Dinner (Mine)

"Hey, Soul."


"Yeah, Maka?" Soul asked, forcing himself to keep his eyes glued to the television screen. He couldn't afford to look at her lately, fearing he wouldn't be able to control himself.

"What do you want for dinner?"


"Nothing," He sighed, ignoring the more animalistic side of him that always seemed to want to take her against the nearest wall these days.

"Nothing?" Maka asked, disbelievingly. She strolled over to him, turning her back to the refrigerator and letting it swing itself shut. Soul looked up, only to see her sitting on the couch beside him. He gulped. Her scent washed over him like a tidal wave and he could feel himself drowning. "Soul, are you feeling okay?" She asked, placing a concerned hand on his forehead, His whole body tensing at her touch. Dammit, he shouldn't be reacting this way. He was nineteen for fuck's sake. Regardless of the now-eighteen year-old Maka's sudden shapely form, he shouldn't be acting like some horny kid.

"Yeah, I'm fine," Soul said quietly.

Maka felt him tense and his soul wavelength quiver at her hand on his forehead. She frowned and leaned in. He was lying. "If you're fine, then what do you want to eat?"

Soul gasped at her sudden proximity. Her scent was so strong now, he had to fight to keep his eyes from rolling back into his skull. His mouth watered as he stared at her neck, the succulent column of milky flesh calling out to him like a siren. His eyes raked up and down her form as she sprawled lazily on the couch, waiting patiently for his answer. Her arm was thrown up over her head, her body twisted so that she could play with one of her own pigtails while she stared at him intently, green eyes boring into his crimson ones.

"Soul. Tell me now."

Soul could tell that she was getting impatient and he wasn't about to test her. Fine. If she wanted him to tell her what he wanted to eat, he would tell her. He wasn't going to hold back anymore, it was too exhausting. And dear God, he wanted her so badly.

He took her hand from above her head and dragged it down. Still holding onto that hand, he wrenched her toward him until his hot mouth was right by her ear. She squealed when she collided with his sculpted, t-shirt covered chest. He ran his tongue along the sensitive shell of her ear, purring in delight when a very palpable shiver ran through her.

"Soul, what on earth are you-" She tried, but was cut short by his mouth on hers. Their lips parted almost instantly, marked by a mutual moan passing between the two of them.

"You wanted me to tell you what you wanted for dinner, right?" He said, voice husky, marked by a masculine growl of pleasure that instantly shot hot pleasure into her abdomen. He ran his hand down her back until it cupped her ass, then he hoisted her onto his lap, positioning her over his already hardening dick. She gasped as she felt the hot steel press against her core. He nibbled on her neck, sending shivers down her spine and eliciting whimpers from her lips every time his too-sharp teeth nicked her porcelain skin. Every little sound she made shot straight to his groin, and soon, Soul had gained the courage he need to finally say, "I want you, Maka. And I'm sure it'll be quite a delicious meal." He accentuated his words by dragging her bottom lip into his mouth and sucking fiercely.

Maka gasped at his words, unconsciously grinding herself into him. He grunted. She continued to grind against him, all too happy to comply with his request for dinner. Soul struggled to maintain control. It just wasn't cool for a guy to lose dominance to the woman he had effectively seduced in the first place, but he'd be damned if she wasn't fantastic at domination. Every swivel of her hips shredded at his control until finally, his head fell back on to the couch's armrest in defeat. He arched his back and hissed as she ran her tongue from his collarbone to just beneath his chin.

"D-dammit, Maka," He snarled, bucking his hips up sharply and catching her off-guard. She let out a little noise and proceeded to rip his shirt over his head. Following suit, Soul ripped off hers as well and soon, they were both lying naked on the couch save for their underwear.

"So…Soul," She whined, grinding circles against him. She looked down at the young man beneath her, noting the way his mouth parted, sharp teeth glistening with every pant he mad. She looked at the way his eyes were clouded over in senseless lust. She gave one final swivel of her hips and Soul roared his anger. He was so close to coming apart and he still hadn't even had the main dish.

"Onto the next course?" He wheezed, yanking her panties off of her and tossing them aside.

"Absolutely," She moaned, yanking his boxers down until his fully erect member stood waiting for her.

Soul pulled her above him and looked into her eyes, seeing only excitement and anticipation. "Mine," He hissed, grabbing onto her hips and plunging her onto him in one swift movement. He had broken through her virginity quickly in hopes of easing the pain, and it had, but he could still see the discomfort on her face. He was hit with blinding pleasure and the sheer tightness wrapping and squeezing his cock in all the right ways.

"Move," she growled.

Soul knew he wouldn't last long. "Fuck…Maka…I can't…I won't…I won't last long."

"Move! I'm yours, remember?"

Soul couldn't help himself. He smashed his mouth against hers, letting her swallow his scream as he pounded furiously within her. "Mine, mine, mine, mine!" He snarled, sinking his teeth into her neck.

The sheer force of his thrusts sent her over the edge, clamping her slick walls around him. He roared his release as she collapsed on top of him.

"Mine." He whispered.

"Yours," She whispered back.