Title: Craziness Concluded
Series: Uta No Prince-Sama
Summary: {Direct Sequel to Something Crazy, Something Crazier and A Crazy Interlude; Mild Prequel to For the Love Of… and Challenge Accepted} The promised interlude of Satsuki and Syo arrives, with Satsuki doing everything he can to torment and Syo proving, once more, that just because he's taking it, doesn't mean that he's going to do so lying down.
Rating: NC17
Genre: PWP
Pairings: Satsuki(Natsuki)/Syo

Author's Note: Dearest beloved anonymous reviewer who requested a sequel... well, turns out you get three. This is the conclusion of 'Something Crazy', although I've also written 'For the Love Of...', 'Challenge Accepted' and now 'Training', which are also indirect sequels XP. Enjoy and thank you all for reading!

Disclaimer: This is being written for the sheer enjoyment of writing, I make no profit other than the fan's enjoyment of it


The anticipation for this day was like ocean spray in the air, stinging and biting and making his skin damn near crawl off his bones. How did he know it was today? Well, because it had been two fucking weeks since Satsuki had pinned him to that bed and promised him the fucking of his lifetime.

Why two weeks? Hell if Syo knew; maybe to torture him, maybe to torture 'them', or maybe just because Satsuki was the biggest motherfucker this side of 'ever'.

Natsuki nudged him at lunch that day, the smile on his face slightly pinched around his eyes as he scanned down Syo's body. "Tonight."

Syo's eyes had gone wide, his mouth dry, his fingers numb. Masato had inquired for his health, Otoya had offered him some water, but Syo's world was entirely lingering on whether he should be preparing his own ass or whether Satsuki would consider that cheating.

He would have asked, but Satsuki had probably commanded Natsuki to tell him in a public place, just to make him uncomfortable and to make questions impossible. As it was, he was completely hard, red in the face and had 'everyone's' attention.

"Are you okay, Syo-kun?" Haruka asked him and Syo worked on not swallowing his tongue.

Fuck… even 'Haruka' noticed.

"I-I-I-I-I'll be fine!" Syo said, waving his hands wildly, grabbing his books to shove them over his crotch and bolting from the table.

He took the rest of the day off school.

That. Mother. Fucker.

Natsuki couldn't help his flush at Syo's face, those wide, expressive blue eyes staring at him with over a month's pent-up lust, the questions, the answers, the 'everything' he saw in those eyes. Syo's lip, bitten between teeth to quell any sounds, was the most tempting thing Natsuki had seen in his life.

It was only Satsuki's iron control of their body in this moment that kept Natsuki from taking Syo on the cafeteria table.

'And this is the reason I wanted you to tell him in a public place,' Satsuki stated in his mind, and Natsuki both agreed and disagreed.

'But I want him now,' Natsuki whined, though was met with silence from his other half.

When Syo got up and ran, Satsuki's influence was like a hand on his shoulder, holding him down.

"Is Syo-kun okay, Shinomiya-san? What did you say to him?" Otoya asked him, his eyes looking after his roommate, obvious concern there.

'Watch that one,' Satsuki warned, even as Natsuki waved him away.

Otoya was as harmless as Haruka when it came down to it. To be honest, if Natsuki were to name any possible challenge for Syo's affections, it would be Ren. Only the eldest boy in their group stood a chance at being dominant enough for Syo's tastes.

"I'm not sure, I was merely trying to tell him that I'd like to speak to him tonight," Natsuki informed them, nudging his glasses up his nose to keep Satsuki firmly in place.

"That's an odd reaction to have," Ren commented, leaning forward with his chin rested delicately on his hand. The look in his eye, the raised eyebrow, the smirk… Natsuki felt his own dominance rising. Ren knew 'exactly' what was going on.

From the slight cough and shift from Masato, he figured that he and Syo weren't the only ones in the school breaking the 'no romance' rule.

"Especially for Syo-kun! Usually he'd get angry, not run away…" Haruka commented, and Satsuki chortled in his head.

'If only she knew…'

"Shinomiya," someone called to Natsuki as he was just about to leave classes for the day.

"Ah… Jinguji-sama! What can I do for you?" Natsuki said, as polite as possible with the idea of Syo being back in their rooms, working himself into a frenzy about this entire business.

"Syo didn't show up for classes after lunch," Ren informed him with that look in his eye again.

"Is that so?" Natsuki said, and the two shared a moment.

