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Summary: Misaki has gone to Takahiro's for a few days, leaving Usagi alone in the apartment.

Pairing: Misaki & Usagi

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Chapter: Voices

Junjou Romantica

Usagi rolled over, once again trying to find a comfortable position to hopefully fall asleep in. He closed his eyes and relaxed under the covers, breathing slowly, drifting... The bed was to cold without Misaki in it. He threw his blanket off and looked at the clock it was 2:00 am.

Reaching down onto the floor Usagi picked up the dark purple pullover he had discarded before climbing into bed. Irritably he yanked the thin sweater over his head and trudged down the hall leaving a trail of sheets and blankets from the bedroom to his office.

Once inside, his nerves calmed a little, the familiar smell of old coffee and cigarettes smoothing over some of his anxious displeasure at Misaki's absence.

There was a cup of half warm coffee left sitting on his desk from an hour or so before, taking a sip he grimaced at the obviously to low temperature but continued to drink it slowly, one lukewarm mouthful at a time.

Holding the cup Misaki had brought up to the author before he had gone to stay at Takahiro's was more disheartening than the older man would have liked to admit. Sighing somewhat tiredly he opened his laptop and pressed the power button, waiting for it to boot up he went down stairs to refill his empty mug.

Coffee was about the only thing he knew how to make without almost burning down then entire apartment complex he chuckled softly, thinking about how often his lover reminded him of this. After pouring the water and putting the grinds into the machine he leaned back on the counter and watched as the hot liquid slowly dripped into the pot.

Misaki gave a frustrated huff and got out of bed. If he wasn't going to sleep he had might as well do something productive. Taking his phone off the side table, where he had been carefully watching it, waiting for any sign of a text or call from a certain author, and put it into his pocket.

Meticulously making the bed and tidying up the small amount of disorder present in the room, he nodded in satisfaction and walked out into the hall with yet another indignant huff.

Quietly Misaki made his way downstairs to the kitchen, wanting to busy himself he decided on making breakfast for his brother and family, after all it was the least he could do for them, him staying at their house and all.

Eagerly he gathered all the ingredients required to make a western style breakfast and set to work. Glancing at the clock he decided he'd also make preparations for lunch, it being only half past two he had plenty of time.

Cooking was a great distraction for Misaki when something was bothering him. It took up enough of his attention as to allow him to think, without over thinking. Unless of course any of his thoughts revolved around Usagi, and lately most of them did.

Being away from the author was making him miserable, yes the man was a pervert and it was fantastic that he wasn't being molested every five minutes, and that he had time to himself, and that he could take a shower and walk back to his room without having to take another one before ever making it there.

But still there was a small part of him that felt too alone, and too cold in his temporary bed and too unsatisfied with his own thoughts and company. Was it weird that he always fumed about not having enough time to himself back home, but now didn't want any of it? Weird that every moment he wasn't completely occupied and engaged in something that his thoughts would wander back to the baka he chose to give his heart to.

With less enthusiasm than before Misaki began to mix the batter for pancakes throwing in a few frozen blueberries dying the batch purple. He rarely made these at home, because Usagi seemed to favor green-pepper free omelets over everything else.

Turning on the stove, he realized that he'd referred to the apartment he shared with Usagi as 'home'. A slight flush lightly dusted his cheeks at that. "I… I guess that is my home now." He thought smiling softly only a hint of longing reaching his eyes.

Misaki poured the first of the batter into the pan and watched as bubbles almost immediately formed in the sticky substance. The stove was obviously to hot but he left it, paying closer attention to the actual pancake its self over the temperature, flipping it just before the preferred golden brown colour made its way into black.

Staring at the stove face he could almost see his cute little Misaki standing there oblivious to his gaze, in an apron that seemed to serve the soul purpose of tightening the author's pants. Just at the thought he shifted somewhat uncomfortably at the mild tightness that was forming in the front of his loose pajama bottoms.

Without tipping his head forward he glanced down at the tent forming in his pants, it'd been two days since he had 'taken care of himself' and two days since Misaki had left. Not that he would admit it he couldn't usually 'get up' when the younger boy wasn't there, Misaki unknowingly had the older man so whipped it made even 'this' hard to do on his own.

