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~One Year Later~

Things have been going so well me Peeta and me it is literally unnatural. His flashbacks have improved to as much as once a month, and the bakery is thriving more than it has ever been – he's even made some deliveries to the Capitol. I know his baking is definitely good enough to be sold all over the country, but I also can't help but think that it has to do with who he is, too. Peeta Mellark's baked goods? Not only delicious, but his hands had touched them – now that's a treat.

I sit in front of the fire in our living room, a mug of hot chocolate in my hands as I wait for Peeta to come home from the bakery. It's nearing four, so it should only be another hour and a half. Usually he's the one to make my drink for me, but since he knows how much I like it, he taught me for when he's not here, or namely when he's at work.

I close my eyes and allow my head to fall back against the rocking chair, and gently push one foot forward to cause the chair to sway. The fire's heat feels wonderful against my skin, good enough to lull me to sleep, so I carefully set my mug down next to the chair.

I'm woken up a kiss on the forehead. I flutter my eyes open and am met with Peeta's kind smile. "Hey. How was work?" I sit up straighter and run my fingers through my hair.

Before he answers, he lifts me off of the chair and sits down, placing me back down on his lap. "Painless. Business was a little slow today due to the storm, so I brought home some chocolate chip cookies."

My eyes brighten. I sit up and face him. "With peanut butter?" I've always adored his peanut butter chocolate chip cookies; almost as much as his cheese buns.

He smiles and nods. "With peanut butter. They're in the kitchen."

I'm off his lap in an instant, going into the kitchen to grab one out of the plastic-covered plate. I take a bite; they're still warm, surprisingly, and the melted chocolate on my tongue is orgasmic. "Mmm…"

"I can recall many other times where you've made that same sound…" Arms encircle my waist and a kiss is place in the crook of my neck.

I bring one hand up to smack him on the arm. "Leave me to eat my cookie in peace."

He sighs dramatically and lets go of me. "Fine. I'll start dinner."

I snort and finish my cookie, then walk over to him to help take out the ingredients. I had caught a deer the week before, so we've had plenty to go around; he must have taken some out to thaw this morning. "Deer soup sound good? I think we have some chicken stock in the cupboard."

He nods and smiles, setting the meat on the counter. "You start with that while I get out the ingredients for the soup."

I nod and get to work. It's amazing how easy this is nowadays, cooking together. But really, it's not just cooking: it's how we clean, sleep, bathe (most of the time), and other normal, everyday activities. Doctor Aurelius would say we're healing.

We continue cooking in a comfortable silence, working together to get everything together and cooked. In the end, we end up with a pot full of soup and a large cookie sheet with cheese buns. I scan over the food before looking over at Peeta. "We should give Haymitch some leftovers. I would offer to have him over, but I don't want to."

He chuckles and gives me a light push before getting out bowls. "We should invite him over one of these days, Katniss."

I raise an eyebrow and cross my arms. "Yeah, one of these days. Just not today." I'm ready for a nice, quiet dinner with my boyfriend, without having snide remarks thrown at me every second. Not that I don't throw them back, but then Peeta needs to become the mediator, which never ends well. No, I think we're good alone.

"Here you go." He sets a bowl down at my spot on the table, then takes out a paper towel to set two cheese buns down on.

He's always so thoughtful, even with the smallest things like getting me dinner after being at work all day. I smile and give him a kiss. "Thank you." I sit down, wait for him to get his own, then dig in.

"I finally taught Brandon how to make that fudge frosting you used on my birthday cake," he says around a mouth full of soup. We always have conversations like this at the dinner table; light.

I nod for him to go on while munching on a cheese bun.

He's smiling, probably recalling something Brandon did. He's become somewhat of a side-kick to Peeta over the months, ready to learn anything and everything Peeta is willing to teach. "Well, he apparently didn't realize how light the cocoa powder is…" He laughs. "You should have seen his face when it flew everywhere." He shakes his head with a grim on his face.

I blush, remembering me having a similar experience. "Yeah…crazy."

He looks up at me and it's really starting to unnerve me, like he's trying to figure me out. "The same thing happened to you, didn't it?"

I look offended and wave him off. "What? No. I knew it would fly out." The problem with me is that I'm an awful liar, which becomes apparent when he starts to laugh again.

"All right Katniss, whatever you say." I can tell he doesn't believe me, since that grin is still on his face.

I scowl at him, which only makes him to laugh again.

We finish eating and clean up before I head up to take a shower. I feel like I haven't done anything today, but it's strangely relaxing. I take my time washing off, enjoying the steaming water.

When I finish up and come out, Peeta's already in bed, reading a book with the lamp on his side on. He looks up and smiles at me before going back to his reading, but not before looking at the drawer that I usually take out one of his oversized shirts to sleep in. It's odd, the way he looked at it; almost nervous. I blink, then continue on to take one out.

I hear something drop. My brow furrows as I look down, but my confusion just intensifies when I see a black box on the ground. "Peeta, what-"

"Just open it." His voice isn't sweet, but more demanding, yet insecure. I have absolutely no idea what is going on.

I give him a look and then pick it up, opening it slowly. When I see what's inside, I almost stop breathing.

It's a ring. Silver, with diamonds set around the whole band and one large diamond in the middle. It's absolutely beautiful, and I absolutely know what it means.


I startle slightly, not expecting him to be right behind me. I keep my eyes down at the ring, trying to feel anything. Or more so, decipher what I'm feeling. All I can think about is spending the rest of my life with this man, and the more I think about it the more I realize what my answer is. "Yes."

He's silent, then turns me around. He's shaking, but smiling. "I haven't even asked you yet," he says in a hushed tone, then lets out a breathy laugh.

I smile and shake my head, giving him the ring. "Put it on me."

His smile is so bright that I feel myself warm all over. He slips it on, still shaking, then brings me in for a kiss. "I love you so much," he says after pulling away.

I bury my head in his chest and tell him the same, looking at my ring out of the corner of my eye. I'm ready to start this next chapter of my life; ready to move forward.

Yay, Peeniss marriage!

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