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Summary:Misaki has gone to Takahiro's for a few days, leaving Usagi alone in the apartment.

Pairing: Misaki & Usagi

Disclaimer:I do not own Junjou Romantica, or any of its characters… But if I did…. Actually.. Its probably better that I don't…

Usagi was still half asleep on Misaki's bed, reveling in the dull heaviness that always followed an intense release. He shifted his weight and unbent his knees that were now stiff from being curled under his body for a number of hours….

Hours…. What time was it? Lazily the author lifted his head just enough so that he could glance over the edge of the bed, the clock on the side table read about five in the afternoon.

With an exhausted sigh he flumped back into the soft green sheets and groaned, once at the amount of time he had slept and again at the uncomfortable ach forming between his thighs due to a certain something still protruding from his entrance.

The toy still embedded in his now throbbing orifice was more than a little uncomfortable, unbearable would be a more accurate word to describe the soreness that seemed to be pooling in his lower body.

Once again the silver haired man groaned, and flattened himself out on the sheets, the ache in his backside spreading up into his lower back as he moved.

Frowning deeply Usagi reached back and gently grabbed the end of the toy, giving it a light tug. A low moan slipped between his lips as he did so, the pain increased every time it moved. Retracting his arm the author laid there for a while, building up the nerve to pull it out completely.

Clenching his teeth tightly Usagi reached back, and gingerly set his fingertips at the base of the toy with yet another pained groan he began to carefully pull the offending object out, extracting it slowly.

With a sharp intake of breath the author grimaced, as the final inches were removed from inside him, the absence of the toy left behind a noticeable emptiness where he had been full, and a tender soreness where there had been a dull ach.

He found himself silently grateful for Misaki's absence, how would he hide the pronounced limp he was bound to have for the next day or so. As dense as Misaki could be at times, he was abnormally perceptive when it came to the author.

Taking a moment to himself he sighed, letting his eyes drift closed. Dozing the author reached across the bed and drew the pillows he was not lying on close to his body, taking in his lovers scent.

Why couldn't Misaki come home, why couldn't Misaki have stayed home… If it were up to the silver haired man the two of them would never be apart, regardless of the circumstance or occasion, he would be content to have the chocolate haired youth chained to his side for the rest of time if it were possible.

A soft chuckle escaped his lips at the thought… Misaki would probably huff out an angry protest before turning red and storming off.

Smiling softly, he once again glanced at the clock and rolled over. Resting on his side he let him self sink into the silence of the apartment. Just a few minutes, he thought, then I'll get back to writing.

After a few moments of stillness the silver haired man tuned and sat up, allowing him self to feel the throb in his back side at full force… It wasn't as bad as he thought it would be.

Gathering the top sheet around his waist, Usagi stood, at first he noticed he was a little off balance and he was a little sore but none of it was unmanageable.

Walking on the other hand was something else entirely, his lower back felt as if he had been trampled on, and his hips as if they had been replaced with lead. With each step the ache in his back connected with the one in his backside, causing his usually even stride to falter every now and then.

Inside the office Usagi sat down at his desk, wincing a little as his behind came in to contact with his chair. But was quickly distracted from the pain as he read over his notes on the first stage of 'uke'-ing and jotted down a few more lines adding in missing details here and there.

Opening his laptop he sat patiently waiting for the screen to light up.

Misaki was tired, it'd been a long day and he was secretly looking forward to being ambushed when he walked though the front door.

Humming softly he unlocked the door and made his way into an unusually quiet apartment. Almost all the lights were off and the curtains were drawn leaving the room dim.

Toeing off his shoes Misaki made his way across the living room, half expecting to see Usagi sprawled across the couch or floor. He was surprised however when there was no sign of the author.

Shrugging out of his coat he walked back to the front door and retrieved his bags, he made his way into the kitchen and began putting the various things he bought away.

After shelving his souvenirs and reorganizing the cupboards, loudly stacking and restacking cans and jars in an attempt to draw Usagi into the kitchen. He went on to wash the few dishes left in the sink clanging the cups and plates together in one last futile attempt. He couldn't help feel a pang of disappointment when the author never came.

Huffing to himself Misaki scooped his bag up from where he left it by the door and headed towards the stairs.

Misaki made a b-line for his room,, and dropped his stuff on the floor. Stopping only to grab his toothbrush and a comb out of his bag.

He began to hum when he stepped into the hall way, noticing a strip of light coming out from under the office door he made a point to hum rather loudly and tapped his fingers lightly against the its surface before heading off down the hall and into the bathroom.

His lips quirking up a fraction when he heard the office door open and foot steps heading his way. He simply turned back towards the shower and finished stripping before stepping under the spray. Humming all the while.

Usagi was just adding the finishing touches on the second to last chapter; Misaki was just coming down from and intense release and whispering in Akihiko's ear before stumbling his way into a shaky confession.

He paused thinking he heard footsteps coming up the stairs, but when he opened the office door all of the lights were still off and the house was quiet.

Shaking his head he went back to his desk and began writing again, when a few moments later he heard humming, he paused, taking a moment to listen, there was humming and then tapping?

He was up and in the hall way in a matter of seconds, abandoning a sentence half way through. The bathroom lights were on, and he could still hear Misaki humming along with the shower.

"Misaki" he all but whispered before striding down the hall and opening the bathroom door quickly, if not a tad bit too enthusiastically.

