Ty Lee dodged to the side as Azula tried to sweep her legs out from under her. She frowned as her friend stood their panting in rage. None of their words reached her as she continued to attack. Ty Lee was pulled from her thoughts as she dodged a high kick to the face, and was about to counter attack when Azula put some space between them.

Mai stood next to Ty Lee, her knives at the ready. "What do we do?" she asked her bubbly friend as she threw several knives at Azula to keep her at bay.

Ty Lee looked at Mai with a worried look, "I don't know." She replied. "We just need to stop her from attacking and go from there."

Mai nodded and was about to start another attack on Azula when she heard a familiar voice fill the air, she turned and saw Toph flying towards them at amazing speeds. She and Ty Lee jumped back as Toph landed.

Toph slowly got to her feet stumbling a bit. "That hurt." She stated with annoyance in her voice, spitting a bit, which had a slight red tint to it. She stomped her foot on the ground and launched ten rocks into the air. She turned to Mai and Ty Lee. "We need to go now!"

Ty Lee looked at Toph with confusion. "Why?" she asked.

She heard the rush of the wind and saw the boy that was protect Azula appear in front of them, looking as is nothing had happened. Toph pointed at him and frowned. "He's why, I can't hit him and he can do crazy magic stuff."

The boy cracked his knuckles as he stared at the trio with anger. Azula was behind him, her anger still evident in her eyes yet she had not moved. "You three will stand down and be taken in."

Mai frowned, "We need to speak with Azula." She stated in a diplomatic tone, if he was powerful enough to make Toph worry she needed to be cautious.

The boy just stared at her with suspicion and confusion, not moving from his place in front of Azula. "They why did you not go to the Hokage and present yourself to her." He said, his voice biting at Mai's words. "If you were here to talk you would have gone through the proper channels."

Toph just stomped her foot, rock shooting up next to her. "We don't have time for that." She stated in annoyance.

"Then attacking her was the best course of action?" he countered, making the confidence Toph extrude falter a bit. "Princess Azula is currently under the protection of this village. As a leader of a foreign power we have offered her asylum. With you three attacking her you have just made yourself enemies of Konoha. I must detain you three for questioning by the Hokage and the I/T department to see what your true intentions are."

Toph just shook her head, "How about no to all that and you hand Azula over to us."

Ty Lee put a hand on Toph shoulder, "We do not need to fight." She stated as she walked forward slowly. "We came to talk so we will talk, we are sorry for the misunderstanding but we truly wish to speak with Azula, we are her friends."

"You are no friends of mine!" Azula spat at Ty Lee, her eyes burning in rage and sadness. "Friends do not betray each other."

Ty Lee gave her a pleading look, "We had no choice." She stated, her word filled with anguish. "You were going to kill Mai, I couldn't allow you to do that."

"She chose Zuko over me!" Azula countered. "She showed where her true loyalty laid. She was to be removed for her betrayal."

"If you killed her I know you would have feel so much anguish in your soul." Ty Lee stated, tears starting to flow from her cheeks. "You were going to break at that moment if I let you go through with it."

Azula looked at Ty Lee and suddenly began to laugh, it started off slow but began to build into a hollow laughter of sadness and rage. "I would have broken." She said finally after the laughter died, talking step towards Ty Lee, she stopped only a foot away from Ty Lee her eyes looking directly into the girl before her. "Unfortunately for you Ty Lee, I BROKE!"

Azula brought her palm back and slammed in into Ty Lee chest, the sound of a bone break filling the air. Ty Lee stumbled back, the look of surprise on her face from the force of the attack.

Ty Lee, quickly reacted as she dodged Azula's next attack, but stumbled from pain from her broken ribs. Azula continued her attack and brought her leg up, high and dropping it down towards Ty Lee's head. She was stopped when large rock hit her in the shoulder sending her sprawling to the ground.

