"Haymitch, you're supposed to kill him!" Finnick cried. Hearing this, Haymitch glared and pointed his bow and arrow at Snow, but Snow held up his hand.

"Not before you hear what I have to say," Snow said, a grin spreading across his face.

"YOU WILL NOT TAKE OUR ALCOHOL AWAY FROM US!" Haymitch screamed. Plutarch and Boggs nodded, holding up their gun and wiffle bat.

"I'm confused. I thought I was supposed to kill him now," Katniss commented, not really caring anymore.

"Why don't you open up that envelope you're holding, Miss Everdeen?" Snow replied, his eyes gleaming with amusement.

"Yeah, sure. Whatever." She mumbled and opened it up.

"Read it to us," Snow demanded.

"Katniss, I discovered that…"

"Stop! It's a lie!" called another voice from the door. It was President Coin. President Snow shook his head in mock sadness at her.

"Where's Cinna?" Katniss demanded, forgetting about the note for a second.

"He's tied to my bed," Coin replied, her face flushed. "But that's not important right now. What is…"

"President Coin lied to you all," Snow announced. "That booze you were all drinking over the past years? It was NON-ALCOHOLIC!" Everyone gasped.

"Why are you here?" Peeta asked. His eyes were still covered with duct tape.

"You fools!" Snow laughed. "There have been cameras in 13 all these years. I knew EXACTLY what you all were up to! Every single one of you…"

"Oh no," Boggs whispered to Plutarch. "Do you think he saw us…"

"I saw everything!" Snow laughed, turning to Boggs and Plutarch. The he shuddered.

"Why didn't you do anything sooner?" Katniss demanded.

"Why? Because you imbeciles were never a real threat. Really? A wiffle bat, Boggs?" Snow turned to him. He bowed his head in shame.

"He's lying!" Coin cried again.

"Am I?" Snow sneered. "Finish the letter, Miss Everdeen."

Katniss sighed and continued reading it.

"Katniss, I discovered that all the supposed alcohol here in 13 is really has no alcohol whatsoever in it. I did some tests. Yeah, I wasn't just wasting my time making stupid drunk goggles for a woman who could never really love me…"

Johanna bowed her head.

"Coin was the only one who had any access to alcoholic beverages. She was saving it all for herself."

"You mean we've been getting drunk off of non-alcoholic beverages all this time?" Boggs cried angrily, staring at Coin.

"Look at you all! Look how pathetic you all act when you think you're drunk! You can't accomplish anything! Can you imagine how much worse it would be if you actually had any alcohol?" she cried, her eyes darting around the room. Everyone was silent for a moment.

Then Haymitch raised the bow and shot the arrow directly into Coin's skull, as she dropped to the ground. Dead.

Snow burst out laughing.

"Are you still planning on banning alcohol in all the Districts?" Haymitch growled menacingly, turning to Snow.

"Of course," he replied, with a grin.

Suddenly Snow was dead on the floor, too. Plutarch had shot him in the head.

"That'll teach them to mess with our alcohol!" Haymitch exclaimed. Everyone but Katniss and Peeta cheered.

"What's going on?" Peeta whispered to Katniss. "Can I please take this duct tape off?"

"No," she whispered back, eyeing Plutarch and Boggs, still naked. "Believe me, its better this way.

"Let's go take the Hovercraft to the Capitol for some burgers, fries, and milkshakes!" Boggs cried, as everyone followed him out the door, happy that Coin and Snow were dead and they could all have their alcohol back.

"Wait! Let's not forget Cinna!" Annie cried.

They found him tied up in Coin's bed.

"It was so horrible," he moaned. "The things she made me do." They quickly untied him and headed to the Hovercraft, cheering that they could have alcohol again.

"Is this all a bad dream?" Peeta asked Katniss.

"I sure hope so," she replied, shaking her head in disbelief.


Cinna became President of Panem and things changed for the better. There were no more Hunger Games. Annie and Finnick had a baby and moved back to District 4. Plutarch and Boggs opened a fast food restaurant in the Capitol, which, of course, served alcoholic beverages. Gale and Johanna moved to District 2, though neither of them was from that District. Gale said that intuition told him they had to move to District 2. Haymitch, Peeta, and Katniss went back to District 12. Haymitch opened his own bar, but it quickly went out of business as Haymitch was his own number 1 customer and didn't make any money. Cinna made sure all the Districts had plenty of booze, though he personally never drank. Peeta eventually got better, with Katniss's help. The nightmares of seeing Snow, Haymitch, Plutarch, and Boggs slowly faded away. Katniss and Peeta had two children and they were happy for a long time. One day, years later, Cinna sent Peeta a letter with some shocking news. In it was evidence that Peeta Mellark was the biological son of Alma Coin and Coriolanus Snow.

"Oh my god," Katniss whispered in disbelief.

"MAKE IT STOP! MAKE IT STOP!"Peeta screamed. He hadn't screamed that way in years. The children looked terrified.

"I got married again!" cried a voice, barging in without knocking

. Haymitch of course. He held up a bottle of white liquor. It had a wedding dress around it.

I guess some things never change, Katniss moaned to herself.

The End.