Misaki let a slow grin spread across his face as the bathroom door was flung open and a disheveled looking Usagi tripped into the bathroom.

It had only been a few days, but seeing Usagi made his throat clench and his eyes prick. He had bags under his eyes and looked as if he hadn't slept in over a week, his shirt was unbuttoned and his hair was sticking up every which way. It was perfect.

There was a pause, they both just took the other in, barely breathing.

And then Usagi was moving.

He slid into the shower, not caring that his clothes were getting soaked and crowded Misaki against the wall crushing their lips together, pulling a quite moan from Misaki as he ran his hands down the younger mans sides.

Usagi shuddered when he felt Misaki slowly slide his hands across his chest and down his stomach, then again much more timidly up his sides and over his shoulders taking his shirt with them.

When Misaki dropped his button down on the shower floor, and moved to unbutton his pants Usagi groaned and pulled back, burring his face in the crook of Misaki's neck.

A breathy "I missed you." Was all he could manage before his slacks were yanked down along with his briefs, he moaned loudly biting down on Misaki's neck and sucking hard.

Misaki rarely took the initiative, and now that he was Usagi could barely get enough, it was almost too much yet not enough and neither of them had even touched each other yet. His train of thought was derailed when Misaki pressed flush against him, panting in his ear.

"I missed you too." Was all he said before placing his hands around Usagi's neck and pulling him down for a kiss. It was chaste in comparison, a firm press of lips against lips and a single swipe of his tongue but it sent tremors of heat straight down to his dick.

Misaki pulled away breathing hard, looked up and smiled. "It's good to be home Usagi-san" he said quietly, before crushing himself against Usagi's chest in a hug. Usagi's arms slipped around his waist and they simply held each other for a few moments.

Misaki reached behind him and shut off the water, Usagi pulled back to question him, but Misaki just shrugged and moved to exit the shower. Misaki silently handed him a towel and walked towards the bedroom.

His heart was racing, Misaki was so nervous he was sure his entire body was trembling. Glancing backward he was relieved yet terrified to find Usagi trailing behind him in nothing but a towel, looking slightly dazed.

Misaki stopped at the bedroom door and took a deep breath "you can do this" he murmured. "It's just Usagi, nothing new, just Usagi."

Misaki's hesitation seemed to snap Usagi out of whatever daze he had slipped into, with the smallest trace of a smirk playing around the edges of his lips he, pressed himself against Misaki's back wrapping his arms around his waist and brushed his lips just below his ear continuing downward until he reached where Misaki's neck met his shoulder and back up again.

"Everything alright?" he purred into his lovers hair before running his tongue over the shell of Misaki's ear. Smiling to himself when he felt Misaki shudder against him.

"y-yes." Misaki let out breathily. The courage he had been running on in the bathroom had slowly begun to dwindle, and he almost couldn't bring himself to open the door.

But his hesitance dissolved when Usagi's hands dipped downward and began palming him through his damp towel.

From then on everything was just a flurry of movement, Misaki was pressed against the door and then suddenly he wasn't. Somewhere in the back of his mind he registered dropping his towel but could bring himself to care as he wrapped his arms around Usagi's neck and allowed himself to be hoisted upward his legs wrapping around Usagi's waist.

Everything was to fast and too hot but also not quite enough. Misaki let out a loud moan when Usagi tripped onto the bed bringing their bodies even closer together.

They didn't speak, they didn't have to. Misaki felt like he was burning up but couldn't find it in himself to say so, but somehow Usagi knew. He always knew. Misaki wasn't sure how, but at the moment he couldn't bring himself to care.

And before he knew it Usagi had flipped him over and was already three fingers in. Blearily he wondered when Usagi had gotten lube before his eyes fluttered shut and he buried his face in the bedspread moaning loudly when Usagi brushed against his prostate.

Usually at this point Misaki would squeeze his eyes shut and try his hardest not to make a sound, but tonight was different, it felt different. He felt different.

Risking a glance back He could see Usagi shaking, barely holding himself together. Misaki had never seen him look so openly affected by nearly anything, the clear want written all over his face and the way he was staring at where Misaki knew his fingers were disappearing into his body, opening him up.

"Just- ah- Usagi just-" Misaki gave up on trying to string full sentences together and nodded hoping Usagi would get what he was trying to say.

Obviously he did because in about three seconds flat he'd managed to slick himself down and line himself up with Misaki's entrance and smooth his hands up Misaki's back before gripping his hips just a little too hard and pushing in with a muted groan, or at least Misaki assumed it was muted because he could barely hear anything over the blood rushing through his ears, god his heart was pounding.

It was fast and hard and a little too intense, neither of them were going to last long if Usagi kept slamming into him so quickly, but the author didn't relent.

Misaki could hear a near constant high pitch keening in the back ground that he later realized was himself but at least for the moment was too far gone to feel embarrassed. Only a few thrusts later and he was cumming all over the sheets, Usagi followed shortly after his hips stuttering unevenly.

Usagi collapsed onto Misaki's back after pulling out, the amount of sleep he missed out on catching up to him suddenly, it was all he could do to roll off Misaki and pull him into his chest before his eyes drifted shut.

Misaki could really care less that he was laying in his own wet spot, or that he was sticky and probably going to end up glued to the bed sheets in the morning, he was relaxed, and warm, and content for the moment.

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