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Chapter 19

It had been two months since Popstar had been attacked. The Halberd orbited the desolate planet most of that time. Meta Knight tried to figure out ways to save everyone, but it was an impossible task alone. All information known about Rhyton had been left on the planet on Lucy's laptop. Meta Knight was also still licking his wounds on that matter too. He had finally found someone he could say he loved, and now she was gone. Dead. Stabbed in the heart, her dying request being to protect Kirby. Meta Knight barely talked. He barely ate. He did next to nothing except think. He thought about what could have happened if things had been different. He thought about what he could do now. Most of the time though, he thought about Lucy. Meta Knight got up from the chair he had been sitting in and checked the date. It was about time they landed and explored the new world before them. They had to search for survivors and supplies. The Halberd would need them soon. Meta Knight took control of the massive ship and landed it in Kabu canyon, making sure it was well hidden from prying eyes.

"Sword, Blade, you two are coming with me. Everyone else is to stay on the ship until further orders," Meta Knight said as he lowered the ramp. They walked out onto the now barren land, looking around them as they did so. There were no trees, no plants, and no signs of life. All there was, was the desert. Everything seemed to be dark and twisted. Any trees they did see were gnarled and angry looking, making seem like they could lash out at you at any point. They sky no longer held a moon or sun, just a black, endless pit of misery. Meta Knight let out a small sigh as they made their way up to Kabu. Strangely enough, Kabu seemed to be the only unchanged thing around.

"Kabu apologizes for the false prediction," Kabu's booming voice said.

"I do not blame you Kabu, it could have been anyone," Meta Knight said.

"There is still hope though," Kabu said, "I do not know what can be done, but I just know that you can stop Rhyton somehow."

Meta Knight shook his head and said, "For now, we just need to get everyone who is still alive out and get them to safety." Meta Knight turned to walk away until Kabu said something that made him stop.

"I know your pain Meta Knight," Kabu said, "Lucy was very dear to me as well. I am sorry about what happened." Meta Knight's heart clenched in pain. It hurt so much that he almost collapsed from the sheer force of it. Meta Knight said nothing and merely walked away. Meta Knight turned a saw a short, fat man standing there. Meta Knight did nothing and merely just stared. He recognized the guy from Lucy's world. What was his name? It was Lut wasn't it? Meta Knight could not remember and asked.

"I'm surprised you don't remember me Meta Knight. After all, we had a nice game of poker together with dear ol' Maniac," he said in response. Meta Knight cocked his head to the side. Yep, it was definitely Lut.

"I thought you only existed in Lucy's world," Meta Knight said.

"Oh no Mety, I just happened to be staying there for a while. Lucy doesn't like it when I come out to play very often." Lut said.

"Don't call me Mety," Meta Knight said, "so why are you here?"

Lut smiled and gave flurry of giggles before answering, "Think of me as Lucy's failsafe. When she dies, I keep everything from completely falling apart, so to speak. All that emotion she kept hidden all those years has to go somewhere, I keep them locked up so they don't destroy the whole world as we know it." Meta Knight was confused now; he did not quite understand what the short, fat man was talking about.

"What do you mean that the whole world as we know it would be destroyed?" Meta Knight asked.

"I mean that Lucy has the same power as Rhyton, if not more! With that power she could destroy anything she wanted!" Lut said before bursting out laughing.

"It doesn't matter though, she's gone," Meta Knight said, turning to leave.

"I wouldn't be so sure," Lut said. Meta knight turned around to say something back only to find no one was there. He shook his head and headed back to Cappy Town. The walk was uneventful and he did not come across anything even remotely living. It was dead silence except for the occasional whisper of the wind. Meta Knight would glance up at the sky, only to remember there was nothing to see. He finally made his way to the small village. It was still standing, kind of. The buildings definitely showed signs of neglect and it seemed to be a ghost town. He walked through the streets alone, having sent Sword and Blade to the castle for survivors. The silence was eerie and he felt he was being watched at all times. He heard every little sound and saw every little movement. His eyes darted from side to side, his guard up and ready for anything. He saw something move from the corner of his eye and he whipped around, sword drawn. He did not see anything at first. Then he felt a small stab of pain flare up in his hand and looked down to see a small blue, fuzzy worm. Meta Knight held his hand up and saw that Lucy's pipe fox was latched onto his hand. Meta Knight gently took his hand and pried the small creature off of his hand. It wormed its way up his arm and rested its head on his shoulder. The pipe fox closed its eyes and immediately went to sleep.

