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Who We Are

Harry Potter AU + The Vampire Diaries Crossover

Chapter 1: Friday Night Bites

It was the middle of the night and everything in the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia was quiet. The moon was out, the crickets could be heard echoing through the streets and all was peaceful as everyone is asleep in their homes. However, the sound of an engine begins to be heard echoing through the small town and in the distance a pair of headlights can be seen shining brightly in the night. As the car slowly moves through the town heading towards the suburban area, the car appears to be towing a trailer behind it and by the sound of things moving in the trailer there appears to be a lot of belongings inside.

As the car drives through the town and into the suburban area it makes a few turns before pulling into a drive way of what appears to be a two story home. The engine of the car soon comes to a stop and the car door opens. When the door swung to an open the driver moves to come out to reveal themselves to be a women in her early twenties with long wavy black hair and startling emerald green eyes that almost appear to be glowing in the dark. This young women was none other then Morrigan Gilbert, the eldest child of the late Miranda and Grayson Gilbert.