Blood rolled down the fingers on the damned, down her fingers, down those fingers she should have severed from those hands she should have severed from those arms she would have severed from her body.

If those damned arms weren't a part of her, she thought. If she broke all her teeth, crushed her feet and softened her skull.

Maybe then she wouldn't be here.

Kazami Yuuka was, truly, quite at rest. Indeed, restful thoughts rarely penetrated her mind. Thoughts like these cluttered her head, in fact, cluttered the heads of everyone in Ward G.

Her body's rest made up for that which her mind lost.

The woman stared down at her neatly clipped and filed nails, leaving her eyes to rest on them for what seemed like an eternity. Why had they not been like this that day? Why, only now, did anyone realize she needed help? In fact, why did they not realize it was so simple to stop her?

If you didn't want her to kill, why not just kill her?

Ah, but they couldn't kill her. Can't kill a crazy girl, not even if she murders an innocent. Jeez. Wasn't she supposed to be the mentally incapacitated one here? Why was she the only one that saw it?

In a way, though, it was sort of an overreaction. The only reason she hadn't been offed yet, she assured herself, was Elly protecting her like a dog.

Yuuka couldn't stay mad at poor Elly. She was practically married to her servant.

The patient stopped to glance at the younger woman who sat dutifully next to her. Every single moment of that girl's life was devoted to Yuuka's care and wellbeing.

In a way, she very much admired her servant.

The woman always had a passion for Elly, even since before she'd been committed here. Elly was the one who Yuuka could… Trust, she supposed.

Who was she kidding. Yuuka loved Elly.

How funny. In fact, for a long time, Yuuka had been married. She had certainly never felt this strongly about that man. The only thing that could even compare to Elly's importance in her life was the reason she was in this mess.

Children sort of did have a bad habit of never returning from Yuuka's property, anyway.