She saw Toph with her foot planted firmly on the ground with more boulders next to her. Azula stood quickly, the rage of her lost vengeance evident on her face. Toph launched another rock at her, which was dodged, but she failed to notice a second rock coming at her quickly.

An orange blur quickly appeared in front Azula, and stopped the rock with a punch. "Enough!" Azula's protector shouted.

Azula looked at him, "Naruto." She stated her anger subsiding a bit.

Naruto just looked at Azula, a warm smile appearing on his face. "It will be ok." He told her with assurance. "These people will be dealt with, and you are safe."

Azula slowly nodded, the angry still in her eyes. "Just make them go away." She told him, turning away, flanked by one of his previous clones, her body still tense in anger.

Naruto just nodded and he turned to look at Mai, Ty Lee, and Toph. "I will ask you again to stand down." He stated in a level tone. "or I must do it by force."

Toph frowned at his words, she had fought him for a moment and got her butt handed to her, but they needed Azula. "Sorry but how about no!" Toph stomped her foot hard on the ground launching a barrage of large boulders at him at rapid speeds.

Naruto smiled, "The hard way it is then." He stated and made a cross shaped sign with his hands. The boulders reached him and smoke covered the area.

Mai looked at Toph, "Did you get him?" she asked as she had several knives at the ready.

Toph just shook her head, "Not even close."

The smoked clear and standing before them were five Naruto's, each ready to attack. Mai looked at Ty Lee, with shock but was quickly brought out of her shock as she dodged Naruto's attack. She tried to retaliate but lost sight of him as he punched her directly in the stomach.

Mai's eyes widen as she was sent flying back, she felt as she was hit by a boulder, her ribs breaking as she landed on the ground. "MAI" Ty Lee cried as she dodged the other clone of Naruto, her flexibility the only thing keeping her from getting hit. Yet she faltered, and took a hit to the shoulder, making her sprawl on the ground.

Toph stomped her foot hard, pulling the two girls towards her. She watched Naruto as he charged, twisted her hands and brought up five levels of thick earth walls all around them.

She let out a small sigh but quickly reacted as Naruto came from above. "Crap!" she shouted as she dodged out of the way of his attack, sending several rocks at him to keep him busy.

Mai looked at Toph, "We need to get out of here." She stated as she slowly stood up, looking at Ty Lee. "We can't fight him."

Ty Lee nodded but frowned, "But we need Azula." She replied, the sadness evident in her voice. "We need to help her."

"We can't help her if we are captured." Mai countered, "We need a better plan."

Ty Lee just nodded, clearly not happy with the situation and how it had played out. They didn't have time to think when five clones came at them at once. Mai could barely get one knife out, hit a clone, and dodge to the side. Ty Lee was not so lucky and was grabbed by one of the clones, pinning her to the floor.

Toph was not faring better than Mai and Ty Lee, Naruto had her on constant guard as he continued to attack relentlessly. She kept sending rock after rock at him but it didn't stop him in the slightest. She didn't have time to think of a plan when she felt him hit her across the face.

"Ok, I think it time to go." She stated as she groaned in pain, standing as fast she could. She stomped her foot to find Mai and Ty Lee. Mai was fighting and Ty Lee was pinned to the ground by one of the clones.

Toph growled and stomped her foot hard, sending the earth around her in a large shockwave, sending everyone in the area flying. She then saw that clone disappear from Ty Lee and made her way over to her companions.

She stomped her foot, "get in the hole." She shouted as she shot rocks flying toward a large group of clones running towards them. Mai nodded and she went to grab Ty Lee, and threw her in.

Toph felt the two enter the hole and smiled, stomping her foot once more creating a large cloud of smoke, then made her way into the hole. "Later copy boy." She stated as she closed the hole behind her.

Naruto not one to give up, as the hole closed, formed a Big Ball Rasengan in his hand and drove it into the ground where they once stood, creating a large crater from the attack. Yet there was no one there. He pulled out a kunai and threw it in the air, letting the ANBU know that there was trouble and made his way over to the clearly emotional Azula.