"I understand that the situation here makes such things complicated, but if you were ever to be interested…" Ren suggested, and Natsuki felt his eyes widen in the slightest.

"I don't know that we would be entirely compatible," Natsuki stated, referring to their dual dominance in bed. Natsuki had, of course, submitted to his dearest Syo in the past, and would occasionally if the situation was correct, but he wasn't entirely sure what Satsuki would have to say about Ren.

'He looks tasty.'

Yeah, something like that.

"I'm sure we could work something out," Ren shrugged, a graceful sigh escaping him as he slipped past Natsuki and joined up with his roommate, who was staring at him suspiciously.

"Good evening, Masato-sama, Ren-sama," Natsuki bowed slightly to them.

"Will we be seeing you at dinner tonight?" Masato asked.

"Ah…" Natsuki thought about the next few hours and his lips twisted into a most delicious smirk. "I'm afraid we'll be far too busy with alternate activities."

Masato nodded. "Then we will see you tomorrow for lunch."

Natsuki privately agreed, waving to them as he took off to the dorms.

"What did you say to him?" he heard Masato demand of Ren.

"Oh… merely extended an invitation," Ren waved off.

"…Idiot," Masato muttered, although even Natsuki heard the thread of interest in his voice.

Well, perhaps there was something to this idea, after all.

So… Syo had showered… three times. He'd prepared and then showered again so his body was loose, but not lubricated. He'd driven himself to the edge of orgasm about five times with thoughts alone… and maybe with the aid of a few toys, but 'damnit'!

Taking a deep breath, he slipped over to his bed and sat there for a minute, his ass tingling pleasantly and his body shivering in anticipation.

His eyes roved over to the clock, seeing that it was almost half an hour after classes were to be out. Usually Natsuki only took a few minutes to get back. Maybe he was talking to someone?

Oh, fuck… don't let him bring other people in here!

Panicking, he dashed over to his dresser, attempting to sift through it to find clothes.

He 'knew' he shouldn't have decided to wait naked!

Just as he was about to put on a shirt, the door was pushed open slowly to reveal Natsuki, no, make that Satsuki, standing there, glasses in hand.

"You won't be needing that," Satsuki stated, placing his glasses on the top of the dresser as he grabbed Syo's shirt from his numb fingers and tossed it away.

Syo gulped, nodding against his will as Satsuki guided him back to his bed with disturbing delicacy.

Satsuki pushed him back, Syo falling with a shiver as Satsuki stared down at him, observing his body like he might his next victim to find all his delicate, breakable pieces.

Syo's breath picked up as Satsuki's eyes lingered on his nether regions and he felt his cheeks heat as his cock started to rise slowly.

"So well conditioned," Satsuki praised, and Syo felt his blush blaze. He tried to turn away, but it was worthless, Satsuki's eyes were too hypnotizing. "Spread your legs."

Syo gulped and did as he was told. He knew his anus was red from when he'd prepared it before. He only hoped that it was what Satsuki had wanted.

Satsuki said nothing, merely raised an eyebrow. He placed his first knee on the bed, the slight indent in the mattress feeling like the beginning tremors of an earthquake, his body shuddering and his breath coming quicker.

The dominating man's hand on his ankle, spreading his leg wider, felt like burning coals against his skin and his eyes rolled back into his head, his back arching.

"Beautiful…" Satsuki whispered, and Syo whimpered, wishing that his lover would just get on with it, and yet, hoping that he took his fucking time.

God, Satsuki was such a mind-raping fucktard!

"Do you want me to move faster?" Satsuki asked, and Syo jerked his head to the side as the words were 'breathed' over his cock. He felt the cry escape his lips, anticipation making him harder than Satsuki's words. "Answer me."

"I-I don't know," Syo admitted, his fists closing in the mattress as Satsuki's every breath caused his cock to jump, his muscles to twitch and his entire frame to clench in horrible, aching 'want'.

"Hmm…" Satsuki purred, and Syo groaned when his lips barely touched the head of his cock and he felt like he was going to come from that alone.

Satsuki's smirk was all-consuming as Syo finally opened his eyes again, staring down his body to where Satsuki's finger was slowly, agonizingly, tracing up his ankle, to his knee, and into his crotch, tracing a line down the underside of his cock, over his balls, and then inserting itself to the first knuckle, dry, into his ass.

"AH!" Syo gasped, the feeling so fucking overwhelming with the desert he'd been in for the past two weeks. When one got used to their lover fucking them at 'every' possible moment, it became torture to have to go without it for a day, let alone over a month.

