Disclaimer: I own neither "Buffy: the Vampire Slayer" nor "Harvey," though I do love them both.

AN: This takes place before the movie "Harvey" begins and long before Buffy is even born.

And How Are You, Anyanka?

Anyanka patted her hair back down before returning to Veta in Veta's living room. Anyanka had felt this poor woman's pain and anger from miles away and had come to give her vengeance. Veta's lay-about brother brought her shame and embarrassment. Myrtle Mae may never get married with an uncle like that.

"And the worst part is Harvey!" exclaimed Veta.

"Harvey?" asked Anyanka, hoping Veta would make a wish soon.

"Yes, that infernal Harvey. Elwood's imaginary friend," cried Veta. "He talks to Harvey and acts like Harvey is real in front of other people. It's positively dreadful."

"Yes, it sounds terrible. Don't you ever wish—"

"And he never apologies," interrupted Veta. "He doesn't see how his actions hurt me. All he cares about is liquor and Harvey."

"And don't you wish—"

"Hello," called Elwood, entering the house.

"Hello," replied Anyanka, glaring at the charming man standing before her.

"Well, I don't think I've had the pleasure," said Elwood, extending his hand in greeting. "Elwood P. Dowd, at your service."


"Oh, pleasure to meet you. A real pleasure," said Elwood. "Oh, and how rude of me: This is Harvey." Veta buried her face in her hands letting out a great sob. "Oh, Veta, what's wrong?" asked Elwood worriedly. Seeing as his sister wasn't answering though, he shrugged and left the room. The entire way up the stairs, Anyanka could hear him talking to Harvey.

Before Anyanka could prompt her, Veta began talking again. "Oh, it's too much to bear. If only Harvey were real. I just wish Harvey were real!"



It had been several hours but Anyanka still did not feel safe. Who could have known that Elwood would have such a vast imagination? That Harvey was a "pooka," whatever that was? Anyanka has always loved rabbits but not this one. Harvey had been chasing her around the city for hours and Anyanka feared that she was on the brink of insanity. Veta had not been able to see Harvey but Anyanka could. Deep down, Anyanka knew the pooka wasn't trying to harm her, just play, but Anyanka was terrified.

She knew that if she made it out of this alive she would never be able to look at a rabbit in the same way again.