Their lives were changing, that much was clear from the scolding they had gotten from their father that day. Rameses had taken all the blame for the prank they had pulled on Hotep and Huy, he was very overprotective of Moses and hated it when others yelled at him. It wasn't right for the high priests to try and punish his brother when they had no right to.

His father, however, Rameses thought that Moses should have gotten some blame, but as the eldest and next in line, he was the one reprimanded.

Rameses dearly loved his brother, he really did, but sometimes he wanted to wring his neck.

Moses laughed whenever he saw the high priests, the stupid idiots didn't know Moses had put blue dye in their food, staining their entire mouths blue. It had gotten him scolded earlier, but no one had told the priests yet about the prank.

Rameses came toward Moses in the hallway, grabbed his arm, and kept walking.

"Whoa, Rameses, what are you doing?"

"I was reprimanded yet again, for your prank."

"Look, I'm sorry, I really am, but it isn't my fault father went after you."

"True, but nonetheless, you will be in on my punishment."

They came to a chamber where their mother held small parties with other royal women, it was a room the men viciously avoided. And now the brothers had to be a part of it.

Moses groaned.

Maharet was returning to the palace to receive training from Rameses mother, as the next queen, she had to know all the duties that would soon become her. She was still a very nervous girl, but had gotten a bit more confident after the prince announced his engagement to her, and all the other girls throwing her envious looks.

She walked briskly through the warm court, and didn't notice when Moses sneaked up behind her. He poked her side and she jumped, then tripped and fell.

Moses immediately felt bad, he hadn't meant to harm her, and he apologized profusely as he helped her up.

"It's all right Moses, just don't do it again, I'm very unbalanced."

"I am sorry, so where are you off to on this fine afternoon?"

"To see your mother, I'm to meet with her every day to learn my duties."

"Sounds like a fun time to me." he said.

She agreed, "Yes, but it is necessary, I haven't the slightest clue of what to do."

"I should let you go on, let me walk you there."

"Thank you."

They walked to his mother's rooms and they parted at the door. Moses kissed her hand and said,

"I'm glad you're to be my sister, all the others girls were so annoying, I'm not sure either of us would have been able to keep our tempers in check."

"Thank you, and also thank you for leaving us alone that night."

Moses smiled, then left her at the doorway.

The wedding was soon, and Rameses was getting very antsy. He knew he liked Maharet, but was unsure if she liked him just as well. He was pacing nervously in the room where two large statues were housed, thinking about his wedding that would soon arrive in the coming weeks. Moses found him leaning against a statue with his head in his hands.

"Something wrong Rameses?"

"No, not at all, just, you know, a wedding coming up soon. My wedding."

Moses sighed, "Are you getting cold feet?"

"No, my feet are quite warm actually."

"Not what I meant Rameses, do you like her?

"Yes, quite a lot." he replied.

"Then you are fine, nothing to worry about."

"Yes there is!" he cried, "What if she doesn't like me, she must hate me for choosing her as the next queen! I would, I mean-"

Moses interrupted, "Rameses! She likes you, have you spoken to her recently?"

"No, we are always off to do something, we haven't said much to each other since the announcement."

"Well I have," said Moses, "and she does not hate you, she's just as nervous as you. Even more, if I have to be honest."

Rameses looked at his brothers serious face, and asked,

"You are sure she really doesn't hate me."

"Most sure, if anything, she more nervous of the ceremony itself. You know, I think that she has a rest planned right now. Why not, say, interrupt?"

Moses smiled cheekily at his brother, then walked away to his own routine.

They had gone out racing, for old time's sake, and had been responsible for the destruction of the sand wall. It had been worth it, until their father had called Rameses a weak link. Moses' brother ran to his thinking spot, and soon after Moses and Rameses spoke, they had to run to the party where Rameses was announced as the Prince.

Rameses put on his royal smile, and they entered the party. It was not long until Moses said something to Rameses about the priests, who were stuffing their faces.

The magicians brought forward their tribute, and Moses was mesmerized by her beauty. But her defiance enthralled him, when she was led away, he felt bad having tripped her into the pool. He didn't really want to go to his room either.

Moses was on the balcony when Rameses approached him,

"Brother, how do you manage to create such a sport out of everything?"

"Well, you know..."

"Anyway, Maharet is waiting for you to dance with her, says you promised or something."

"Ah yes..."

They returned to the hall, and as promised, dancing with his soon-to-be sister-in-law. The wedding wasn't for another two weeks, but the jitters were obvious on Maharet's face.

"You look like a scared bird, Maharet, something wrong?"

"Just, just the wedding, you know. There seems to be something on your mind as well, tell me."

"That girl, the once I just embarrassed, she was sent to my room. I feel horrible about what I've done."

"That's new."

"Please, Maharet."

She laughed, "I'm sorry, but honestly, apologize if you feel so horrible."

"Yeah, I, I think I will."

He left the room, and went to his chambers, unaware that his whole life was about to change.

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