Hiya! TheShineyMarbles here! Not supposed to be dirty. Btw I am indeed a chick. Wellz then I just want to say that this is my first Meta Knight fanfic! Woot! No mean words now enjoy!

Chapter One

Meta Knight clanked down the halls of castle DDD as usual. It was bound to be another extremely boring day. Sword and Blade followed behind him as they took their patrol. Occasionally there would be a random waddle dee walking around or they would sometimes run into the kids but, other than that, everything was quiet. Sometime Meta Knight would wish that something did happen so he would have something to do other than being just another person in the castle. Well, today he was in luck.

Tiff ran up to him and yelled in his face "there's a stranger in town and she seems kind of creepy!"

Meta Knight simply asked, "Is she being a problem?" Tiff thought for a moment and shook her head.

"That's not the point though Meta Knight. Isn't it your job to bring every outsider to the castle so the king can meet them?" Tiff asked.

Meta Knight thought about this for a moment and decided that he better go. He did not want DDD to whine at him later for it. He also wanted to make sure it was not a demon beast. He soon left for Cappy Town.

When Meta Knight got to Cappy Town the natives were all staring in the same direction. He followed their attention to the sight of a petite woman. She was no taller than he was and had a strange air of power emanating from her. She was wearing a black dress that was form fitting and flared out from the waist, stopping just above her knees. She wore a black cloak with a hood that cast a shadow over her face making it impossible to see. There were blue locks of hair falling from the hood and she was armed. Her sword was sheathed and she did not seem to intend on using it. Meta Knight decided that he would wait and see what she does before he took any form of action.

"See I told you there was a stranger in town," Tiff said. She partially hid herself behind Meta Knight. She strangely felt frightened of the woman despite her being no bigger than Meta Knight.

"Sir, what should we do," Blade asked.

Meta Knight thought for a moment and quietly replied, "wait and see."

The Cappies made no moves as the woman walked on the cobble stone walkway. Nothing except for her sword deemed her as dangerous. It seemed to be more of the aura of dominance she had. When she came up to the crowd they immediately parted as she made her way to the trio of knights. Meta Knight moved his body in front of Tiff more so she would not be harmed if the woman were hostile. She stopped in front of the trio and finally spoke.

"I have a message."