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*** Chapter Twentysix : Change Of Hearts ***

Arrow stood up now, with her head held high and looked out through the door crack just above Rangos head.

"The Rattlesnakes?" Jason frowned. "The only rattlesnake I know of in this place is the Grim Reaper, but he isn't supposed to be 'round here now, is here?" He asked with a shaking voice.

"Well, he's here now alright. And his two siblings, the Dracula of the West and Fast-shooter-Jolene." Rango said and opened the door with a loud creak.

"Look! Now you woke the farmers up! Just get the animals back in the corral so we can leave before anyone gets hurt, 'kay?!" Jolene shouted to Blake, who tried to herd the terrified livestock he set loose, back in their right places again. He looked very disgraceful, and Jake laughing like a maniac at his brothers attempts didn't improve the picture.

"Shut up!" He hissed at both of his older siblings and dove after one of the roadrunners, but missed it. "Besides, why'm I the one who has to do this?! A lil' help would be appreciated!"

"Because it was you who suddenly took a turn into this farm and decided to have a little fun!" Jake answered and turned his head to the house. "Someone's comin' this way, just so you know..." He readied his gatling gun.

Rango waved with his arms. "Hey! It's me! Don't shoot!" He squeaked when he heard the clicking and twirling of Jakes gun.

"Hey! It's the sheriff! Ain't it?!" Blake grinned and wrapped his tail around one of the roadrunners, who tried to take advantage of the distraction and sneak away from the large, terrifying snake that chased him around. The bird squawked in fear and flapped his wings and rammed its sharp beak in between two of Blakes scales. "AAYEEE! Sonnova bitch! Ya want me t' EAT ya, ya stupid chicken?!" He hissed and turned around to give the roadrunner a bite, but he was stopped by a slap on the snout by his sisters rattle.

"Forget it, buster!" She said and turned to the chameleon. She smiled and quicker than a flash, she had wrapped herself around the little lizard and gave him a squeezing hug. "Hi again there, lil' friend!" She cooed. "I'm so sorry fer my behavior the other day! Wasn't quite myself!"

Rango managed to crawl out of the snakes tight grip before his bones got crushed. "It's alright" He coughed and tried to catch his breath as his face colored returned from blueish purple to green. "But, what are you three doing here?" He asked as soon as he regained his ability to breathe normally.

"Well, I don't think my brothers care that much, but I heard the cruel things this man has done to your town. Is it really true that he killed a child?" Jolene asked with a frown and lowered her head to the same level as the lizard. Rango took a few steps back and nodded. Jolenes amber colored eyes flashed. She faced her brothers again. "And you still refuse to help? Tsk, tsk,tsk..." She disbelievingly shook her head.

"It's not our problem, it never was and shouldn't be. Were taking you to Dirt ONLY because you would get lost in your own nest." Jake snorted and cocked his head. "And YOU are still too stubborn to just leave people to their own business, tsk, tsk tsk..."

"A-are you really going to help us?" Rango couldn't believe his ears. "But you said that..."

Blake interrupted and finished the sentence: "That we would come with you when pigs fly. And I've gotta say..." He snickered and pointed to the, still fazed, javelin who had soared through the night sky only a few moments ago. "That pig flew mighty fine!" He bursted out laughing at his own joke. His older siblings simultaneously rolled their eyes.

"Sheriff Rango!" Rango turned around when he heard Jason call his name. The gerbil took a cautious step outside the door, unarmed. He had been wise and listened to Rango, since he left the shotgun inside.

"It's okay! They're not dangerous! At least not for the moment!" Rango added the last part in a more whispering tone, although Jason heard him and nervously swallowed.

Despite the fear in seeing the three, much larger, killer snakes he walked out and stood next to Rango. Mumbling something really disrespectful when he saw the mess the youngest reptile had caused to his beloved farm.

"Jason, this is Blake, Jolene and Jake. Rattlesnakes, this'ere is Jason Maxon..." Rangos eyes shifted and leaned forward to the snakes. "Please, he's gonna be a father. Try to not give him a heartattack or somethin'!"

Jolene and Blake laughed, while the bored out Jakes rattle shook slightly. "Just don't get more children than that. Your kid will eventually thank you!" He mumbled and gave his younger siblings an accusing glare. They glared back at him.

"So, what you are saying is that at least one of you will come?" Rango said hopefully, interrupting the awkward mood between the three snakes.

Jolene nodded, but Jake turned his face away and mumbled something.

"W-what is going on, sheriff?" Jason asked, uncertain of the level of danger his family was in.

Rango sighed and looked down on the ground. He really didn't want to tell anyone, he didn't want this to get more attention in case the other Rango would see that as a reason to hurt the people of Dirt even more. "Well, eh, y'see, we're in this tortuous situation over at the ol' town, and there's this fellow who really wants to talk to the Rattlers over here..." He wasn't sure how to explain it without giving too much away. If he told Jason up front about the state of Dirt, he would surely do something, sending a telegram or whatever, to tell the nearest marshal and WHAM! Dirt risks getting into more trouble! "Honest to say, I'm a bit surprised to see you three here! I mean, neither of ya didn't seem too eager to help out" He turned to the snakes.

