Another day at school with Rachel and Olivia, Rachel hyped up on coffee like always and Olivia with her camera taking shots of 'memorable' moments during high school. On the way to English, the last lesson of the day thank god, Rachel asked me and Olivia if we would come for a holiday before Christmas to get away from the cold. I paused in the hall for a moment and said gently "You know winter is the only time I see my wolf Rachel." Rachel looked at me hopelessly trying her hardest with those, what you call 'puppy eyes' I then added "And I was supposed to be staying with the family this Christmas so I don't think I can Rach" At this moment Olivia had finished flicking through her most 'famous' photo's and said "Rachel I also want to spend time with my family this year and I can only take photos of the wolves during now so no I'm not going" so Rachel stormed off to English class without us.

In English class me and Olivia sat together as we got daggers from Rachel. It was hard to concentrate with the noise of the class until a police officer walked into to the room and it all went quiet. The officer was here to talk about taking the career choice of being a involved in police work then all of a sudden a girl blurted out "Do you know about Jack Culleper and how he was savaged by wolves" and lots more questions were asked about Jack then the officer said "I am not allowed to discuss one of our current investigations I'm sorry" Our teacher kindly told the officer that a lot of people were still depressed about Jack and some of us were still wearing black for morgue clothes as she pointed out with a few students. Nearly every student was wearing black except Jack's sister Isabel Culuper who was wearing white for some strange reason. Soon after that the bell rang and we were all free to go home I went home in my Bronco car and as usual mam was not in yet she was still at work so I have to make the food with a leftover meat from the night before I prepared the food into a stew making sure to cut some off for my wolf. I put the stew on medium mark while I was in the garden I slipped on my big coat and went outside looking for my wolf he approached slowly and cautiously looking at the meat in my hand I held it out noticing the blood on his muzzle he grabbed the meat out of my hand he was finally close enough to reach and I stroked his dry straw hair and whispered in his ear "Is that human or animal blood" he must of understood because he looked down disappointed in himself he then licked me goodbye and ran off to the woods.