Rameses was only a small child, barely speaking words when the baby in the basket came. He had been playing with Mommy in the river when the basket bumped next to them. She gave Rameses to a servant, then opened the basket to find the sleeping baby. Queen Tuya smiled at the baby and picked him up, she got out of the water and carried him with her. Rameses held up his arms to his mother, but she told him to come along, to show them his new brother.

His father had been wary of the child, but warmed up when Moses grabbed his beard. Rameses tried to get a good look at his new brother, but he was to short. But later when Moses slept, Rameses climbed to look into the bed where Moses slept. He smiled at the baby when he rolled in his sleep. Rameses promised the baby that he would be the best big brother there was.

When Moses turned four, Rameses had kept his promise numerous times in their lessons, dinners, and just playing with each other. This particular day, the princes were in the courtyard with the other noble children, playing games while their parents discussed the affairs of the kingdom.

They had been playing a game with a ball, but Moses was the smallest and couldn't get to the ball, and when he did, it was pulled out of his arms. He eventually gave up and sat down, just watching them all laugh and play. But Rameses noticed what Moses was doing, and grabbed the ball. He took it over to Moses, and then it became the two of them against the rest of the kids, but it was all in good fun.

"Get the ball!"

"Moses has it!"

"Look out! Rameses is going for the legs!"

It eventually got dark and they had to go in to eat, but while they were going in, Moses hugged his brother's waist. He didn't say anything, but Rameses knew.

In the lessons, Rameses excelled in arithmetic and science, while Moses was good in the writing and reading. But Moses was horrible at the arithmetic.


"Yeah Moses?"

"Could you help me?"

Rameses always dropped what he was doing to help Moses, even if it was the tiniest of things.

Hey! This story is a request from DarkAngel408 who wanted me to write a fic on Moses and Rameses growing up. It might not be very long, but this is just a starting point!