Reaching down he fondled himself lightly, almost shyly through the silk of his pants, the touch so sweetly familiar he could all but hear Misaki's nervous breathing and soft moans. All but reach out and touch the object of his affection and desire, the light flush that would dust the boys whole body and slowly darken, as things grew heavier. The way he would slowly gain confidence as he gaged the older mans reaction to his touch.

He continued to lightly play with himself for a couple of minutes, until a familiar tightening burn started to pool in his lower abdomen. Letting loose the author pictured Misaki's hands replacing his own, the concentrated furrow that would appear on the boys smooth forehead. The rosy hue that would colour the boy's cheeks as he pleasured the author.

Soft moans filled the air as Usagi continued to stroke himself, mimicking Misaki's timid approach. He threw his head back in pleasure as a silent moan came streaming through his parted lips, panting he clenched his stomach willing himself to cum. His release was almost upon him but for some reason he couldn't push himself past his peek.

Teetering on the edge of climax, he picked up the pace, stroking harder and faster imagining slamming in and out of the younger man, the expressions of pain and pleasure that would fly across his face, the sounds that would escape his mouth. Lips parted and eyes closed Usagi's breath was ragged, low moans escaping his mouth. Now that the younger man wasn't here he wouldn't hold back his sounds of pleasure, allowing his voice to climb up an octave as his throat tightened he breathlessly chanted Misaki's name.

Oh god he needed to cum, it'd been to long, and the pleasure was bordering on discomfort. He was so close yet so far, swaying between ecstasy and reality he pushed himself to go even faster. Hand sliding up and down his already slick member in an even rhythm tightening on and off, pulsing almost.

Picturing the tight heat that was Misaki clenched around him. He felt the tightness pooling just above his groin build. Moaning louder than before he slid his tongue over the roof of his mouth sliding the sensitive sides over his barely parted teeth.

His mind filled with noting but Misaki, his moans, his touches, his voice, his tightness, his own smaller member beading with pre cum as he was unreservedly swept away by the older mans spellbinding touch.

With his free hand Usagi went to stroke down the boys torso anticipating the pleasured shivers that would run down his spine. But when his hand was met with cold tiles instead of a writhing Misaki, his body froze. The illusion broken his eyes opened, when had he slid to the floor? Half lidded his gaze traveled up towards the ceiling and rested the back of his head on the cupboard he sighed, this time whole-heartedly.

Looking down at his still hard member that refused to soften he shifted now in true discomfort. Although not all of it was brought on by the itch in his groin, but also by the fact that it wouldn't go away without Misaki. Glancing at the clock once more he wondered if the younger man was awake. It was about a quarter to three but Usagi would try to get ahold of the boy regardless. With a slight grimace he stood not bothering to tuck his swollen member back into his pants and awkwardly went back to his office, all but forgetting his coffee.

Flipping open his phone he pressed one, Misaki had been the first speed dial on his phone since he'd moved in. Again, not something that the author would willingly share with the younger man. After the first ring Misaki picked up, sounding weirdly alert at the late hour, nervously he addressed the older man first. "U-Usagi-san?"-

At this the older man picked up where he left off in the kitchen not bothering to conceal his labored breathing as he waited for the boy to say something else, getting off to his voice alone.

Misaki had just finished making the last of the pancakes and was about to start on blueberry muffins. When his phone began to vibrate in his pocket. Glancing at the stovetop clock he wondered who would be calling him at nearly three in the morning.

Flipping open his phone a small picture of Usagi filled the screen, Misaki had snapped the picture when he was sure the man wasn't paying attention. He did that often actually, more so then he was comfortable with. He had to have at least a hundred different sneakily taken pictures of the man saved on his phone.

Pressing the talk button he brought the device to his ear, "U-Usagi-san?" he asked almost anxiously and continued after a moment "Is everything alright?"

A gruff voice answered in return "Misaki…" there was a breathy pause "Why are you awake?"

Misaki felt his face get hot at the tone the older man was using or maybe it was because he hadn't heard the authors voice since the day before. "I.. I couldn't sleep" he said quietly flustered slightly by the strength of his reaction, he'd missed the older man so much. "Usagi-san, are you okay?"

He could almost hear the smirk in the other mans voice, "ahn- Misaki, yes, yes, I'm fine"

His already flushed face grew hotter "Baka-Usagi Stop using that tone.. its.."

"It's what Misaki~" the author cut him off deliberately moaning the youngers name.