"I'm still not 'helping out'" Jake spat. "I'm goin' back. Jo, if you want t'go and help the town, go knock yourself out! Blake, it would be such a pain if you went back t' jail, but if I have to spend another day with any of you I'll go batshit crazy!" He turned around to slither back to Skeleton Cliffs. "You better go with Jo. The sheriff knows the way to the town, y'don't need me to babysit anymore!" And with those final words, he put his large body in motion and set his course back to his dead hometown.

Blake and Jolene both extended their dark tongues at their brothers back before facing the sheriff again.

"You never told us who this guy is, anyway!" Blake cocked an invisible eyebrow.

"Uh, yeah... 'Bout that..." Rango said with a nervous chuckle. "Y'see, the reason he hates me and lets my town suffer for it, well... He claims that his name is Rango... And those stories I told, that I lied 'bout back in the days, heck they're his stories... And... Huh? Jolene? Blake?" He interrupted himself and frowned. The two snakes in front of him stared with their mouths gaping and he could've sworn that they had lost some of the color in their face. Within seconds, the third snake had lunged forward and wrapped himself around the shocked chameleon. Jake squeezed him really tight and brought him closer to his face.

"Don't lie to us, you little shit!" He hissed and bared his fangs.

Rango could feel the air getting pressed out of his lungs as he struggled for air. Damn he really hates this! Jason backed a few steps before turning around entirely to go back inside and fetch his shotgun.

"No... I... didn't... lie...!" He wheezed as dark dots started to dance in front of his eyes.

Jolene tapped her brother on his coils with her rattle. Jake snapped his neck around and hissed at the one who disturbed him.

"I don't think he's lyin', bro!" Blake said and tilted his head. "It makes too much sense!"

"Sense? Since when has anythin' made sense to you?!"

"He's actually right, Jake. For once..." Jolene shook her head and looked with a concerned frown at the chameleon who quickly turned blue in her brothers grip. Jake got the hint and unfolded, dropping the sheriff on the ground.

"He knew how Jolene would react if someone were to kill a kid! Jo has always loved children, and she would without a the hint of a doubt want to punish the one who did it!" Blake said 'as-a-matter-of-factly'. "Her being the spoiled little girl that she really is, no offense sis!" He hurried to add when Jolene gave him the death stare. "She would nag at us until we all did her bidding and came to aid her in kicking the child-murdering bastards ass"

Jake mumbled something when he realized that his brother was right. "He's always been a sly one, hasn't he?" He chuckled and locked his eyes on the ground.

"Y-you know... him?" Rango coughed and looked up at the snakes, still trying to regain his breathing. If the snakes continued to do this to him, he would end up with all of his ribs broken!

The three snakes were quiet for a while. "Yeah, we know Rang-rang alright..." Blake eventually said and jerked his head. "How did he... well y'know. How did he seem to you?"

Rango grimaced. "Want me to give an honest opinion? Evil, cocky, condescending, excessive, superior, bully, uncaring, cruel, proud, selfish..." He rattled of a whole list until Jolene had enough and silenced him with a wave of her tail.

"He hasn't always been like that" She said and drooped with her head. "As a matter of fact, him and Jake used to be best friends!" She glanced at Jake from the corner of her eyes.

Jake snorted. "Shut yer mouth, Jo!" He hissed and his rattle shook slightly. He turned to the surprised Rango. "Yeah, I knew him. But he's a bloody, self-indulgent bastard. Has always been, will always be!"

"Look who's lying now!" Blake hissed and slithered up to his brother. "I don't remember much from back then, but what I do remember is that you two were like brothers! It was always you two, together with that other, bitchy girl-thingie, what was her name again'?" He asked Jolene without breaking eyecontact with his brother.

"You mean Clara?"

"That's right, Clara! You three would always do stuff together!"

Jake hovered over Blake and the two pair of blazing eyes met. "Shut up, brat!" He hissed and bared his long fangs. "That was a long time ago! Not even worth to bring up!"

Jolene glanced over at Rango. "His full name is Durango Campbell, but he took the name Rango when he left to become a rogue bountyhunter. I recall him as a really funny and kind guy, who everyone saw as a prodigy in law enforcement." She let out a sad chuckle. "To think that one little incident would change him so much... From being a deputy, and soon to receive the sheriffs badge, to a lowlife outlaw..."

"What happened?" Rango inclined after Jolene got silent.

"Why don't you ask him yourself?" Blake turned his head. "Y'know what! Since your little parasite there turns out to be an ol' friend of ours, then we'll all come and try n' talk some sense into him!" Blake said, awfully cheerful. "Isn't that right, Jacob?" He smirked at his brother, who mumbled something incoherent and looked down at the ground. Apparently, he agreed.

"Great!" Jolene said and gave Blake a quick nudge on his cheek. "You think your friend'll let us sleep in the barn fer the night?" She nodded to Jason, who stood a few paces away with the shotgun in his hand. Clearly confused about what to do.

Rango nodded. "I'll ask him..." Was the answer.

Jolene nodded again and turned to Blake. "And you've still got critters to herd, you bum!" She said with a gleeful laugh, which caused her little brother to let out an upset moan in response.

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