Valkyrie huffed in anger and picked up her pace to get away from third most annoying she has ever had to deal with (first being scapegrace and second being Skulduggery's sarcasm). Fletcher, whining.

"Come on Val… I am whiling to forget the fling with Calean! I just want you back!"

Valkyrie continued, not slowing, and not daring to turn around and look him in the eye. After fighting a numoroues amount of monsters and bad guys, one thing she could not stand, was sad people. They made her uncomfortable; she didn't know how to handle them. Val rounded the corner, believing that she had finally lost him. She stopped for a second to collect her thoughts. She leaned against the brick building and closed her eyes

"Well hello there."

Val opened her eyes .As soon as she opened her eyes; she knew it was a mistake.

"Fletcher! The teleport thing is totally unfair!" she yelled.

"what are you talking about?" fletcher's voiced floated from behind the corner. Valkyrie turned around to see Fletcher trot out from behind the corner and stood there, head flipping back and forth between the two Fletchers.

"What the hell is going on!"