Harry looked a bit unhappy with the plan after the order members explained it to him.

"Do we have to have everyone turn into me? I'm a bit uncomfortable with that." Harry voiced worriedly.

"Face it Harry we-" "Are going to be-" "You." The twins announced. Harry was about to object again, but Hermione already yanked a bit of his hair out. He watched in horror as Fleur Hermione and the others drank the Polyjuice potion.

It didn't take a full five minutes after the group finished transforming that they all stopped and looked at Harry. Some in Shock, Some envy, others seemed jealous. Finely one of them spoke up.

"Harry… is that really-"

"Not a word!" the original demanded. The non Harry Potters feel into a confused silence looked between each other for an explanation.

"What is it what's wrong with Potter?"Demanded Remus thinking maybe the Dursleys had done something to Harry before they left.

Sadly one of the male Harry copies couldn't keep his mouth shut.

"Merlin's balls kids hung like a bull."

The room was silent and all the Harry Potters were blushing. Most of the men looked disbelievingly between each other for a full minute. Finally an unmistakable female voice cut the silence.

"Bill… I zink we zould zee other people…"

"What!" Bill shouted in shock

"Zo 'Arry. We zould catch up tonight…" Fleur continued not deterred at all by her ex's displeasure.