"You know what it is! Baka!" Usagi's voice had gone straight from Misaki's ears to his groin and he found himself suddenly short of breath. "Usagi-saaan" Misaki almost whined "Please don't do this now, I'm at Onii-san's."

"Hmm Misaki, what is it that I'm doing?" Usagi was finding it hard to keep his voice even, as he continued to stroke his stiff member at a steady pace.

"Hentai-Baka-Usagi!" He all but yelled into the phone, Misaki shifted uncomfortably as his pants tightened. There was a sudden pause on the other end followed by the tiniest sound of muffled panting. A few moments later, in a much softer voice Usagi breathed the words "I miss you Misaki."

Misaki's heart clenched at the authors change in tone, "baka..." he said softly knowing the other would understand his meaning. "I'll be home in two more days" he sighed into the receiver.

"I know, I love you to. Go to sleep Misaki." Usagi replied

Misaki almost pouted when the line went dead, he continued mixing the batter for the muffins and put them in the oven a few minutes later, by the time breakfast was done it was almost five. Misaki had made more than enough food to feed everyone in the house for over a week. He decided he'd take some of it home with him when he left.

Now that he was finished with everything but the lunch preparations he was actually tiered. Deciding to skip out on making lunch, he made his way back to the spare bedroom and flumped down on the bed. Half asleep he replayed his conversation with Usagi in his head, the man's voice even when imagined had the same effect on the younger man as it had before.

He found himself oddly aroused just thinking about the man, Misaki's mind began to wander into more and more perverted fantasies, as his member got harder. Already in his half erect state he was moaning softly at the images in his head, Usagi soaking wet, just out of the shower in nothing but a towel pinning him against the wall. The older mans erection pulsating under his touch, his mouth open and panting. About to climax slamming into him telling him he loved him… Being filmed while usagi san…. It was to much.

Grinding against his hand Misaki had reached full hardness in a matter of seconds, continuing to buck down into his palm he pictured Usagi behind him, whispering perverted things into his ear, touching him every where, taking control of his entire body with his hands…. And other parts.

Soon Misaki was moaning into the sheets, face pressed into a pillow and back arched making an attractive curve with his body propped up on his knees. Not quite satisfied with his current ministrations he slid his free hand over his pert nipples down his stomach and under the waistband of his bottoms to the smooth section behind his member, pressing between his tightening sack and entrance he moaned louder into the pillow, mindlessly repeating Usagi's name over and over.

His back arched further, pressing his face more firmly into the pillow as he stroked himself both in front and behind, running his fingers over his entrance he shivered in pleasure. Taking his hand and sliding it back up his body he slipped three fingers into his mouth. Sucking them slowly, thoroughly coating them in saliva taking his time as he enjoyed the sensation of sucking and being stroked.

Misaki however was getting close, he almost surprised himself when he quickly pulled his own fingers from his mouth and, one at a time penetrated himself with them. Sliding in and out slowly at first and then faster, he pushed back on them as he brushed his prostate groaning in pleasure.

Moaning throatily he stroked faster and thrust his fingers in and out with more urgency. He pictured the face Usagi made when he came, one Misaki rarely got to see, and the feel of the older man shuddering as he pulsed out inside him. With that and a direct hit against his prostate Misaki came, shuddering as hot sticky liquid shot into the palm of his hand, still safely tucked inside his pajama bottoms.

To exhausted to move, he fell asleep almost immediately after wiping his hand off on a tissue, and discarded it in the bin beside his bed. Snuggling deeper under the covers he tried not to think about what he'd just done, in his brothers house no less. Drifting between consciousness and sleep be realized that he didn't do 'this' often, that in fact since he'd moved in with Usagi he hadn't 'taken care of himself' at all.

It took Usagi no more than thirty seconds after hearing Misaki's voice to fly into the realm of ecstasy. Cumming so quickly after hearing his lovers voice was humbling to say the least, his pride as a seme had taken a blow that he was going to more than make up for when his younger lover returned.

Now that he was 'taken care of' and his laptop was on he quickly typed in his password and waited for the machine to load. Once again he left his office in the pursuit of coffee. The pot was sitting full still on the burner, rather than coming down for more later, he took the whole pot up to his office pouring himself a cup as he climbed the stairs. It was going to be a long two days.

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