Chris and Jasmine

Chris awoke in his villa, savoring every detail of his lavish home. The red of the bed canopy looked like fire, the plants were beautiful, and the statue of the Glameow in the corner looked like it could rear up and battle. With a yawn, he walked to his shelf that held his music box, and wound it up. The melody that it produced just said home to Chris, and he couldn't wake up without it and the picture of his mother next to it.

The image reminded Chris of something he had forgotten. "Eighteenth birthday!" He thought to himself. He ran to the PC and opened video chat.

His mom's delighted face appeared on the screen, "Happy birthday, Chris! How are you doing?"

Chris smiled, "I'm doing great, mom. How about you?"

His mom smiled in return, "I'm feeling wonderful now, Chris. What is it like over there all by your lonesome?"

Chris laughed aloud,"My lonesome? I live here as an independent, yes, but the gym leaders come knocking too often to bear. WHY does Wake care about my plants? Why is Dawn asking me if I'm going to collect furniture? What business does Clarice have in my house! Sitting at my very expensive, mind you, table?"

"Honestly, Chris, you can rant someone to sleep." Johanna yawned.

Chris smiled, "It's genetic. Have you heard your contest lectures? Talk about boredom."

She rolled her eyes, "Like your battling lectures. Anyhow, I'm beginning to see the battle area now. I'll be seeing you soon." Johanna cut the connection.

Chris looked out the window of his home, and saw the purple speckle in the sky that was Drifblim, approaching fast. In his peripheral, he saw a bump with white spots breaching out of the water. He smiled, thinking of the swimmer near the ribbon syndicate preaching of a mind boggling water monster. Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door. That was faster than I expected.

He opened the door, saying "Morning mom!"

There was no one at the door, but there was a small slip of paper on the ground, that said, "Happy birthday to Chris, from an old friend you haven't seen in a while." He looked all around, and heading east was a glinting… metal bird? He opened his pokedex as fast as he could, but the bird was already out of sight. He looked at the paper, scratching his head, but then he remembered something. I'm not wearing my hat! He frantically ran into his home, hoping that no one saw him with his hat off, and grabbed it off the night table.

Chris changed out of his sleep clothes and into his battle clothes, grabbed his scarf, and looked out to see that his mother was getting closer.

He took out all of his pokeballs and yelled, "Come on out, everyone! It's almost party time!" Inferna, Jetta, Luke, Gabette, Ren, and Ralman jumped out of their respective pokeballs, and they all began to work. Inferna lit the fire in the fireplace, Jetta wafted around the fragrant air fresheners, Luke ran and jumped all around the house, putting up streamers and banners that said in bold print: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY"

Ren stayed halfway in and halfway out of the Distortion World, watching the progress and using ghostly tentacles to adjust things here and there. Gabette and Ralman cut tape and other necessities, and Chris handed out the extra material. The flurry of motion attracted the groggy eyes of all of the residents of the resort area. One woman looked into a mirror, and Chris poked his head through the Distortion World and yelled "BOO!" Needless to say, the crowd dispersed. Very fast. With many wet designer pants.

Finally, they finished working, and Johanna arrived.

Chris hugged his mother, Fantina's Drifblim said goodbye and floated away, and they sat down at the table to eat. "I made your favorite, Mystery Berry Soup! I bet you won't be able to guess what the berry is!"

Chris grinned at the challenge, "I bet I can!" he grabbed an enormous spoonful, and shoved it into his mouth. His face became as red as a Heatran, and he blew fire like a Magmortar.

He barely managed to force out: "Sp-Spelon!"

Johanna grinned, "Correct, you've gotten good at this." She took a small sip of soup and let out a content sigh. Chris made a face that said: Why aren't you breathing fire?

Johanna laughed at her son's expression, "Mine is Nanab."

Chris shouted, "WHAAAAT?"

"You simply grabbed the wrong bowl."

Chris made a pouty face, "No fair!"

Chris's mother raised her eyebrows. "It was completely fair. As fair as our contests."

Chris grimaced, and said under his breath: those aren't fair either. He forgot the flavor of his soup, and ingested another fiery spoonful.

He screeched like a Crobat: "WHHHYYYYY MEEEE?"

Johanna laughed, "Soups are not transferrable after first spoonful, and you have to finish!" Chris repeated his last outcry, and a baby began crying in the distance.

He cupped his mouth, and in a muffled voice said "oops."

The door opened wide, and a red-faced boy with yellow hair and an orange striped shirt stood in the doorway. "Ran… from survival area… So… hungry…"

Chris smiled with a mischievous glint in his eyes, "Here. Eat this, Roy." Roy gratefully grasped the soup bowl, and chugged it all down in a gulp. His face was deeper red than a Heatran, and his Flamethrower would have impressed the strongest of Magmortar. Roy's cry was even louder than Chris's, and quite a bit more profane. Chris laughed, and cuts the cake.

Meanwhile, far away from the celebration, a Skarmory settled on a branch near a clearing.

A brown haired girl walked to it, and stroked its metal feathers. "Good job, Skarmory. Return." She pulled out a pokeball, and a red light enveloped the creature, and it disappeared.

She looked to the Sinnoh night sky and said "Happy birthday, Chris."