"I completely forgot about you," Meta Knight said to himself. He wrapped his cape around himself, making sure not to disturb the small creature and headed back to the Halberd. It seemed that all the life that was once on this beautiful planet was now gone. Meta Knight made it to the Halberd in no time. He boarded the massive ship and Tiff immediately yelled in his face.

"Sword and Blade haven't made it back yet!" the girl said exasperated.

Meta knight face-palmed and said, "That is because I told them to check the castle."

Tiff shook her head and said, "I mean there was a giant explosion coming from the castle." This got Meta Knight's attention. He sighed for the hundredth time that day and walked back out of the ship.

"If I'm not back by tomorrow, close the ship and take off without me. The ship is on autopilot and should be fine as long as you just start it up," Meta Knight said as he walked off. He did not feel like walking and spread his wings. They cracked from the under use. It took a while for him to get himself in the air. He heard the small pipe fox hiss as they soared through the air. Meta Knight seemed to have woken it up while flying. It took him little time to get to the castle. He saw that the castle was now a crumbled mess of rubble. Only one of the towers remained and he saw smoke coming from the top window of it. Meta Knight flew to the top only to be hit with a metal body. They fell to the ground and landing in a confused heap. Blade had been through at Meta Knight.

Blade jumped up and nervously said, "Sir! I apologize!" Meta Knight held a hand up.

"It's alright, what's happening?" Meta Knight asked.

"Rhyton found us and we got in a big fight. Sword is still up there with him!" Blade said.

"Then what are we waiting for?" Meta Knight said as he leapt up into the air and landed on the windowsill. The smoke was thick and suffocating, making it hard for him to see. He gave a small cough and squinted through the smoke. He heard metal striking metal and faintly saw Sword and Rhyton duking it out. He also saw that there was another body on the ground. Meta Knight jumped down and knelt beside the small body only to find out that it was Knuckle Joe. He placed a hand on the boy's back and Knuckle Joe whipped up in surprise.

"When did you get here?" Knuckle Joe said.

Meta Knight helped the small boy up and said, "We just got here today. What happened to you?" Meta Knight saw the many cuts that marred his body. There were angry red rings around the boy's wrist, which suggested he had been bound at some point.

"I was Rhyton's little torture toy since the past week." Knuckle Joe said through clenched teeth. Meta Knight's head whipped up in surprise.

"Are there other survivors?" Meta Knight asked.

Knuckle Joe shook his head and said, "There are only three other's besides me." Meta Knight nodded and helped the boy up.

"We will worry about them later, for now we have to work on getting away," Meta Knight said. Knuckle Joe nodded and got up, slightly wincing as he did.

Meta Knight yelled over to Sword, "we are leaving!" With that, Sword turned tail and ran as fast as he could away from Rhyton, who was winning the fight. They fled into the courtyard and out of the castle. They managed to make their way to a sparsely wooded area and stopped running. Meta Knight had to hold Knuckle Joe partly on his shoulder. He walks with a severe limp making it hard for him to move around. They rested on the ground to catch their breath. Blade walked up to them a little later joining in the resting. Meta Knight sat in a tree a little ways off from the group. He stared off into the distance deep in thought. After a while he noticed something on the horizon. It was a black little speck in the distance. Meta Knight got up and jumped down from the tree.

"I'm going to go check that out," Meta Knight said as he pointed to the figure, "you make back to the Halberd. I will be back later." They all nodded in response and Meta Knight was off. He spread his wings wide and took to the skies. It took little time to reach the small figure. Meta Knight found out that it was a woman. Her white hair blew in the slight breeze, which reminded him of snow. He landed softly behind her. She seemed to not have heard him. He softly cleared his throat behind her. She jumped and turned around, looking up at him in fear. Meta Knight froze in place. Her eyes. Those bright purple orbs stared back at him with an intensity that made it hard for him to breath. They glowed in the low light making them seem iridescent and otherworldly. The rings in her bright eyes flashed brighter as she gave a warm smile.

"Can I help you?" she asked. Meta Knight was still speechless as he stared at her. It can't be her, Meta Knight thought. He knew that Lucy was gone, but this woman had the same eyes as the love of his life.

Meta Knight opened his mouth to speak when he was cut off by a familiar voice, "Maniac, what are you doing?" the woman turned around to see Lut standing there.

"Nothing," Maniac said as she turned to face him. She looked down at him and said, "I just happened to meet this guy over here;" she pointed to Meta Knight.

"Hello Mety, now Maniac, we must be going. You have to be exhausted from running away from me," Lut said as he told a hold of her hand.

Maniac snapped her hand out of his grasp and said, "I'm fine. I'm not that tired."

