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*** Chapter Fifteen : Welcome To The Gang! ***

Priss frowned and slowly stood up from the ground. What did he want with her now? She slowly obeyed and went through the prison door and jumped slightly when Sam slammed the door shut.

Priss looked around the corner to look inside the sheriffs office and saw Rango sit on sheriff Rangos chair, his legs rested on the table and he had a glass of water in his hand. With the other hand he slowly caressed Beans waist. Beans tried to move away from him, but Rangos grip hardened and he pulled her closer, trying to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Git off!" She hissed through her teeth and reached for the glass in his other hand, but Rango quickly drank up the water and laughed at her.

"Sorry, but these clothes are my only set. Don't want to ruin 'em, do ya?" He smiled and ran his hand up her back. Beans growled silently and was about to hit him when she froze and became still with her large eyes staring emptily at something far beyond.

Rango withdrew his hand. "What the...?" He said and raised both of his eyebrows in surprise.

Sam cleared his throat and Rangos attention turned to the two of them instead. Rango frowned and pointed to Beans.

"Does she always do that?" He asked, a bit dumbstruck.

"Sometimes, yeah..." Priss answered distastefully. She clenched her fists and managed to bring enough selfcontrol to not jump on the lizard in front of her and rip his tongue out with her bare hands. She settled for only imagining it in her head.

"Freaky... I like it!" He grinned, and Priss imagined herself taking his ripped out tongue and showing it back down his throat.

"Leave Beans alone!" Priss silently growled and her eyes hardened.

"Why? She almost shot me, y'know! I like that in a woman!" Rango shrugged and stood up from the chair.

Priss instinctively brought her hand down to her waist to grab her guns, but all she found was air. She cursed when she remembered that Rangos goons had taken 'em before. Rango laughed at her, making her cheeks turn a brightly red color and she growled in embarrassment.

"What do you want with me?" Priss asked and took a step back, almost bumping into Sam. Sam moved to the side and hardened his grip around the shotgun.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'd better get right to it, eh?" He said and poured a new glass of water to himself. "Actually, I was going to ask you one thing before I ask you the real thing; why in hell did that nitwit choose you as deputy?" He exclaimed skeptically and his hands flew up in the air in a wide shrug. "I don't get it! To be frank, I didn't think that moron could make good decisions! Just look, it's his fault that I'm here after all..." He brought the glass to his lips and drank while looking at her with a raised brow, waiting for a response.

"Because I was nagging, and the last deputy got shot. He didn't die, but he is unable to perform his duties as a deputy..." She simply answered, thirstily eying the glass. She was thirsty, really thirsty. And she wasn't probably not the only one, the two men guarding the prisoners, Bentley and the rat, refused to give them water unless Rango said so.

Rango nodded to her answer and put down the empty glass.

"Just wonderin'..." he said and poured up some new water. "I've got a suggestion for you; As you know, this dusk I'll have to select a new victim for your sheriffs slugginess. I've noticed that none of you folks like that idea, so I've been doin' some thinkin'. If you were to join my crew of merry men, I'll stop the killing." He handed the glass to Priss. She looked from him, down to the glass and then back again. Not taking the glass. "I need someone like you around here! You are the first female deputy I've met, and still you've got more guts than most of the outlaws I've gunned down before."

Priss didn't feel flattered, not at all. She crossed her arms and just kept staring at him with hatred seeping eyes and a frown on her face.

"I take your silence as a no..." Rango said, clearly disappointed and emptied the glass of water that Priss refused to take. "Its okay!" He said and shrugged. "If I were you though, I'd spend as much time as possible with the folks in there. Who knows who might be next?" He added with a soft giggle.

"Lemme get this straight; if I join you, you'll stop killing off my friends?" Priscilla cautiously asked and raised an eyebrow. "Why would you want me to join? Except because you think I've got guts? Aren't I one of the enemies?"

"Nope, I've got nothing against you..." Rango put the empty glass down on the table with a "whack" and smiled smugly. "I need more people! You should see this as an honor, I ain't just hirin' anyone y'know! Even Bentley the nutcase has some hidden talents!" He said and sat down in the chair again. "What'll it be? Yes or no?" He said and placed his fingertips against each other.

