As Madison started after Loue, her foot caught on something, causing her to fall. "Oh for Pete's sake." She sighed, turning her head to find out what cause her to trip. Madison saw the tome that she had opened to release the Eld Witch. "You little fruker." Madison sighed. "You're really lucky I need you." Picking up the tome, she added. "How do I even use you anyways?"

Shrugging, Madison walked out of the room just in time to see Loue walk into a room on her left. She followed him out into a long corridor where he stood waiting with a large purple rune in front of him. "What's that?" Madison asked as if she didn't know what the rune was.

"It's a rune that was sealed along with the Eld Witch." Loue explained.

Thank you, Captain Obvious. Madison wanted to say.

"Wait a minute." Loue paused. He narrowed his eyes. "Have I seen you somewhere before?"

"I don't think so..." Madison said worriedly.

"Wait..." Loue leaned in as if to get a better look at her face. "Yes. Yes you are! You're Madison Freeman!"

"H-How do you know my name?" Madison spat out. "You're just a video game character!"

"That screen's not a one-sided mirror." Loue smirked, grabbing Madison's wrist. "Come on. We've got no time to waste."

"Wait!" Madison cried. "Hang on! How am I going to fight the monsters?"

"You've got speed." Loue said as they entered the Gate Room. "Last time I checked, you're the fastest runner in your basketball team."

"Hold up." Madison said. "How did you know that?" Loue smirked.

"I have my ways." Was all he said. "Now go!"

"Hang on." Madison said. "I don't understand. In the game you went with Liddell. Aren't you coming with me?"

"I'm confident you can handle it on your own." He said. "You know what to do." With that, Loue disappeared and Madison sighed.

"OK." She said. "Come on, Maddie. If a selfish thirteen year old witch can do it. A fifteen year old basketball player can do it too." She passed through the gate and entered Rem Sacchras. She stared in awe at the sight of so much sugar around her. She shook her head to clear all thoughts of devouring the kingdom.

"Come on Maddie!" She heard a memory of her best friend Karen chiding her in her head. "You've got a job to do!"

"You're right Karen." Madison said determinedly. "Now let's go do it!" She only took a few steps until a purple cat appeared in front of her in a cloud of smoke.

"Well, well, well." It said, smiling at Madison. "Seems the basketball is in the hoop once more." Madison kept walking.

"Just ignore him, Maddie." she told herself. "He's got nothing important to say."

"And that's what negative mentality will get you." The cat smiled again and disappeared as quickly as he had come. Madison paused. Apart from the cat, it had been relatively quiet. Where were all the monsters?

"You know what?" She asked herself. "I don't really want to know the answer to that question." With that, Madison darted off for the castle. Forget the key; she could just eat through the door! As she was running, she heard something whizz by her head. She stopped dead and spun around. She saw what looked like a black cat, it's back arched and tail imitating a heart.

"Shit!" She cried as she realized it was a Grave Feline. And that it had nearly taken off her ear. Think, Maddie She thought. Which spell was the most effective against these things? Instinctively, and involuntarily, Madison cried out. "Expa!"

The Grave Feline let out a shrill scream as it was covered in small explosions. As the explosions stopped, the feline slowly faded away. "Sweet." Madison said. "But more importantly, how did I do that?" She shrugged and continued on to the castle. As she reached it, she stopped. Wasn't there supposed to be some sort of rabbit here? Madison merely brushed it off as nothing as she tried to take a bite out of the door. She was only met with a sharp pain in her teeth.

"Damn." She said. "There goes plan A." She turned and was met face to face with a white rabbit wearing some sort of coat, a bandaged ear, and seemed to be crying blood. It opened its mouth and began to sing.

The child of a ball

Lost in her own head.

Think about direction

Follow the plot.

With that, the rabbit hopped away. "Wait!" Madison called out. "What do you..." She trailed off and found that the rabbit was long gone. Madison sighed as she remembered what the rabbit had said, or sung. Follow the plot, huh? She thought. Well, let's go get the ingredients.

Writer's comments

Sorry for taking so long, but like I said, this is a side-story. Hope you enjoyed! :)