Valkyrie stared at Cody. "You're Fletcher's twin brother?" she asked.

"Fletcher? Ohm, you mean Noah! Yeah, I Am." said Cody.

"Do you teleport too?" Val asked. She felt like a little kid asking stupid questions. But to her surprise Greyson/ Cody was very surprised by this question.

Greyson turned to Fletcher and said," You can teleport? That's new, Fletcher." He said Fletcher's name with a smirk, forming on his lisp. It almost reminded her of one Skulduggery would have. You know, if he had lips. Greyson then turned to Val.

"No, love. I am a necromancer." He paused for a moment, she was sure he was staring at her ring. "Bet that isn't new to you, though, love."

Valkyrie took a moment to absorb all the new information. Just then the ground started to shake, and soon in front of them was the man with no eyes, Billy ray Sanguine. There was someone with him, a woman, but Val barely caught a glimpse of leather and blond hair when Fletcher reached for her and started transporting her and Greyson.

They arrived in front Hibernian Cinema. To Val's surprise everyone was out front just hanging around the Bentley.

" Aw, Hell." said Skulduggery. "There's two Fletchers!"