"Sure, however, I've got one more condition..." Priss said, crossed her arms and leaned heavily on her right foot. "That you leave miss Beans alone! She belongs to Rango, OUR Rango!"

Rango didn't budge. " I know that already..." He said and kept the smug grin on his face. "I just think she's too much fun, though..." He thought for a while, but then he agreed with a nod. "Sure, whatever! Welcome to the troop!" He nodded for Sam to take Beans away to the other. Except, he wasn't sure how to handle it as she still was frozen solid.

"Fine, just wait 'til she wakes up..." Rango mumbled. "Ey! Hicks!" He called and the coyote came into the office. "Show our new friend here the way, eh?"

Hicks turned to the young mouse and skeptically raised an eyebrow. "Fine, come here..." He eventually said with his dark voice and grinned, showing all of his sharp teeth. Priss didn't let that scare her, but turned to Rango again.

"Can I at least have my weapons back?" She asked and clenched her teeth together when the lizard shook his head.

"Sorry, but I can't trust you enough yet! You'll have to make it without 'em!" He answered and shrugged. Priss nodded and followed Hicks across the street to the saloon.

They went through the doors just as Bentley was sent flying out of the window. The mangy hyena laid on his back on the ground and laughed his ass off for no apparent reason. Hicks frowned and turned to the pack inside the saloon.

"Alright, who threw him out this time?" He asked and shook his head. Everyone pointed at one of the two porcupine brothers. "Fledge... Why did you do that?" Hicks sighed. Fledge said something on spanish and shrugged with a sly smile on his lips.

"He said he wanted to see what happened" Flitch translated, uninterested in his brothers shenanigans and wiped his revolver clean with a filthy napkin.

"Hay! Did ya see that!" Bentley suddenly exclaimed and staggered back into the saloon. "I was flying!" He sounded way to happy for someone who just got flung through a window.

"Well, yeah. Great job Fledge, now he'll never shut up about it!" Hicks growled. "Anyway, apparently, this lady is now a part of us. Make her feel right at home, guys" And with those last words, Hicks grinned in a sly smile and left through the doors.

Everybody was quiet, some of them snickered. Priss ignored them and walked up to Buford. The ruffians decided to let Buford stay as the barkeeper. The poor guy looked terrified, both because they had probably threatened to kill him if he didn't keep the liquor coming, and that Priss now apparently were one of them.

"Hey, Buford" Priss said and sat down on one of the worn bar chairs.

"Priscilla..." Buford replied with a nod. "The usual?"

Priss nodded and took the glass of cactus juice that he poured for her. Suddenly she felt the men gang up behind her and squeezed the glass tighter to not turn around.

"Are you sure lassies like you should drink that stuff?" Scrange asked in a mocking tone.

"Why not? You're drinkin' it, aren't ya?" Priss answered and took a sip of the amber colored liquid.

Bentleys laughter roared in the small saloon and Scrange scowled. Priss ignored them and kept drinking, but a small grin played on her lips.

"Haha, seems like we've got a little joker on our hands here, eh?" Flitch said and took his eyes off the gun.

"Yeah, bloody hilarious!" Scrange said and was annoyed by the sight of her back. "Can't you at least turn around when I'm talking to you?!" He did the mistake and put his clawed hands on her shoulder. She quickly spun around and emptied the cactus juice in the fat rats face. Scrange gasped and tried to rub it out of his eyes, but while he did that, Priss clenched her fist and punched him on the nose. Hard.

The rat flew backwards unconscious and landed on a table, breaking the cheap furniture. Everyone was quiet for a while, but then Bentley began laughing again and this time the rest of them joined in.

"I think she'll do just fine..." Flitch said and put the revolver in its holster and stood up. "Welcome to the gang, miss...?"

Priss hesitated, but then she said: "Priscilla... But Priss is just fine!"

"Alright then, Priss. Since our friend here so rudely made you lose your drink, let me get you a new one" He said and gave Buford a threatening look. Buford sighed and poured up a new glass to Priss. She took it and emptied it in one sweep.

