Her head hangs sleepily, red hair almost matching the lovely blood-red velvet ; wavy curls are mixing to the mist-blue veil and pastel roses of the sumptuous neckline. Color is coming back to her cheeks, giving lovely rose-pink tint to the beautiful face.

"For a moment I feared you are dead", Alfred says and smiles; Sarah raises her head and smiles.

"I am very much alive," she says softly. Her red lips arch to smile, which gives hint of pearl-white teeth. "More than ever."

"My lovely, pure rose," Alfred says; he is in silly, happy mood. He kisses her hand, which has lost it´s earlier iciness. "My lovely, pure rose of Transylvania..."

Sarah opens her mouth; her fangs are long and sharp and she sinks them to Alfred´s throat. Blood splashes to his beautiful blue jacket.

He is too surprised to scream. Pain - like a cut of a big needle - makes him kick convulsively and his right shoe flies to the snow.

Professor Ambrosius hears or notices nothing; he continues to drive the sleigh, when Sarah drinks Alfred dry behind his back.

AN: Pardon my English, it is not my first language.