Mrs Kimberly Cameron. I wish. Jared is never going to get around to the small, insignificant task of asking me to be his wife; the thought probably hasn't even struck him yet. Typical. I suppose I should be grateful though. After years of wishing he would even glance my way; he can't stop glancing my way. Actually, he does a lot more than just glance my way, if you know what I mean. And, anyway, he's not going anywhere; he loves me and I love him. That should be enough, I know it should. But I wanna be Mrs Jared Cameron so bad that it hurts sometimes. Every time I see him I think, "Is today the day?" But it never is. I've thought about asking him, of course but it doesn't seem as romantic that way. And I'm a huge old-school romantic; every time I see that corny down- on-one-knee crap, I swoon. I actually swoon. He's the exact opposite, of course; classic guy. He isn't always though; he can be charming and passionate and gentle and wonderful and I could waste a lot of paper describing him. So, I'll stop. Saving the environment and all that. He is amazing, though. It's not the archetypal "My boyfriend is better than yours" just because he's on the football team or something. Because he's not. Jared, I mean; he's a werewolf. Which is kind of sexy (even though, technically, he's a shapeshifter but werewolf is sexier) when you think about it. He's got that whole supernatural thing going on; as a serious Vampire Diaries fan, I'm completely enamoured with the whole concept. And, you know, Michael Trevino (Tyler Lockwood, werewolf, if you're not in the know) is totally hot. It's definitely a werewolf thing. I know what you're thinking, "Vampires are hotter". But they're not, you know. They're prettier, sure, but I don't want a pretty boy. I don't want an Edward Cullen; I want a Jared Cameron. This is the part where you say (snottily, might I add), "Well, good, because you got him." I swear vampire lovers are so damn snooty about their precious parasites. But I can be snooty too; about my…OK, so I can't find a witty alliteration for that one. Wonderful werewolf. No. Superb shapeshifter. I don't think so. But, whatever, I'm not going to get fastidious about it. Fastidious. I like that word; it makes me sound smart. Even though, technically speaking, I looked it up in the thesaurus. It's a useful thing to have; a thesaurus. Another useful thing to have is a filter which, unfortunately, I don't have; I just say exactly what I think. It can get me into trouble, sometimes. OK, OK; all the time. All the damn time. That's why I like relieving myself in my diary which, I guess, is you. Actually I don't guess, I know it's you. Imagine having this conversation with a human being; I'd come off as seriously mental which I am but they don't need to know that. Do they? It's probably best if they don't; I know Leah has serious doubts about me at the best of times. Probably wise. I'd have serious doubts about me too if I wasn't me. But I am so I don't. OK, getting seriously off the point here; if there was a point which I'm sure there must have been at one time. Scanning back, it was my impending (at some point) wedding to Jared. I think I'll just have to accept him for what he is; a complete and absolute work in progress. But, fear not, I'll have him trained up in no time.