Title: Something Crazy
Series: Uta No Prince-Sama
Summary: Fed up with being pushed around, Syo decides to take things into his own hands.
Rating: NC17
Genre: PWP
Pairings: Satsuki/Natsuki/Syo

Disclaimer: This is being written for the sheer enjoyment of writing, I make no profit other than the fan's enjoyment of it

Natsuki was intrigued… very intrigued. When his, normally embarrassed and ranting, roommate saw fit to nab him, toss him on the bed and handcuff him to the headboard, Natsuki hadn't thought twice about allowing the action.

Of 'course' he would. Syo taking dominance in bed? It was everything he'd ever imagined!

"Syo-chaaaaan, you're so cute when you try to be dominant!" Natsuki cooed, and was met by a series of garbled gibberish.

"Syo-chan, Syo-chaaan," Syo muttered to himself. "Cuuuute… bite me!"

"I may if you come close enough," Natsuki said, smiling cheerfully.

"Don't get any ideas! It's 'my' turn!" Syo stated with a snarl, finger pointing down at his face accusingly.

"Of course! I would never 'dream' of interrupting your coming of age!" Natsuki cheered before taking the finger between his lips and sucking on it for a second, going even further and biting on just the tip.

"Ah…" Syo panted, a soft blush rising on his cheeks.

"Mmm… weren't you in the process of something, Syo-chan?" Natsuki reminded as he passed another few licks on the black nail-polish covered appendage.

"RIGHT!" Syo snarled, poking his chest a few times, growling. "Stop trying to control me!"

"Control? Dear, cute, Syo-chan, I think you've gotten the wrong idea…!" Natsuki cooed, enjoying the flush on Syo's face and the accusatory, if silly, tone that his beloved took with him.

"You're always chasing me, you're always putting me in different outfits, you're always bullying me into situations I don't want to be in!" Syo ranted, even as he stripped off his uniform in a most alluring manner, his jacket flying off, followed swiftly by his shirt. Somehow, the boy still managed to keep his hat on, though. "And you're always trying to take my hat off!"

"Because Syo-chan is so cute without the hat!" Natsuki attempted, but was stopped with Syo's 'Don't Fuck With the Hat' look, and leaned back with a sigh. "I swear, that hat garners more affection than me in most cases."

Syo coughed briefly, and Natsuki turned around just in time to see Syo lose the pants and undergarments all at once. Quite suddenly, his whining, beautiful roommate had retained his full attention again, regardless of hat.

"Are you going to ride me, Syo-chan?" Natsuki asked, not embarrassed in the slightest at his sudden shortness of breath. Anyone who could look at Syo naked and not lose their composure deserved a medal.

"Do you ever shut up?" Syo snapped irritably, grabbing the lubrication off of his night table before squirming back to the bed. "And yes, I do."

"Oh…" Natsuki sighed dreamily, wishing that he had his hands to held Syo when they got started. Syo made such beautiful noises when they took this position, often times Natsuki's favourite noises, and the best expressions, and even better, Natsuki got to see them all from this wonderful position. However, if he wasn't helping, it was unlikely Syo was going to push himself.

"Don't 'oh' at me, damnit! There's a reason I don't ride you!" Syo snapped, blushing profusely, even as he leaned forward and took Natsuki into his mouth, bobbing his head mildly and sucking like only Syo was capable of.

Arching his back only slightly at the abrupt heat and pressure surrounding just the head of his manhood, he felt a shudder of relief squirm down his spine. Yes! This is… this was heaven, it always was.

"Hey, Natsuki," Syo snarled, kissing the tip of his cock once before reaching up and snatching off his glasses.

Satsuki growled down at the midget currently in the midst of sucking him off, for once unsure on how to react to the situation. True, his hands were bound – that would need to go away, and soon – but Syo appeared to be doing his damndest, sucking him and using his hands to the best of his advantage.

"Wanna fuck my face now, bitch?" Syo snapped, shoving the glasses back on Satsuki's face.

"Syo-chaaaaan!" Natsuki whined as Syo had left him in a most uncompromising position, balanced just above his body, one of his legs tracing oh-so-teasingly against his erection, making him squirm.

Syo growled, mounting his hips and biting the side of his neck, sucking on it like a leech.

"Ah! More, Syo-chan!" Natsuki cried, wishing that he had his hands so that he could bruise those hips he loved so well with the imprint of his fingertips.

Syo muttered a few more things to himself, and despite being so close to his ears, the words were still utterly unintelligible. Reaching up again, Syo removed Natsuki's glasses with a vicious look in his bright blue eyes.

"What in the hell do you think you're doing, you damn pest!" Satsuki bellowed at him, although his breath was stolen from his body as Syo impaled himself, the small body taking him in all at once, it seemed. Satsuki's voice went from its deep timbers into an unflattering moan, the muscles that he'd been flexing to break through those damned handcuffs turning to uncompromising jelly.

"I'm proving that you two aren't the only ones that are allowed to have control!" Syo growled, jerking his hips roughly a few times, squeezing his muscles oh-so-delightfully around his cock, milking him for all he was worth.

"Fucking… midget!" Satsuki snarled, arms flexed once more to break through the chain… which was a futile mission as Syo slapped the glasses back on his nose and Natsuki took over again, letting out a breathy 'oh' as he did so. "Syo-chan… so tight… so… perfect."

"That's right… call my name!" Syo challenged, moving slower, teasingly, twisting his hips and pulling off until 'just' the tip of Natsuki's manhood was encased within him. Natsuki let out a cry, wishing desperately that he had his hands to grab onto those slim hips and fuck Syo mercilessly, until his preciously adorable little Syo-chan was begging and pleading in his arms.