Suddenly, the finger was gone and Syo groaned at its loss. He didn't exactly want the dry appendage in him, that hurt, but he still wanted it fucking in him already! Goddamnit, Satsuki!

"Getting impatient yet?" Satsuki asked, and Syo growled in his throat. "Suck my fingers."

It was the finger that had been inside him moments ago, but Syo wasn't all that bothered. He took the finger into his mouth desperately, getting it drenched with his saliva and then doing the same to the other two that were slowly guided into his body.

"Your mouth will forever be a temptation to me," Satsuki told him and Syo licked his lips, remembering how much he loved the taste of Natsuki's cock and wishing that Satsuki would just yank down his fucking pants so Syo could suck him off and fuck himself on his cock with spit alone.


He had to close his eyes, nearly biting down on his fist as Satsuki inserted his fingers, all three at once, into his body.

Syo spread his legs wider for Satsuki, who slapped his thigh and derailed his thoughts instantly. For some reason, the slight sting of skin contacting skin had always made Syo's body respond and his mind go blank.

"Satsuki!" he called, and the other boy grinned down at him. Fucker.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" Satsuki asked, and Syo nearly screamed in frustration.

"What… the HELL kind of question is THAT?" Syo bellowed, and hissed as Satsuki ran his fingers roughly against his prostrate, sending his mind fluttering down in ashes.

"Should I take that as a 'no', would you like to wait longer?" Satsuki threatened, licking a line up Syo's abdomen, which shuddered under the assault.

"You bastard, if you don't fuck me tonight, I'm going to go find Ren," Syo bit back. "I'm sure he'd LOVE a nice little submissive that actually 'enjoys' sucking on his cock, being denied and taking it up the ass 'whenever' he wants me to."

Satsuki snarled, his fingers twisting harshly before being yanked out. Syo let out a sobbing breath as Satsuki opened his pants, revealing a distinct lack of underwear, and pressed against his opening completely dry but for the slight amount of saliva that had been on his fingers.

Syo jerked in his arms, grabbing his jacket and yanking Satsuki so their eyes were level against each other, ignoring the threat of Satsuki's hips shoving forward a bit.

"You take a good long look at me, Shinomiya. If you fuck me to hurt me, you will 'never' see me again. I told you that the first time you did it, and I mean it just as much now as I did back then," Syo told him, his lips twisted and his blue eyes narrowed in a dangerous glare.

Satsuki stared down at him, his eyes flashing in hatred, respect and under it all was that dangerous line of unpredictability that made having sex with the bastard so goddamned exciting.

"And if I let you suck me first? Would that sooth your precious skin?" Satsuki hissed against his mouth.

"With those things in your cock? Not even slightly. Get the lube or get the fuck off my bed," Syo told him, placing a hand against Satsuki's chest and shoving him back with a jerk of his chin.

He didn't move, staying exactly as Satsuki had positioned him, legs open, cock still hard as a rock, with Satsuki's saliva drying on his stomach. While many lovers probably would have tried to cover themselves up, maybe even storm off, Syo knew better than that. Instead, he took his own fingers into his mouth, getting them good and wet and guiding them down to his entrance, licking a line down his other hand, which he used to grab hold of his cock.

"If you don't hurry up, I'm just gonna go on without you," Syo told him, shrugging as he guided his fingers into himself and moaned at the pleasant burn.

Satsuki looked like he was about ready to rip him to shreds, but Syo merely spread his legs a little wider, giving himself a smidgeon more room, and smirked up at his rougher lover.

"If you're not going to come back, do you just want to hand me one of my vibrators? The yellow one, maybe? I really like that one," Syo groaned, finding his prostrate and stroking his cock, spreading the precome to make it easier. "It kinda reminds me of your cock, although yours is hotter, and better… and… fuck…"

Syo's hips raised as he continued talking, his body longing for that cock once more, the vibrators not nearly enough to sate him. If he 'had' to, it would be enough to quell the heat, but… fucking Satsuki.

He looked up at his stubborn lover to see a flush on his cheeks, but his eyes were still glaring, still petulant at being directed.

"So you're going to make me get it myself?" Syo rolled his eyes, plucking out his fingers and licking off the index, which caused Satsuki to suck in a breath, and then leaned over the bed, making sure to bring one of his legs up so his body was on full display. "Hmm… I wonder if I used it recently?"

