Artie wasn't really sure how he had gotten himself into this. They had been talking, laughing, and before he knew it Quinn was giving him a piggy back ride. It wasn't that he was scared; she was strong, more so than people imagined. But Quinn Fabray was giving him a piggy back ride. Enough said.

"You've never had a piggy back ride?" Quinn had asked, astonished, "Have you been living under a rock?" He wasn't sure how to answer that, because, well, he wasn't really sure why he'd never had one. It just wasn't something he had ever done as a kid, and it wasn't exactly something he could see working now. And so, he shrugged lamely, not really liking the playful glint in her eye.

"Well, come on then," she laughed, yanking his arms forward, "I'll give you one." He looked blankly at her, sure he had heard wrong. "Me? You want to give me.. a piggy back ride?" he questioned, blue eyes wide. And then he found himself sitting on her bed, legs dangling off. His arms wrapped tightly around her neck, taking care not to pull her hair. A quiet stutter of "A-Are you sure about this?" escaped him, lip bitten with concern. She brushed his cares away with a small smile, wrapping her own arms around his legs. "I'm sure. You ready?"

She picked him up with a laugh, carrying him nimbly around her room, only running into her chair once. They soon collapsed on her bed in a heap, laughing and gasping for air. "That.. That was fun," he giggled, not bothered by her smirk and quiet whisper of "I told you so.." But suddenly their laughing ceased, Artie realizing that that had been the first time he had ever really felt like he was out of his chair, Quinn realizing that maybe it didn't matter that he was in the chair in the first place.

Neither was really sure how or when it happened, but soon their lips met. Artie knew he should pull away, mutter some excuse, some apology, and go back to being friends with Quinn. But he couldn't. Because he knew that this was what he had wanted. Not some friendship. Quinn knew that she too should've broken the kiss. This was Artie Abrams, and she was Quinn Fabray. But she remembered the shy smile he had given her earlier and the butterflies it had caused and knew, suddenly, that maybe this was exactly what she needed. And so they sat for a minute more, air and the world around them completely forgotten, both in agreement that, just maybe, piggy back rides should become a regular thing.