Please note that this is a side story and probably won't be updated that much. I don't own A Witch's Tale.


Madison Freeman had always loved A Witch's Tale. Ever since her Alice in Wonderland obsessed friend, Karen, introduced her to the game when they were in 5th grade. Madison, or as Karen called her Maddie, couldn't put the game down for nearly a month. She was practically in love with every one of the characters. However, by the time she reached her freshman year in high school, she barely had any time for it.

When Madison got home from her after school activity, basketball, she was completely wiped and none of her homework was done. "At this rate," She sighed. "I may have to give up basketball to keep up with my homework." As Madison headed towards her desk, she noticed her old DS, sitting lonely on her side table. She tried to ignore it, but it seemed to be calling out desperately to her.

"One game won't hurt." She said, picking up the game and laying down on her bed as she started up the game. She started it up and everything seemed normal, however, instead of the regular three options, only one showed up. 'Welcome back' It read. Chills went down Madison's spine as she chose the option, since she had no choice. Suddenly, Madison felt a sharp pain in her head and blacked out.

When Madison came too, she found herself in what looked like a torture chamber. "Oh shit!" Madison yelled and ran up the stairs out into a strangely familiar castle like hallway. It took her for a minute to realize it, but she was in the game A Witch's Tale. "Dear God." She said with a sigh. "Don't tell me I'm actually in the game." She looked to her right and saw a small staircase leadings to a flurry of roses with a coffin in the middle. "Well, Maddie. Games are games. Gotta follow the plotline."

Madison walked back into the torture room and found the bomb exactly where it had been in the game. She took the bomb over to the sealed off door, being careful to avoid Loue's coffin, and lit the string with a match she had found in her pocket. She stepped back as the bomb went off. Madison hurried inside the room as she heard Loue's coffin open.

"H-Hey!" she heard Loue yell. "You can't go in there!"

"Try and stop me!" Madison yelled back at him as she opened the tome where the Eld Witch was sealed. A bright light flooded the room and a high pitched, voice like the classic witches rang out.

"Well, well, well," The voice, belonging to the Eld Witch said. "My savior is but a little girl." Madison barely got a glimpse of the witch. "Damn you Alice, for sealing me away!" The witch shouted to the sky. "But now it's my turn to show the world what real magic is like!" With that, light filled the room again and the witch disappeared.

"Well that was trippy." Madison said to no one in particular.

"This is bad... Alice..." Loue trailed off, his head bowed. His head shot up as he glared at Madison. "You! You're coming with me!"

"Well here we go." Madison said as she walked after Loue.

Sorry for the short chapter. Like I said, this is a side story, so it won't be updated as much. Hope you enjoyed anyways. :)