"Don't lie to me girl, now off we go." Lut said as he grabbed for her hand again. She evaded him and backed away toward Meta Knight. She turned and, grabbing Meta Knight's hand, sprinted away. Meta Knight was being tugged with her and he could hear Lut's frustrated cries from behind them. Lucy giggled as she ran away. Before long they were in Kabu Canyon. She let go of his hand and plopped herself on the ground.

"Ah, he can be such a pain at times," she said as she stretched out. She closed her eyes and asked, "So, what's your name?"

"Meta Knight," Meta Knight mumbled. Maniac sat up and cocked her head to the side.

"I like it!" She said with a bright smile.

"What?" Meta Knight said in confusion.

She giggled and said, "I like your name silly!" Meta Knight shook his head in even more confusion and sighed.

"I'm glad you like it," he said. She stopped giggling and frowned.

"What's wrong?" Maniac asked.

"Nothing," Meta Knight said.

"It's alright, I won't tell," Maniac said in an innocent voice. He looked over at her and swore she looked just like a little kid for a second.

"You just remind me of someone," Meta Knight managed to choke out. Maniac's face grew even more confused and she shrugged.

"I get that a lot," she said as she got up. Meta Knight watched her as she walked over to Kabu and stepped into the secret passageway that led to the inside. Meta Knight saw her come back out with a backpack.

"I'm going to give some food to the waddle dees Kabu," Maniac said as she stepped out. She patted the giant rock and walked away. "You wanna come?" she asked Meta Knight. He nodded and she did the same. They said nothing as they walked. The slight breeze would make her shoulder length white hair sway. She wore the same clothes as Lucy and resembled every aspect of her except for the white hair. She also seemed to be more carefree. She looked over at him and he had to advert his gaze. Her eyes were too much like Lucy's that he could not bear to look at them. Her pupils flashed a deep crimson red and she scowled.

"You seem troubled, are you sure you're alright?" Maniac asked.

Meta Knight shook his head and said, "don't worry about it." Maniac sighed and face palmed.

"Well, we're here," Maniac said as they came up to a small cave. A single waddle dee was standing guard outside. Maniac walked up to it and said, "Hey, want some food?" the waddle dee's eyes widened in excitement as it squealed. She gave him the whole bag and a swarm of waddle dees came rushing out of the cave. They all lined up in an orderly line and wait for their food. They all sat in a circle and ate their food. Some of them waddled up to Maniac to give her a hug and Waddle doo thanked her immensely for the food. Turns out that the waddle dees were having trouble finding food and Maniac had been taking care of them for the past few weeks. Maniac giggled as they sat around her and greeted her. Meta Knight stood off to the side and watched silently. Maniac seemed to be fine until her face went blank. She closed her eyes and slumped to the floor. The waddle dees panicked and tried to wake her up to no avail. Meta Knight rushed to her side and rolled her over. She seemed to be sleeping peacefully. Meta Knight was confused at this until he heard a voice behind him.

"I told that silly girl that she needed to stop straining herself like this," Lut said as he walked up to Meta Knight. "She can be a handful at times."

"What happened?" Meta Knight asked.

Lut looked over at him as if he just noticed he was there. "She has gone into sleep mode. She's been too rough with herself lately. She needs some rest and she will be fine." Lut bent down and picked Maniac up off the ground and carried her back. Meta Knight followed as they made their way back to Kabu. Lut walked through the secret passageway and laid Maniac down on a small blanket. Lut smirked at Meta Knight as he came out to find that he was still standing there.

"So, you noticed huh?" Lut asked in a mocking voice.

"What? That she looks exactly like Lucy?" Meta Knight said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "I'm done playing your game Lut, I need to know."

Lut laughed and said, "Know what?"

"I need to know who that woman is."

"It's exactly who you think it is Mety. Lucy doesn't die so easily. Although, she did die that day, she has me to rely on."

"So, who is Maniac?"

"She is the Lucy before everything ended for her. She is the one who holds all of the power she locked away in order to protect those around her. She is the real Lucy." Meta Knight turned away. He could not believe what he was hearing. Lucy was still alive. They still had a chance. A chance to make everything okay.

Meta Knight whispered the next words softly, "does she remember who I am?"

"No, her memories are gone. Well, of you at least. Her heart held everything she felt for you and what she knew about you. You held that special place in her heart that you all call love. Well when she was stabbed her heart released everything she felt for you. Now she feels nothing." Lut said with a sadistic smile. "So anything you do to get her to remember will be for nothing. She loved you, and now she doesn't."

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