He heard movement and he saw Satsuki standing closer, his eyes staring into the drawer, perhaps looking at the vibrators, perhaps looking at Syo's ass, at the moment, he wasn't all that concerned. Still, he was a bit confused at the absence of his yellow vibrator, grabbing the large pink one instead. It was quite a bit larger than the yellow one and he cast another look back at Satsuki, wiggling the pink cock in his face.

"What do you think?" Syo asked, looking at the dildo and then back to Satsuki's pants, which were done up again – the fucker. "Well… I was going to compare, but—"

Yeah, that's about as far as he was able to push.

Satsuki had him shoved onto the bed, the pink vibrator halfway down his throat before he got out another syllable.

Syo moaned around the rubber, trying to get his hands out of Satsuki's grasp, but the other boy was faster, stronger, and had his wrists cuffed to the headboard within a second.

"Lube!" Syo yelled at Satsuki after he managed to spit the dildo out and motioned with his chin down to the drawer. "Use the lube or let me go."

"You are such a pushy bitch," Satsuki shook his head, the smirk on his face belaying the harshness of the words.

"And you're a sadistic fucker," Syo said, smiling up at him as he spread his legs for his lover. "You ready to fuck me yet?"

"I'm going to ring you for that," Satsuki told him and Syo shrugged one of his shoulders, having expected the ring from the get-go anyway.

"Bring it, but if you don't make me scream, beg and cry, Satsuki, I'm taking it out of 'your' ass," Syo told him. "Maybe I'll use that pink vibrator along with my own dick, do you think that it might get a few tears from you?"

Satsuki growled at him and Syo merely opened his mouth, relaxing his throat as Satsuki fed the plastic into him down to the fake testicles. Syo could feel tears in his eyes from the pressure, but he kept his eyes smiling regardless.

By the time Satsuki got back from the drawer, armed with lube and the aforementioned ring, Syo had the dildo out of his mouth and back down on the bed again.

"You better get a gag if you really want to keep my mouth shut," Syo told him, eyes bright and cackling.

Satsuki's lips twisted and a chuckle escaped him, his eyes taking on a dangerous quality, even as they softened around the edges. Syo smiled back at him, flicking his hair out of his eyes and holding onto the cuffs.

He pulled himself up, twisting himself around and pushing himself up onto his knees.

"C'mon and fuck me, already," Syo told him and Satsuki crawled onto the bed once more, fully clothed, leaning forward to bite Syo's shoulder, hard enough to leave marks. Syo shuddered, his hyper-aware body shivering under the slight pain.

He wasn't really prepared for the fingers to enter him again, this time slathered in lubrication, he'd expected Satsuki's cock, but he pressed back on them regardless.

"That's all the lube you're getting tonight," Satsuki told his lover, biting on his ear suckling on it as he lined himself up.

Syo didn't get a chance to even 'think' a response as Satsuki had barely removed his fingers before he entered him.

"Oh… oh fuck…" Syo panted as Satsuki's cock entered him for the first time with all the modifications. He didn't know what to think of that hard bead at the end, his body tightening completely unconsciously as the first barbell slid into him. "Gnh!"

"Mmm… tell me how it feels, Kurusu… you were so vocal just a minute ago," Satsuki whispered into his ear, twisting his nipple harshly as he shoved a few more inches of himself in.

Syo let out a howl of pain/pleasure as the lead piercing hit his prostrate, followed swiftly by the first and second barbell until he was quivering, unable to even think properly.

"Sing," Satsuki commanded, pulling out and then slamming back in brutally.

As requested, Syo screamed at the top of his lungs, the feeling so intense, so fucking 'different' from what he was used to, and yet…

"Oh fuck, again, please, please, please, Satsuki!" Syo begged as his lover stopped with just the head of his cock in his body.

"Begging," Satsuki counted off, reaching around Syo's body to stroke his cock rapidly for a few seconds, thrusting in and out of him all the while.

Syo screamed again, his entire body trembling in uncontrolled pleasure, the cuffs and Satsuki's hands on his chest being the only thing holding him up.

"Lean forward," Satsuki commanded, but Syo shook his head desperately, knowing that he'd come in a second if the bastard was allowed to thrust that deep into him. "Lean forward, now."

"N-no!" Syo cried out, then moaned in displeasure as Satsuki pulled out, grabbed him by the hair, yanked his hips back and up, and then shoved his face into the pillows.

