Kerrigan's Little One

"Young Cerebrate, I sense another life form growing within the Chrysalis; though I've only sensed it now" said the Zerg Overmind, as both it and the Cerebrate, who in charge of the growing Chrysalis, tried to look into the mind of the maturing Kerrigan to see what else was there, she angrily rebuffed them with her remaining psychic powers.

"She appears to still hold on to her…how do those Terrans say it…will to live" said the young Cerebrate, trying to make sense of the rage coming from inside the Chrysalis "Should I try and remove the life form from her?"

The Overmind thought for a moment, it wanted to make sure that its creation would survive, but it also questioned what the other life form was "No, watch over the Chrysalis as you always have…I sense Terrans are heading this way to attack us, defend the Chrysalis until it is ready to hatch."

"Yes Father" said the Cerebrate as the Overmind broke the link, it took one look at the Chrysalis "What are you trying to shield from our Father?" it questioned before going back to govern its Brood.

Deep within the sleeping mind of Kerrigan, the former Ghost felt her remaining humanity fall into the deepest pit of her soul, while she knew that the Zerg part of her would take over, and she couldn't allow them to know of the small life she carried.

"You sure did come at a bad time" she cooed to the little life reaching up to her, the Zerg part loomed around her like a fly, trying to break through her failing shields, this would possibility be the last moment she would see of this child.

"But I guess that's just life" Kerrigan could feel the Zerg part tugging at her human soul trying to gain control, she was running out of time "I wish I could be there for you…but I can't" she lifted the little one up, screaming for someone to save the child "If there is any divine being still alive in this bloody universe, I beg you to take this child away, as she is my only shard of my fallen humanity!"

"So be it, Sarah Kerrigan, I shall take this child from this world…but know that one day she will reach out to you and her father" said the voice of an Xel'naga, one that survived the Overmind's attack on its kind, it spoke through her human mind, though it was faint Kerrigan could hear it's voice.

"What will be this child's name?" asked the ancient being, reaching out to take the child away.

The infestation surrounded the last remains of Kerrigan's soul, with a heavy heart she let her child float away, and into the arms of the godly being, a single tear fell down her cheek as she whispered her daughter's name.


As the name passed her lips; Sarah Kerrigan fell into utter darkness as she fell under the power of the Overmind; along with the Dark Voice, which controlled them all like little puppets they truly were.

"You shall weep Little One for your sorrows, but know that you shall be returned to your parents someday" whispered the Xel'naga to the newborn in its arms. It teleported far away from all the chaos and bloodshed, to the long forgotten planet from which the Zerg Swarm first took root into become the horror known throughout the sector.

"Zerus…with the Zerg departure from their seemly dead planet, not even they would believe that the planet could return to its former beauty" the Xel'naga descended upon the still recovering planet. There it floated to the center point where a massive, silver barked tree flourished among the vast jungle around it, trying to hide the scars of its past.

"This planet shall raise you, grow strong, and always remember to cherish the life around you…as you share the same love that my people gave to both the Zerg and Protoss."

With these soothing words, Eleni fell into a deep slumber as the Xel'naga disappeared into the grand tree; promising to see that the child would grow strong and pure as its kind once wished for the Protoss and Zerg.

"Know Eleni…that you are a dim light now, but soon you will be as bright as any sun in the future…this is all I can promise you" whispered the Xel'naga, before it too fell into a deep slumber, has it would take much time for its shattered spirit to recover.