"The name's Flitch. Over there is my brother Fledge, just don't start talking to him. He'll never shut up, and since he can't a single word of English means that I'll have to translate everything that comes out of his mouth. The annoying canine over there is Bentley and he..."

"FELINE!" Bentley exclaimed with a huge grin.

Flitch rolled his eyes and continued: "As you already can tell, he might be a bit... enervating sometimes... His friend, the rat you send to dreamsland, is called Scrange and the coyote from earlier is Hicks. He's been Rangos friend for ages, and I wouldn't mess with him if I were you" Flitch turned to Bentley; "What're you standin' 'round for? Wake him up already!"

Bentley nodded and walked up to the unconscious rat. Suddenly they heard a worrying sound; Bentley undoing his belt buckle.

"No, Bentley, NO! Use water! WATER!" Flitch shouted.

"Dios mió!" Fledge moaned and facepalmed.

"MWAHAHAHA! Just kidding, man!" Bentley laughed gleefully and took the spittoon and was just about to pour its content over Scrange when Flitch interrupted him again.

"No! Bentley, just... No... Aargh! Whatever, I'll do it!" Flitch angrily took the dishwater Buford kept under the counter. Priss was still sitting on the chair and tried her best to supress the laughter that was building up inside of her. Flitch gave the bucket to Fledge, and Fledge walked over to Scrange and Bentley and poured it over the rat. He woke up at once.

"I'm awake! I'm awake!" He shouted and sat up. "What have you done?!" He growled

to Fledge when he discovered that he was soaked with dishwater.

"Don't complain! If we hadn't stopped Bentley you would have been covered in piss and molten tobacco by now!" Flitch grinned and Bentley laughed again and put down the spittoon back on the floor.

"Nice, mate. Nice..." He mumbled and massaged his nose. "Why does my face hurt?" He more or less asked himself that, but then he remembered and looked around for Priss. When he found her, he stood up and growled.

But before he could draw his gun, the two doubledoors swung open and Rango stepped in, shortly followed by Hicks, Sam was left to watch the townspeople.

"Ah, good! I see you have introduced yourselves!" Rango said and his face was once again cleaved by that eerie grin. "Errm, why is Bentley so close to the spittoon? Its discomforting to see..." Rango frowned and backed away.

Bentley looked from the spittoon to Rango and then back again. He chuckled and went back to the bardesk, grabbed one of the spiky bottles and drank its contents.

"Thats better, I guess... Scrange? Why are you standing on a broken table?" Rango sighed and shooked his head when the rat realized what he was standing on and stepped off. "I've said it before; I don't want you nitwits to go around destroyin' my town! I saw the broken window, who did that?"

"Oh, it was me!" Bentley said and waved with the bottle in the air, causing cactus juice to splash everywhere. "Fledge helped me to fly through the window!" He smiled even wider.

"And it was that mouse! She punched me so I landed on the table! It's not my fault!" Scrange defended himself and brushed splinters of his west.

Rango sighed and turned to Hicks. "Honey, I told you we should've sent the kids to boarding school!" He joked and Hicks grinned a lopsided smile.

"Well, anyways!" He turned to his men again. "There has been some changes here! First of all, I won't kill a someone every nightfall. I know what I said, but or else I would have gotten little miss deputy here to join. Second, I'm thinking of letting the townspeople out at day, but that would require that three of you would have to watch them, and if anyone does anything you don't like, just throw 'em back in! Right, any questions?"

Silence. Rango nodded and snapped with his fingers. "Alright, what're y'all standing around here for then? Get back to your jobs! Fledge, Flitch, you get the first watch along with Sam. Priss, you and Hicks will cleanse the town of any firepower you can find. Bentley, Scrange, you two will help the good ol' Doc with anything he needs! We've got a dying man on our hands y'know!"

Priss couldn't believe what was happening. Was Rango trying to pull something on her? Why did he do all this for these people. She frowned. She wouldn't trust this reptile. She'd rather die!

Actually, the following five days went pretty well. Better than Priss had thought it would...

Rango held his word, and stopped the assassination of the innocent Dirtonians and he even allowed them to walk around the town and continue with their business. As long as they didn't leave the town.