She sat on their porch her head down, body shaking, the heat of her anger and rage rolling off her in nearly visible waves. He sat down next to her, finally getting a good look at her face. She was clearly angry but tears seemed to be falling from her eyes at a steady rate.

"I hate them." She stated, breaking the silence, her tone clearly distraught. "I hate them so much." Naruto slowly drew the girl into his arms, pulling her into his chest, worried about her words.

-With Mai, Ty Lee, and Toph-

Toph opened the hole, allowing Mai and Ty Lee to walk out slowly. Both were injured and barely able to move. Toph set a wave out to make sure the cost was clear, and helped the two injured girls move and lean against some trees.

"That did not go as planned." Toph stated, only to receive a small glare from Ty Lee. "What?"

Mai sighed, but grimaced in pain. "We didn't really plan." She replied.

Toph nodded, "So what do we do now?"

"We need to go back." Ty Lee said, "We need to go to Azula."

"We can't," Toph countered walking over to Ty Lee, "She is protected by that boy who can make copies of himself and stuff. We won't get close.""

"I don't care," Ty Lee replied as she slowly stood, and tried to walk but couldn't. "She needs to know that we didn't mean to hurt her. She needs us."

Mai stumbled over to her usually bubbly friend, and pulled her into a hug. "We can't right now." She stated in her usual flat tone, "We can say sorry next time."

Ty Lee let her mask drop and tears began to run down her face. "I want to tell her I sorry." She said through her tears.

-a few days later with Naruto and Azula-

Naruto stood next to Azula as the went through their respective kata, the morning rays washing over them. After the girls had left Yoshino and Shikamaru showed up, and soon the entire village was on high alert for the three girls. They had yet to be found buy Tsunade was already putting together a team to track them down and bring them in for questioning. This was good news to Naruto but as he looked at Azula as she went through her katas he couldn't help but worry.

She had become more distant to him and her could feel the rage roll off her as if it was a storm. For the past several days she had done nothing but train, and eat. She missed her session with Inoichi, stating she didn't want to take up his time, and that she was fine.

Yet Naruto knew she was not as they finished the kata, she saw several strands of hair in her face, and growled in anger. "Not good enough!" she stated and began the kata again.

Naruto stopped and looked at her, "It was fine." He told her, only for her to glare at him.

"It was not!" she stated her anger rising. "I need perfection, I need to destroy those who hurt me and that was not good enough!"

Naruto frowned, not liking this part of Azula at all and stood before her blocking her way. "You're done." He stated with authority.

Azula looked up at him, "I say when I am done!"

"You are not thinking clearly." He countered, "You are letting your anger get the better of you."

"This is none of your concern," she countered as she balled her fist. "Now out of my way!"

She threw a punch and hit Naruto directly in the face with all her might. Yet it only turned his head. He looked at her with caring eyes, and this made Azula even more angry.

"He doesn't know what I been throught!" she thought to herself as she threw another punch at him. Wanting to make him fall before her. "I need to be prefect so nothing can hurt me!"

Suddenly the voice of Ozai filled her mind, his laughter becoming louder and louder. "Azula, Azula, Azula." He stated in a consedending voice. "You are showing your true colors, show those who are not needed their place."

Azula slowly found herself agreeing with her father. "Just burn him away." He told her, "show them all who you really are!"

She let out a large scream and started to throw punch after punch at Naruto, as he stood there not moving, taking all her attacks. He did not fall as she continued her assault like an animal possessed.

"Why won't you fall!" she cried as tears started to stream down her face. "Why must you be in the way! Why must I feel pain?"

Azula next punch was barely had power behind it when she felt Naruto catch her wrist gently. She felt the pull as he surrounded her form with his own. She struggled in his grip, wanting to get away, the warmth was too much for her, yet he held firm. They stood together in silence, letting the cries of sadness fade into the air.

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