"I control you tonight, midget, fight me and I'll make your life hell," Satsuki told Syo, entering him again in one smooth thrust, allowing him to reach deeper into Syo.

Almost instantly, Syo's knees liquefied and his body tried to collapse. Satsuki chuckled, grabbing onto Syo's hips so he could get the proper leverage to fuck the boy silly.

Within minutes, Syo's voice was thrashed, his screams bouncing off the wall, much like their bed. Syo couldn't even think properly, whether it was to control the muscles of his ass to provide pleasure for his partner, or to the fact that his nails were ripping the sheets beneath him, his teeth tearing into the pillows while his saliva drenched the pillowcase.

"HARDER!" Syo demanded and Satsuki didn't deny, reaching around him to place the ring on his cock as well as to stroke him rapidly, driving him though the goddamned wall. "YES! FUCK ME, YOU STUPID BASTARD!"

Satsuki grinned as Syo's cries continued, cursing him and loving him as his screams took on a new melody that he could only convey through the cries of a violin in his mind. The softness of the edges was a flute, the slip of his knees on the mattress was the clarinets and the groans he made the brass. Syo's pants were the percussion, the slap of their flesh the cymbals, crashing in the panting mess that was their love making.

"You are beautiful," Satsuki stated as his hips jerked forward, pressing their bodies together as he hissed to hold back his orgasm.

The squeezing of Syo's desperate, seeking muscles almost did him in, but he managed to prevent his climax. Nothing on earth would be able to stop him from passing out after this round, so he wanted to make sure that Syo was good and fucking sore by the end.

"W-w-w-w-why did you stop?" Syo whined, squeezing harder against him and looking back with tears running down his cheeks. "Keep going… please, Satsuki?"

Oh fuck…


Syo's eyes were huge with all those tears in them, his lips red from teeth chomping into them, his hair a fucking mess from where it had been pressed into the pillow. With Syo gaining a bit of control over his body, he was holding his ass aloft, bumping his body back onto his cock with what little maneuverability he had, his eyelids fluttering as the new additions to his body undoubtedly ran over Syo's prostrate.

"It feels… so good… I can't… I don't want you to stop. Don't stop?" Syo asked again. "I'll let you fuck my face to finish if you just let me come."

What in God's name had he done to deserve this boy in front of him? Nothing, not even protecting Natsuki, should have granted him the sex that this midget gave him so freely. His ass still squeezing as he moved the few inches he could gain, hissing as Syo's body opened and closed around him, almost vacuum sealing him in that tight heat, wishing he would never be forced to leave.

"We have the rest of our lives, Satsuki… just fuck me like you want, you can tie me up and leave me panting some other time," Syo reasoned, leaning forward again, placing his head on the crook of his elbow and looking back pleadingly.

Satsuki let out a breath, feeling the tingling in his spine that agreed with Syo's words, and he growled.

"You will be gagged the next time I fuck you," he told Syo, reaching around to take off the ring and shove back into Syo's body without mercy, driving them both to their ends within minutes.

Syo lay back on the bed, his body so sore that it felt like it was throbbing in time to some unknown song. He sighed shakily and ran his hand through Natsuki's drenched hair, adjusting the glasses on his love's face.

Since Satsuki had burst into their room earlier, the two of them had managed to fuck him at least five or six times, most of that with him tied down, at least two of them with the ring on to drive him goddamned crazy… but it wasn't like he hadn't invited it.

They were still in the last few weeks of classes, in fact, the whole final project thing was looming on the horizon. Apparently there was going to be some sort of beach retreat – a good thing, too, because his voice was fucked… again.

"Syo…Syo-chan…" Natsuki mumbled in his breath and Syo smiled, dragging Natsuki's head onto his chest, petting him again as he lay in complete contentment for the first time in his life.

He'd always been scared for when Natsuki found out about Satsuki, but this was… weird, it wasn't bad, it was just… different. With the way they were, it was almost like getting two lovers for the price of one, and given the fact that Syo could probably still go another round, that was a pretty good thing.

Grinning, he kissed Natsuki's head lightly, removing the glasses and kissing him again, just to make sure Satsuki didn't feel left out. Natsuki smiled in his sleep, turning and curling into his body, hugging him like a teddy bear.

Syo felt his eyelids flutter, exhaustion taking over – he'd ridden them the last round, and that 'always' took a lot out of him.

"G'night. I love you…" Syo told them, never feeling the words more than he had in that moment.