Ryouko quicky blocked Rex's Punch, but the force of his hit was so great, she was sent flying backwards about 4 feet. She struggled to regain her footing. He ran at her, full speed, left arm braced for impact. She knew better then to block, so, she side steped him, and he punched a tree that was behind her, creating a splintering crater in it. His arm appeared to be stuck, so she gave him a few good punches to the back before he managed to rip his arm from the tree and swing it at her. He caught her just under her right arm, and sent her back, she grab the impact zone in pain. She was lucky he didn't hit as hard as he normally would, but she sure didn't feel lucky. Before she knew it he was coming at her again, she ducked and punched him in the gut, and with a well placed kick, completly fliped him over her, and he smashed into the ground head first. She got to her feet, and he sat up and rubbed his head, groaning. Then laughed.

"I knew this was gonna be fun." Rex said. He got up, then posed himself in a fighting stance. "Come at me, Sis." He said. Ryouko smiled, and ran at him and punched him several times in the chest and gut, before he managed to block. He then took a swing at her, and she dodged, but she expected this, and managed to kick her in the side, sending her tumbling. She slid on the ground, and groaned in pain. She struggled to get up. Then she saw Rex standing over her. 'This is it. Here goes mine and the banks reputation.' She thought to her self. She thought it was over, but Rex held out his hand, smiling.

"You ain't done yet. You still got a lota fight left in ya. I can see it in your eyes." He said. Okami smiled, took his hand, and he helped her up. "You ready?" He asked, she then punched him square in the jaw, causing him to stagger. He laughed."I'll take that as a yes." And they continued their fight.

Meanwhile, at the Otogi bank Reservationed seats, Alice typed away on her computer, as well as watched the fight. Liszt sat next to her and peared at her computer.

"You find anything out about this Rex fellow?" He asked.

"Little. He's a highschool from America. He and his friends work for a Detective agency that people know little about. Beyond that, There isn't much." Alice answered.

"Does it at least say something about why they call him "Rex"?"

"Yes, I think it might have to do with his abnormaly strong bite force."

"How abnormal?"

"Try 2500 lbs per square inch. Thats stronger then a crocodiles."

"Is that even possible?"

"No. The Human bite force is only 260 lbs. To do his would shatter human teeth and bone."

"Hmm... And what if he wasn't human?" Listz incuired.

"Huh?" Alice looked at her cousin, confused. Listz smiled.

"Lets discuss this later, for now lets watch the fight shall we." He said. Jude walked over to them.

"Hey." He said."I was thinkin'. Why not make things a little more interesting?" He grinned widelyThe gang look at him confused.

Back at the fight, Rex and Ryouko were punching away at each other, Ryouko causing him to stagger with each of her fast hits, and Rex sending her flying with each of his. Jude suddenly walked out with the mic.

"DING! Half time! 2 minute break." He said. Ryouko limped over to her side and had a seat.

"Phew." She said. "Bastards tough, I'll give him that." She notice that Ringo was smiling and everyone else was very nervous." What?"

"...Ringo made a bett with Jude." Ryoushi spit out. Okami looked at Ringo, still smiling and confident.

"What kind of bet?"She asked.

"Loser Has to Jump into a lake." Ringo anwsered. "Wearing nothing but their socks." Ryouko blushed.

"WHAT?" She yelled.

"And we're allowed to take pictures." Ringo added.


"To encourage you to win silly." Ringo said. Ryouko cuped her face in her hands.

"UGH! Why am I friends with you people?" She asked.