And, despite how much Priss hated herself for thinking that way, she actually started to like Rangos men. She still hated the outlaw bountyhunter with all her heart, but some of his crewmen were actually quite charming, like Fledge, Flitch and Bentley. Especially Bentley. He could be extremely annoying, but he had his golden moments.

She had also learned that it wasn't Rango who had gunned down Woodrow and Gus, but Sam. But when she asked him about it, he would just turn his back to her and ignore her.

Speaking of Woodrow, ever since Doc got his hands on his medical equipment, Woodrows state had skyrocketed and he gained consciousness again after several days. He wasn't awake for a long time, only long enough so he could eat something small and Gus could tell him where they were and what happened. He didn't tell him that Rango had taken over the town. He didn't want to load too much on his weak friend. But according to Doc, Woodrow would probably be fine within a few weeks.

The news made both Priss and Gus sigh with relieve.

But there was one thing that bothered Priss. Something that bothered her a lot; she had been here with the outlaws for five days, but she had never seen the snake they talked about. When she tried to ask anyone about it, they just shrugged. They didn't deny her existence, but nobody seemed to know where she was. Only Rango, but he would only answer with a laugh or a smug smile.

But later that day, Ergil made a mistake. A huge mistake.

The black bobcat had managed to get his hands on a revolver that he saw in one of the rooms on the upper part of the hotel. More exactly; in the room that Priss lived in. He didn't give it much thought though, and decided to pick it up.

Later that day, he made his move. He had gotten up to the roof of the saloon, claimed that he was there to fix the hole that Buford had been complaining about for so long. He let the guns pipe rest on his arm and took aim just as Rango stepped out into the street. The black clad lizard didn't notice the assassin, since Beans just walked by. He tipped his hat to her and grinned. She snorted and ignored him.

Ergil took a deep breath, aimed at the lizard and squeezed the trigger. But just as he fired, something thin and black emerged from the sand and grabbed Rango by his feet and yanked, caused him to fall on his back. The bullet zinged past and hit the sand. This time Rango noticed the gleaming pipe on the roof and brought out his gun. Before Ergil could take another shot, Rango fired his gun. The bullet hit Ergil in the shoulder and he roared in pain. Suddenly he lost his footing and tumbled down on the balcony. When he looked up, he looked straight into the muzzle of Sams shotgun.

Rango was enraged. "That was A LITTLE UNCALLED FOR, don'tcha think?!" He shouted to the bobcat and caught the gun as Sam tossed it down to him. Rango noticed that there were a name scratched into the handle of the gun; Priscilla.

"Well, well, well..." He chuckled and looked around for the mouse. Everyone had gathered around to see what the commotion was about and when he saw her standing among the rest of the people he shouted her name. Priss flinched, but came to him. He held out the gun for her.

"Lookin' familiar?" He snickered. Priss frowned and examined the gun. She had never seen it before. But when she saw her name scratched into the handle, she started sweating and her heart rate picked up. She knew what he must be thinking.

"I-I've never seen this gun before! I-I swear!" She stuttered.

"Then how come it has your name in it?" He hissed. "I don't appreciate liars in my crew..."

"I don't know! Someone must've scratched my name on it!" Priss calmed down a bit and made eye contact with Rango. His piercing yellow eyes were darkened with anger, but she didn't back down. "But I'm tellin' ya, I've never seen this gun before! Besides, I don't even touch Smith & Wesson! Everyone knows that a Colt is much, much better!"

Rango couldn't help but to laugh. "Really?!"

"Hey! Don't diss S&W, girl!" Bentley shouted with his wide smile.

Rango kept laughing and slapped his hand on his thigh. "Alright, alright! I'll let you go for this time!" He said and dried some tears from the corners of his eyes. "Oh, and by the way, thanks for saving me, girl!" Rango said. Priss frowned and was about to question that when something large and dark emerged from the sand. The long red, black and yellow striped snake shot up from the ground and spun herself around Rango in a protective coil. It was a coralsnake. She looked down on Rango with large, greenish yellow eyes and her dark tongue rapidly shot out of her mouth. She didn't say anything, but when Rango put up his hand in front of her, she rubbed her snout on his palm like some lovesick roadrunner before she dove head-first back into the sand. Soon, signs of the snake were completely gone. Rango turned to the people of the town again.

