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Chapter 1

Many years ago an opera house, named The Order, was sold to two rich men by the names of Reever Wenham and Komui Lee. They were proud to be the new owners of the grand theater, but as they explored The Order for the first time, they heard the scared whispered rumors of the performers.

The rumors were of a figure clad in black who roamed the halls of the theater and hides his face behind a mask.

The two men gaffed at the silly rumors and just took them for silly bedtime stories.

"Gentlemen," A woman with brown hair up in a bun on the top of her head and heavy black makeup around her eyes greeted them with a curtsy. "I'm sorry. I was busy making sure everyone was dressed for rehearsals, but I can show you around now."

"Hello Miss…?" Komui kissed her hand.

"Miranda, Miranda Lotto; I am the caretaker of the performers." She informed and handed Komui an envelope.

Komui looked it over and flipped it over to find it was sealed with a wax seal of a pentagram.

"What's that?" Reever asked.

"It's from the Phantom, Sir." Miranda stated.

A chorus of gasps filled the air as the performers overhead their conversation.

Miranda continued, "He would like to welcome you to his opera house."

"His opera house!" Komui blurted out.

"He also would like to inform you that his monthly salary is 1,000 dollars and to keep box 14 open for his use."

"This is absurd!" Komui laughed.

"The previous owner agreed to his demands."

"But we aren't the previous owner and we won't let this 'Phantom' swindle us."

"But Sir..." Miranda argued.

"No buts!" Komui cut her off. "Now I would like to see the star of this magnificent theater. Miss Lenalee?"

"Yes." Miranda nodded, "Right this way." She led the two men to a girl with greenish black hair in an elegant pink dress, who was singing centerstage. "That is Miss Lenalee Lee."

"She has the same last name as you." Reever pointed out to Komui.


"Any relation?" Reever asked.


The girl's song ended and she walked offstage yelling at the musicians for their poor timing.

"Miss Lenalee?"

"What?" The girl snapped, turning to see Miranda and the two new owners.

"These are the new owners of The Order." Miranda explained to the girl.

"I'm pleased to meet you, Miss…" Reever completely forgot Lenalee's name as he kissed her hand.

Lenalee pulled her hand away from Reever's grasp, completely furious. "How dare you! How dare you forget the star of this theater!"

"I'm sorry, Miss Lenalee." Reever apologized remembering her name.

"No! Too late! I can't stay where I'm not appreciated." Lenalee started walking offstage.

"Wait you're the star!" Komui yelled.

"Have a nice show." Lenalee smirked and slammed the door behind her.

"Now what? We have no star for tonight's show!" Komui yelled in frustration.

"We will have to refund a full house!" Reever stated.

"No…" Miranda cut in.

"Miss Lotto, might I remind you we have no star!"

"There's another." Miranda pushed forward a long black-haired teen who had been watching the on goings of the two men and Lenalee. "This is Kanda."

"That's great, but can you sing?" Komui asked.

The teen nodded and walked upstage.

"Go on…," Reever coaxed, "Sing."

Everyone waited for the teen to commence singing, but the teen looked at the group of performers and the owners nervously.

"Musicians… can you assist?" Komui asked.

The beautiful music of the opera began to flow through the room.

"Think of me
think of me fondly, when
we've said goodbye
remember me
once in a while, please
promise me you'll try

When you find,
that once again you long
to take your heart back,
and be free
if you ever find a moment,
spare a thought for me

We never said
our love was evergreen
or as unchanging as the sea...
but if you can still remember,
stop and think of me

Think of all the things
we've shared and seen,
don't think about the things
which might have been

Think of me
think of me waking, silent
and resigned...
imagine me, trying too hard to
put you from my mind...

Recall those days,
look back on all those times,
think of the things
we'll never do...
there will never be a day when
I won't think of you

We never said
our love was evergreen
or as unchanging as the sea...
but please promise me,
that sometimes
you will think of me" Kanda sang.

"Is Kanda a man?" Komui asked confused about the feminine-looking teen with a silky voice.

"Why yes…"

Kanda bowed and turned to the owners.

Reever ran up to the teen and wrapped his arm around Kanda's shoulders. "Ladies and gentlemen!" He proclaimed to the performers. "Meet the new star of The Order!" Reever's news was quickly followed by excited applause.

The grand door opened in the midst of the applause, everyone looked to see a red-headed teen.

"Ah, Lavi. So good you can make it." Komui greeted and ushered Lavi onstage.

"Why was Miss Lenalee leaving?" Lavi asked confused as he was pushed forward onto the stage.

The closer Lavi came the easier, Kanda could see.

Lavi had short fiery red hair and a black eye patch covering his right eye.

"She was upset that we found a new star! Mr. Lavi, might I introduce you to The Order's new star, Kanda."

"Kanda?" Lavi asked and looked the black-haired teen over. "Yu?"

"Don't call me that, Usagi." Kanda growled.

"It is you!" Lavi hugged Kanda.

"You two know each other?" Reever asked confused.

"Yes. We use to play as kids." Lavi laughed.

"Ah-hem!" The conductor coughed, breaking up the reunion. "Not to be rash, but we have a performance tonight and our new star needs to rehearse."

"Yes, of course. Sorry to keep you all. " Lavi apologized. "I'll just leave you all to your practices."

"We will too." Komui and Reever walked with Lavi to the grand doors. "Everyone… break a leg tonight!"