry Tom. I did try rentaghosting it when I was upstairs'.

'You better have not made more of a mess of the freezer! It was a state before you tied me up, I dread to see the state of it now.' Hal was trying to pull free from his straps.

'Don't worry Hal. It's alright, everything is how it was before.'

'Good! It better be, or I won't be responsible for my actions.'

'Ok Hal. Don't worry 'bout it. It'll be alrigh', I'll make sure its kept clean.'

Hal started shaking, slowly at first then it became violent.

'Tom, What do you think is happening?' Alex seemed worried, she looked panicked.

'I'm not sure. Hal? Hal? Are ya alright mate?'

All of a sudden Hal was violently sick all of the floor. When he had finished being sick, he was pale white and his head was resting on his chest.

'Hal? Hal? Are ya alrigh'?'

'Good thing we put the plastic sheeting down, or else the carpet would be ruined.' Alex was chuckling.

'Alex! We don' know if Hal's alrigh', we maybe really ill! I don' care abou' the carpet.'

'Ok, ok. I was joking! Hal? Hal? Are you alright?'

Hal's head slowly rose up.

'I'm fine. This is all part of the detox process. I'm so sorry.' His voice was weak.

'Don' worry abou' it mate. As long as ya alrigh', tha's all that matters'.

Hal looked down at his lap. 'Please can I have a wash please? I can't stand to sit like this for any longer than I have to.'

Alex and Tom exchanged glances.

'I suppose so, ya weak so ya won't figh' back. Alex do ya mind rentaghosting him upstairs an' I'll come and help clear him up.'

'Ok then.' Alex and Tom undid Hal's straps, once Hal was released from the chair, Alex rentaghosted him upstairs.