"It seems like I've been too soft on you guys..." He said with a darker voice than usual and began pacing back and forth. "Sure, I was a bit naughty there in the beginning, killing that child and all. But still, I've been kinda reasonable, haven't I? Not many people would give their hostages the freedom to walk around freely. And this is the thanks I get? As soon as you get the chance, you'll try to assassinate me? That's not fair, isn't it?" He stopped. "Its almost as if you'd want me to punish you for your sheriffs sluggishness?" He said and looked at the horizon with a cruel smile across his face. "As a matter of fact, the sun is setting, isn't it?"

A worried mumble spread over the town. Priss interrupted. "No! You promised that you would stop if I joined!" She protested and placed herself between the Dirtonians and Rango.

"But that was before your little friend over there tried to kill me. I've gotta admit though, that took me by surprise!" Rango said with shrug.

"I won't let you!" Priss yelled and took a step forward.

Rango frowned. "Well, that's just too bad. And I guess we'll have to help you to get out of the way then..." He said and looked at Fledge and Flitch. The two porcupines grabbed Priss and tried to pull her away from the street. She tried to fight back, but the they were both stronger than her.

"That's better. Now good folks, I wanna see y'all in a nice, orderly heap in front of me here, now!" Rango shouted to the townspeople, who didn't have any choice but to obey. Even Ergil came down eventually. He felt so stupid and angry with himself that he just kept looking on the ground and clenched his fists, not saying a word.

"Listen up, I want y'all to know something; this isn't something I usually do, believe it or not, but I'm afraid I have to. You need to learn that I'm not joking around here, I'm dead serious!" Rango said once everyone had been gathered. "Now, the one of you who deserves this the most is you, mister!" He said and aimed his gun at Ergil. Ergil didn't speak up. "But, what would your lesson be? No, I think I'll spare you for now..." He said and let the hand holding the gun fall to his side. Ergil frowned and looked up at the lizard.

Rango started looking around, then he smiled widely and said: "Hey, where's the spider?"

Mr Blacks eight eyes all opened widely and he tried to crouch down to hide among the rest of the people. But Hicks saw him and forced him to stagger out on the street. All the eight, long legs of the black spider was shaking with fear and he took off his hat.

"I've always wanted to kill one of you spiders, I've heard you roll up into a ball when you die, is that true?" Rango asked with a sly grin and lifted the gun once again.

Mr Black didn't answer, he just grasped the hat even firmer and nervously swallowed.

"No! Just stop it already! You don't have to!" Priss exclaimed and elbowed Flitch in the chest. He let go in surprise, allowing her to writhe free and try to run. Too bad Fledge was there to stop her.

"Maybe, maybe not. But I do it just in case..." Rango mumbled and pulled the trigger. The shot echoed and Mr Black stiffened before falling to the ground with a big hole in his head. Bentley slammed his hand on his face and giggled.

People backed away and some screamed. Ergil cursed loudly and put his palm on his face.

No! Not another one! Priss thought and closed her eyes.

Rango chuckled contently when the spiders many legs were pulled by an invisible force toward the body, forming a ball. "I was right!" He exclaimed and spun the revolver around on his finger before putting it back. "This will continue until your beloved sheriff comes back. If that coward comes back that is!"

He turned around. "Priss, Bentley! Dispose of this bug!" He said.

"Actually, it's an arachnid..." Bentley said and shrugged.

Priss almost gagged when she and Bentley lifted the dead spider on a wagon to transport him out of town to bury him.

"Hey, isn't this guy the undertaker?" Bentley asked and jumped easily up on the driver seat.

"Yeah. He was..." Priss answered and sat up next to him. She tried not to look back.

Bentley laughed out loud. "And now here he is, already getting cold in the back of his own hearse! Ironic, isn't it?" He said and flicked the reins, causing the javelin to take a surprised jump into the air before starting to walk and pull the wagon. Priss gave him a killing look. He noticed it and chuckled. "Don't take death so seriously! I mean, we're all going to die sooner or later, why not make the best out of the situation, amirite?"

