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Penny opened the cupboard under the sink hoping that it would be empty, but it wasn't. "Great more stuff to pack." she muttered to herself as she grabbed at the contents.

"Well this is fun isn't it?" Leonard walked up behind her. "Actually thanks Penny for helping, I really appreciate it." He knelt down beside her and opened the cupboard next to hers and started to unpack it's contents.

Penny looked at him, "Leonard I am so going to miss you." she hugged him.

She released her grip and moved away from him. "Is this the last of it? "

He nodded his head. "Yes, finally."

Penny packed the last of the cleaning products in the box and sealed it, she stood up. "Yeah finished." she looked around at 4A, it was full of boxes and furniture all ready for the moving people due tomorrow morning.

She walked to the kitchen island and opened the bottle of waiting wine sitting in the ice bucket. She filled the glasses sitting on the island and passed one to Leonard, clinking hers to his she said. "To Switzerland."

"Switzerland." He toasted in return and took a sip of the wine, "Penny." He paused "You know, you and me, we didn't miss out there did we?"

She took another sip of her wine, then looked straight into his eyes. "We tried Leonard, three times if you remember, it just wasn't met to be. Look you'll meet some lovely Swiss Miss, get married and live happily each after."

He raised his glass. "To Swiss Misses." he smiled. She clinked her glass with his.

"Not much work getting done out here." Sheldon came walking into the living room, he had a clipboard in his hand.

Leonard placed his glass down. "All finished here buddy, what about you?"

Sheldon looked at Leonard. "Yes all done." He ticked the sheet of paper on his board and then turned it to show Leonard. "Sign here and here." he pointed to the sheet of paper.

Leonard signed the paperwork and Sheldon gave him a copy.

"The room mate agreement is now no longer. Thank you Leonard Hofstadter, you were a satisfactory room mate."

"Satisfactory, gee thanks." Leonard took the piece of paper and tucked it in his pants. "Well I've just got to speak with the landlord, be back in a few minutes."

Penny watched as Leonard walked out the apartment, then turned to Sheldon. "So Sheldon, you looking forward to getting to Switzerland? There is lots of mountains to climb, and cheese to eat and snow."

"Penny, Leonard and I will be working at the Large Hadron Collider we will not have time to climb mountains, we will be trying to solve the mysteries of the universe."

Penny sucked her bottom lip and looked at at Sheldon, a thought came to her head. "Sheldon, can I ask a favour from you, one last one?"

"You may ask, I don't have to agree."

"Can I kiss you, I mean a proper girl boy kiss?"

Sheldon looked at her. "Penny, seriously, you know that I don't kiss."

"I know, but well you are about to leave, and I will probably never see you again, and I just am curious, surely as a scientist you understand. Like it's an experiment, I just want to experiment you and me kissing."

"Penny I have an IQ of 187, telling me that it would be like an experiment, you think I can't see through that."

"But it's true." she implored.

Sheldon looked at her for about fifteen seconds. "Alright, but no tongues."

Penny smiled at him. "Course not. So shall we start?"

"No you have to go brush your teeth first."

"Ah, of course." She ran over to her apartment and quickly brushed her teeth and just before leaving she gargled some mouthwash just to be certain. She walked back into 4A as Sheldon walked back into the living room. "Ready?"

"I brushed my teeth also and I gargled mouthwash? Did you gargle mouthwash?" He asked.

Penny nodded yes. "Yes, now quickly before Leonard come back."

"Ok. So is there a time limit, 5 seconds, 2 seconds?"

"Sheldon, let just kiss ok, and however long it takes."

"Ok, ready." He licked his lips.

"Can you squat down a bit please? Oh hang on, better idea, I will sit on the kitchen island, then we will be the same height, and don't give me that look, you don't eat off there anymore!" she jumped up on the island and Sheldon walked over to her. "You need to stand closer Sheldon." She grabbed his shirt and pulled him in closer.

Penny closed her eyes and moved her lips to Sheldon's, they were soft and moist from the chapstick he uses. She opened her mouth and kissed his bottom lip, he didn't really respond, but then again he didn't pull away, she took a chance and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeper, she felt his arms hesitantly wrap around her and his lips slightly part. His mouth moved from hers to her neck and kissed her neck getting closer to her collarbone with each kiss, a moan escaped from Penny's mouth. Her hands grabbed at his face and brought his lips back to hers, and she kissed his again, her tongue brushed against his lips. She opened her eyes and pulled away looking back into his blue eyes with a look of horror.

She pushed him away and took a deep breath. ."Um, Sheldon I have to, you know, do things. I'll see you tomorrow right." She jumped off the kitchen island and walked as quickly as she could back to her apartment.

"Shit!" She lent against her door covering her face with her hands. Her mind replaying slowly the kiss over and over. "Oh my god, that cat is alive and kicking! Penny why did you do that?"

The next day Penny returned home from work to find Leonard at the bottom of the stairs directing the two removal men with the last of their boxes. "So Leonard, nearly all done?"

"Yeah, that the last of them. I just need to go give the guys the instructions again and I'll meet you back upstairs in the apartment, Sheldon's up there."

Penny looked at Leonard, "I'll wait for you and we can walk up together." she smiled at him.

"No, I might be a while, you go straight up."

"Ok I'll just get changed and meet you in your apartment."

Leonard nodded, but he was really concentrating on the delivery guys. "I really need to get this." he said as we walked out the door.

Penny looked at the stairs. Go up, have shower get dressed and smile as you walk into 4A, Leonard will be there by then.

Penny did exactly that, except when she walked into 4A Leonard wasn't there. "Where's Leonard?"

"He is still downstairs organising the furniture shipment, apparently they had the wrong delivery details."

"And you aren't fixing it?"

"No, Leonard is." Penny watched as his mouth moved, but didn't really hear the rest of his words.


"Sorry what?"

"Penny I have been thinking about that "experiment" we did yesterday."

"Oh I'm sorry Sheldon, we should never have done it." She looked to the floor.

"I want to do it again."

Penny looked at him in shock. "Oh, I don't think that is a good idea Sheldon."

"Oh, they nearly took our furniture to the wrong shipping company." Leonard walked into the apartment. "Well Sheldon, we best be off, our flight is in a little over 3 hours."

Sheldon hadn't stopped staring at Penny and she at him.


"Yep, right there with you buddy." Sheldon grabbed his bag and suitcases and made his way to the door.

"Penny you coming to the airport?" Leonard asked.

"Would you mind if I didn't, I will just cry and you will too." She gestured to Leonard.

"Yeh, well I'll pop through at Christmas time when I come back." Leonard leaned in and kissed Penny on the lips, "Penny, thank you, take care and I love you." then he added. "You know as a friend."

"Right back at you." She smiled at him.

Sheldon dropped his suitcase and walked over to Penny. He bent down and kissed her on the lips too, "Penny, you are a good friend and I love you." he turned and walked out the apartment following behind Leonard.

Penny closed the Apartment door behind her and ran into her apartment, she opened her bedroom window and watched the street below and could see as Sheldon got into the taxi. "Oh Sheldon, our babies would have been beautiful and smart."