The door of the Otogi bank opened, and the bell chimed. Alice, who was sitting in the lobby, looked up from her Computer. There stood a young man with brown hair and blue eyes. He wore a black un-buttoned over shirt, under that a blue t-shirt, along with green jeans. Around his neck was a shark tooth necklace. Alice Kiriki noticed his right arm seemed to be a sophisticated prostetic.

"Is this the Otogi Bank?" He asked." I'm sorry, I can't read japenese that well." He chuckled. Alice adjusted her glasses.

" Yes, it is. Is there something you need?" She asked.

"Yes, I have a request to make."

"Ok then, please take a seat." He sat in the seat across from her and smiled. "So, whats your name, and what do you need?"

"My name is Alan Sarco, But my friends call me Rex. Me and my friends are here on vacation, and I heard it through the grape vine that your organization help people with their problems."

"Indeed we do."

"And sometimes, you take of the people who caused said do that, I'm sure you got some strong fighters." Rex smiled. Alice looked at him,wondering were he was getting at.

"What is it that you want, sir?"

"I want a fight with your best ass-kicker." Alice was surprised by this, they never got a request like this before. He continued,"Nothing fancy really, just a good old throw down til some calls uncle. Or faints of course." Alice paused.

"We'll have to take it up with the club president, this is a very odd request for us."

"I think its a splinded Idea!" A voice suddenly chimed in. Alice and Rex both looked over to see Liszt Kiriki, the banks president, standing in the doorway, a smile on his face. "We would love to accept this request of yours, I believe our fighter would agree." Rex smiled.

"Great," he said,"So, who is he?"

"She," Alice corrected him, " Is currently at the local gym I believe."

"We can take you to meet her if you want." Listz said to Rex.

"Sure, lets go." Rex agreed.

When they reached the gym, Ryouko Okami was at her usally spot, beating away at a blue punching bag.

"There she is." Alice said, pointing her out. Rex looked at her.

"She looks angry. Did something happen?" He asked.

"No, she always looks like that." Liszt answered. They walked over, and she notice them right away.

"Oh, hey guys. Whos this?" She asked.

"Ryouko, this is Alan Sarco, a client. Alan, this is Ryouko Okami." Liszt said. Rex smiled.

"Please, call me Rex. Nice to meet you." He greeted her. She looked at him.

"Yeah, you to, I guess." She said. "So, what was your request?"

"Rex would like to have a fight with our best fighter. Which so happens to be you." Alice answered. Ryouko blinked. That was unexpected to her. She looked at him, up and down. He was tall, but didn't seem to have much muscle on him. She chuckled.

"Sure, fine by me." She said, a smile on her face."Where and when?"

"I was thinking about a place I saw on our way here. Triangle park, I think its called. As for when, How about tommorow, at 4 pm?" He asked.

"Sounds good to me." She anwsered. "Any rules?"

"Anything goes, except any lethal weapons of course."

"Alright." 'This guy doesn't stand a chance.' Okami thought to herself.

"Well, see you tomorrow." Rex said, turning to leave.

"Hey, wait, why not take a few swings at the bag, show what you got?" Okami asked. Rex looked at her, and shruged.

"Okay, I guess." He said, and walked over to a punching bag, and with a single swing of his left arm, punched a hole straight through the bag. Every one in the room looked at him, in shock. Rex's own eyes were in disbelife too.

"Oops." He said, removing his arm from the hole. He looked around, nervously. "Uh... I'll pay for that." Okami just stared with wide eyes, wondering what the hell she just got herself into.