"Oh, I'm sorry if I'm not in the mood for jokes right now, Bentley. But someone who has been there my entire childhood just got mercilessly MURDERED right in front of me!" Priss hissed and looked away.

"Yeah, I know that feeling, sis! But I'm telling ya, you'll forget about it after a year or too! Just keep laughing and it will keep the ghosts away!" He said happily and his head was bobbing from one side to the other, as if he listened to a catchy song. "Believe it or not, but I've lost a whole bunch of important people!"

"Really? Who did you lose?" Priss asked, but she didn't get an answer. When she turned to face him again, she became chocked by what she saw; for the first time ever, she saw Bentley without a smile plastered on his lips. He was solemnly looking down on his feet, a single teardrop slowly running from the eye down his long nose.

"Bentley?" Priss asked worriedly and put her hand on his shoulder. He snapped back to reality and the smile returned as he wiped the tear away with his dirty coat arm.

"Nothing! I'm just allergic to javelins, that's all!" He said, just as happy as before.

"Really?" Priss frowned and withdrew her hand.

"Yeah, really!" He cocked his head to her direction.

"Well, I dunno. You looked pretty off there, almost as if you were thinkin' 'bout somethin'?" Priss said, sounding more worried than she intended to.

"Thinkin'? Moi? I don't think we've met; Hi! I'm Bentley!" He laughed and stretched out his paw (his left paw...) to shake hands with her. "Thinking on the wrong things can make you all sad and depressed, I prefer not to think so much!"

"No kiddin'..." Priss mumbled. Bentley ignored her and continued babbling:
"I don't like depressing thoughts! I prefer to stay happy! And the only way to do that is to cast all the troublesome thoughts away and laugh! That's why I laugh so much, I guess..." He said, the last part he added quieter, almost mumbling. "Besides..." He said and made the javeling halt next to the graveyard and jumped down. "Whaddya say we bury this sucker real quick and we might be back in time for a couple o' drinks before its time for the night shift, eh Prissy?"

Priss cast a glance at the dead body in the back of the wagon. It felt like someone had punched her hard in the stomach and she found it hard to breathe. She couldn't believe Mr Black was gone... He had always been there, ever since she was a baby. While the other kids thought the undertaker was creepy and made up stories about him eating children and then made clothes of their hides, Priss had actually like him. He claimed he didn't like children, but he was always so sweet towards her, gave her candy and gave her permission to watch him make a coffin.

She put her hand on her nose and tried to stifle a sob. But she couldn't help the few, small tears that rolled down her cheeks. She heard Bentley giggle next to her.

"What?" She yelled with a shaky voice.

"Oh its nothing!" He said and shrugged. "I just didn't think you were capable of crying! Or show any emotion at all!"

"I'm not crying!" She hissed and wiped her tears.

"Sure, and I'm not really a hyena! I'm a chipmunk! A secret agent chipmunk! Here to spy on you!"

Priss couldn't help but to let out a halfhearted laugh. "That's just silly!" She laughed and snivelled.

"So is pretending to be emotionless like rocks! Or girls who falls in love with sparkly things!" Bentley said and rolled his eyes. "Anyway, the damn vultures have arrived! Lets get your friend into the ground before they get to feast on a crème brulee a lá spider!" Bentley paused. "On second thought, he looks a bit more of a Swedish meatball?"

"Please, stop calling him different foods!" Priss sighed and got the shovels from the wagon and threw one of them to Bentley.

He caught it and smiled. "Sorry, I just can't help it! I'm so hungry I could eat pretty much anything right now! But no more beans... Not that I don't like Beans, she's cool! I mean beans as in... eh, beans! Kidney beans, white beans, black beans, y'know? Sure, its yummy at first, but after a couple of months of nothing but warmed up beans and having to ride next after Scrange, you sort of lose the appetite for 'em!" He put the shovel in the ground and started digging. "You know what I like? Pancakes! You've gotta be crazy to hate pancakes! Pancakes with whipped cream and strawberry jam! I've only ate it once, but boy I loved it! Wouldn't mind eating it for the rest of my life!" He kept talking while digging the hole, while Priss laughed uncontrollably.

Just as they were burying the remnants of Mr Black, the undertaker, Rango left to head back to Dirt, heavily disappointed.

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