Wheel of time info:

Years have gone by.

What has to come?
What will come?
All minutes have gone by, fading into memories, then into legend.

The wheel of time turns. Turning rapidly.

It is stolen

Wheel of time story:

War has broken out. Men died. It has been the same for the past weeks.

Most of the memories have faded, into thought, then, into myth, then a long forgotten story

Lost in travel. Dead by the time the men get to land.

Dead men are usually found at new land. By the next day, new men die on new land of thirst, hunger, and war (injuries)

New people die first. It is the way it goes in this war.

It is the rule.

Sadly, recruits that been there for a while, die last.

Death happens unexpectedly.

Even sadder, more new people die the first day they are there, or while they are helping someone.

Memories of those men, who fought for us and failed, have been fading into long lost thoughts or stories that are trying to be found.

During war, everyone forgot about the wheel of time, it is officially stolen...

Why did this war happen?

The answer is an open case.

Nobody knows the answer

Only me. Most people think it is because one state is wealthier than the other, while the others think one place is more powerful and with more food.

Most think both reasons. Some are undecided.

I only know the answer, the REAL answer

But, the case to others, is still open

To be continued...