Natsuki was stunned when a sudden sharp impact hit his cheek, and he blinked in astonishment. "Did you just hit me?" Natsuki asked, his surprise showing obviously in his tone.

"Damn right! You don't get to boss me around, or 'picture' bossing me around when 'I'm' the one in control!" Syo demanded.

"My cute little Syo-chan… you're so sexy when you take control… ah!" Natsuki cried as Syo removed himself completely. "N-not… fair! Oh, Syo-chan, please!"

"Gah! I can't even get you to 'beg', because you do it already, but you don't understand that I just want… I want a little bit of control over how you two treat me!" Syo grumbled in frustration. "But I can't even get that while we're… oh, God… I'm…"

Syo proceeded to flush a deep, deep crimson, his hand covering his mouth as though astonished and amazed at his own brazen actions.

"I can't believe I…" Syo gasped, attempting to get off the bed, but in his flurry, he ended up knocking off Natsuki's glasses, too horrified with his actions to really comprehend the direness of the situation.

"Oi, midget!" Satsuki snarled, his arms flexing harshly, snapping the handcuffs before Syo could do something sneaky and stupid again.

"Oh, shit!" Syo screeched, attempting to back off, but getting caught before he was more than a few steps.

"'Oh, shit', indeed!" Satsuki muttered as he threw Syo onto the bed, flipped him onto his stomach, shoved his hands above his head and entered him in a few short movements.

"AH!" Syo wailed, his voice filling the room beautifully, like a concert that Satsuki had yet to think of.

"I'm going to make you sob before I'm done with you," Satsuki promised, trapping Syo's hands above his hands with one of his hands, using the other to reach down to twist a nipple harshly.

"S-Sat…ah!" Syo screamed again as Satsuki adjusted his thrusting, starting in a punishing rhythm that he was pleased to see Syo's body not just rocking against, but full-on thrusting with him. "L-let… let my hands go?"

Satsuki howled in amusement, biting down on Syo's neck, marking the area with his teeth in a brutal move he was sure was going to leave the bruise of a lifetime.

"You think, after handcuffing me and attempting to take away my free will, I'm going to give you 'anything'?" Satsuki whispered cruelly, adjusting his thrusts so that they were missing the boy's prostrate, making Syo squirm and gasp, his voice crying softly in the room.

A strangled moan howled out of the younger boy's mouth when Satsuki twisted his other nipple briefly, before reaching up and placing his fingers in Syo's mouth.

"Suck," he commanded, never pausing in his punishment of the midget's ass, ever unrelenting in his subjugation of the blond haired idiot. Syo managed a few half-headed pulls on his finger before his panting took over and he half-collapsed on the bed. It was only Satsuki's hand on his stomach, and further down to encircle the boy's cock to prevent an orgasm that he hadn't 'allowed'.

"Ah… Satsuki! Please… please!" Syo begged, his body shuddering on the edge, but without any stimulation to either his prostrate or his erection, he was damned to non-completion.

The boy's piteous cries were music to Satsuki's ears and he licked the rim of Syo's ear. He laved at the flesh there, teasing it between his teeth and absolutely adoring the sobbing gasps of his prey.

"Are you sorry?" he asked into Syo's ear, and Syo sobbed again, his body literally quivering. Satsuki bit down on the lobe harshly, further falling in love with Syo's high cry.

"I-I am… I'm… I'm sorry!" Syo called, probably willing to do or say 'anything' Satsuki wanted at this point.

"And you'll never do it again?" Satsuki demanded, adjusting his thrusts once more so that he was hitting Syo's prostrate dead on. The blond's body started shaking violently, his hands twisting desperately in Satsuki's sweaty grasp.

"Please, please! Please! Please, Satsuki! I… I need to… c-c…ah!" Syo cried out as Satsuki stroked his cock briefly, nearly driving the other boy into orgasm, before yanking on his balls and sending him back down to earth. "NO! PLEASE!"

"Tell me, Syo… tell me that you'll never do it again," Satsuki prodded further, thrusting faster and squeezing harder with his hand, making sure that there was 'no' way that Syo would be escaping from this promise.

"I PROMISE! I PROMISE YOU FUCKING BASTARD, NOW LET ME COME!" Syo hollered, jerking in his arms with what was probably the last of his strength. Satsuki almost purred with amusement – making Syo bend to his will was always one of his favourite activities. Such passion, such a blazing need to 'prove' himself, it fed to his artists' soul and made him want to wrench as many noises as he could out of Syo's body. Although neither he nor his good-side would admit it, Syo's cries were the inspiration for more than one song.

"Good boy," Satsuki praised, kissing Syo's temple and stroking the shuddering teen's cock to completion.

"YES! FUCK YES!" Syo screamed at the top of his lungs, his voice breaking harshly at the end. Satsuki couldn't help but feel pride at the sound, sure that Syo would be unable to sing for at least a few days with the volume of that cry.

Still, it took another few thrusts before he met his end, taking a few seconds to mark Syo's other shoulder one last time as his orgasm ripped through him.

Once they were both collapsed on the bed, his softening cock still buried within Syo's unresisting ass, he couldn't help but wonder if Syo deserved worse than this for his transgressions.

A smirk blossomed on his face as he thought of a few wonderful possibilities, grinning maniacally as Syo's unconscious form shuddered in his arms, probably aware on some subconscious level that Satsuki was planning something very… interesting for their next meeting.