Chapter 16

3 Days later…

Allen pushed past the drape which covered the secret tunnel which he was exiting. He looked around at his room, which had been ravaged and ransacked by the police and angry performers. Most of his belongings were needlessly destroyed, but he had hope that he could savage several of his belongings. He looked at all the shredded papers, glass, and ripped clothing which was scattered across the floor. Allen walked over to his piano and collected his ripped sheet music. He looked at all his hard work, hours he had spent composing the very music he held in his hands, and now they were all water logged and shredded.


Allen turned around to the voice. "What do you want?" Allen grumbled upon seeing Lavi.

"I just wanna talk." Lavi held up his hands as a sign of admission.

"Stay away from me." Allen glared at Lavi.

"I won't go near you, if you want. I was just gonna help you clean." Lavi shrugged.

"What do you want? What else can you take from me?" Allen asked, angry at the red-head.

"Nothing, as I said before." Lavi insisted.

"Then why are you here?" Allen demanded.

"Listen. I know I did some things to hurt you and Kanda did too. I don't deny that fact." Lavi admitted.

Allen dropped the shredded sheet music on the floor, and turned his attention to Lavi. "I'm listening."

"Kanda betrayed me too."

Allen watched as Lavi was barely able to finish his sentence. "Why? I thought…"

"Yeah, I thought he loved me too. But I was convinced otherwise when I found him and Alma making out. Kanda then tried to persuade me that it had been an accident, but it took them a while to get their tongues untied."

Allen could tell that Lavi was saddened by the whole experience. Allen's gaze fell to Lavi's lips.

"So can I help you?" Lavi asked changing the topic and breaking Allen's daze.

"Sure." Allen answered, accepting Lavi's help.

Lavi helped Allen straighten up his chamber.

They ended up disposing half of Allen's possessions in his room.

"Thanks." Allen turned Lavi when they finished cleaning.

"Not a problem." Lavi answered.

"I really appreciate your…" Allen paused when a hand grabbed his waist and was pulled to Lavi. Allen turned in Lavi's arms to face him.

Lavi and Allen's eyes locked onto each other.

"What's going on?" Allen asked Lavi, but he was enjoying Lavi's warm embrace.

"Allen… I think I love you." Lavi admitted and stroked Allen's white hair. "You're compassionate, caring, loving, loyal, good-looking, and…" Lavi chuckled a little. "You're pretty sexy handling a rope."

Allen smiled and pressed himself closer to Lavi. "I think I love you too."

Lavi gently kissed Allen on the lips.

The two backed up to Allen's bed and they fell lips locked and arms wrapped around each other.

"Let's get rid of that shirt of yours." Lavi whispered teasingly in Allen's ear.

"Let's get rid of yours too. And while I'm at it, we might as well remove those pesky pants too." Allen added.

"I like the way you think." Lavi flirted and kissed Allen as he began to unzip Allen's pants.

"Lavi…" Allen whispered.

"Yes?" Lavi paused and looked at the young teen in his arms.

"I love you, will you promise me that you'll never leave?"

Lavi smiled a comforting smile. "I love you too and I promise you'll never be lonely again." With a kiss, Lavi sealed his promise.

The End

Author Note: I would love to thank everyone who has read till the end and am sorry to say that this was the final chapter. I appreciate everyone who's reviewed! This has been a great story (one of my favorites) and I'm sad to say that it has come to an end. For every good beggining comes the sad recollection that it has to end. I thank you for your support and am always happy to hear from you. Thanks...