Ghost Slayers Ayashi: The Yukiatsu Ryudo Chronicles

Story 1: The Immortal Ayashi

Chapter 2: The Ayashi Reunite

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I remained in the hospital for three more days in order to recover from my illness as I was still bedridden. The fever subsided in my body as I was slowly on the mend. Somehow, I was most likely to be stressed out after being confined in that awful insane asylum as I covered myself up in the blanket that smelled of a sterile environment. In the last three days, I was closely monitored by the hospital staff as they were not only checking my vital signs, but they were also studying me. What were they doing to me? Is it more than likely that they want to know more about me and my power of Ayagami? I still remained here in this hospital bed under close observation as I was watching the news on t.v. The broadcast of the youi attacking this city was more than a coincidence as reports of those monsters have doubled. Somehow, it wasn't easier for Hozaburo, Genbatsu, and Saizo when it came to seeing reports about this stuff from time to time. It also wasn't easier for me as well, but I didn't want to stay in this hospital bed forever.

"So, you're finally awake," said a male nurse as he came into my room with a tray full of food. "It seems to me that Dr. Moran has told me all about you."

"It sucks to stay in bed," I said.

"It seems to me that your name is Yukiatsu Ryudo. You're here because you were suffering from hyperthermia, I take it."

"Yeah..." I was busy fiddling with the i.v. in my arm. "By the way, do you know where Dr. Moran went to?"

"She had to tend to a patient earlier, but she'll get to you whenever she is done."

I sighed as I was fiddling with the food that was in my tray. It wasn't the greatest of meals as it consisted of a bowl of oatmeal with apples in it along with a cup of orange juice. Over the last few days, I wasn't in the best of health as I constantly threw up certain things. I just wanted to go back to the halfway house so badly as I began to fiddle with the oatmeal. I began to eat it as it tasted pleasant to me. Somehow, I didn't feel any nausea as I was relieved to the comfort of something as dismal as a bowl of oatmeal. As usual, I saw the nurse check my vital signs as I was subjected to another day of monitoring. I just wanted to get out of this hospital very badly as I later saw the male nurse leave my room. Once again, I was alone as I was watching the television where the news was blaring. After gulping down my orange juice, I closed my eyes as I covered myself up with the same sterile blanket. I had full hope that I was on the road to recovery as I was about to reunite with the rest of the Ayashi once again.


Long into the afternoon, I woke up with a very shaky feeling as I felt the fever climb up once again. I didn't want it to return as I was panting rapidly. My entire body was covered in sweat as I was trying to remain as calm as possible. It wasn't long until I heard the door open up again. I was expecting Dr. Moran, but the person coming inside wasn't her at all as he was an elderly man with glasses and muttonchops. I have seen him before as I was subjected to some testing against Dr. Moran's wishes, but furthermore, I was being forced against my will at this time.

"Yukiatsu, it's time for some more testing," he said.

"It's been three days since I got put here," I retorted.

"You may have been brought here for hyperthermia, but you still have more tests to be conducted on. As a physician, I know that you're still having a problem regulating your body temperature because for the past three days, you've been feverish and you've even gone into shock twice."

"I...just wanna go home..."

"Sorry, Yukiatsu, but protocol is protocol. You may not like it, but the constable who came here earlier insisted that you be tested once again."

And so, I had no other choice but to comply to the physician's orders as I got up out of bed and hobbled while I tore out the needle out of my arm. I reached the door as the doctor with the muttonchops and glasses followed me out into the hall. It wasn't long until I saw a hospital stretcher standing next to my room. I laid down on it as I saw a nurse cover me up in a blanket before I was carted off into a room that I was familiar with. It was a room that had an x-ray and MRI scan in it as I was placed onto another bed. I was scared of the machine as I felt the bed move into the inside of it. The strange contraption was scanning every inch of me as it was also scanning my brain. Fear was a "normal" defense mechanism for me as I was being probed once again for God knows what.

After the scan was finished, I emerged from the contraption as I was back onto the stretcher and out of the x-ray room. Being tested on was never in my forte, but there was something strange about the hospital team that was examining me. Once again, I was back in my room as I returned to my hospital bed. Covering up in clean linen and blankets, I saw a nurse come in my room as she placed a needle that was hooked up to an i.v. into my arm. I also had electrodes attached onto me as the monitor was beeping steadily. Somehow, I was getting sick and tired of being confined to this place as I was starting to feel uneasy. I just wanted to go back to the halfway house as I was still staying in that same hospital bed. When I saw the nurse leave and close the door behind her, I saw Kumoshichi sitting by the window as he still had that same lofty look on his face. He was simply there because I was the only one there that can see him at this time.

"Well, looks like that you've been through the ringer again," he said.

"I'm starting to hate the fact that I have to stay here until I recover," I said.

"Something tells me that you're getting antsy. I guess that you're the type to check out any day now."

"It's settled, Kumoshichi; I'm getting out of here right now."

The devil-may-care side had finally came out as I was about to make a break for my escape. I looked out the window as I was ready to leave this place for good. Unfortunately, my luck was screwed as I saw Saizo run into my room as she guarded the window with such intensity. She meant business as she was eager to keep me confined in this "torture chamber." I was unable to leave as I sighed and grabbed the remote and turned on the television. There was nothing on that piqued my interest as I was watching the news constantly. All the news had more information than any of the mind-numbing reality shows and sitcoms because it was all that I could ever know.

"Come on, Ryudo, why can't you turn it to BBC One for a change?" said Saizo.

"There's nothing on," I answered with an air of being annoyed.

"At least it's better than watching the news all the time!"

"I just want to check out of here... for once."

"Sorry, but you can't." She was refusing to budge from her position next to the window. "Ever since you've been here, the doctors have been scanning you right and left. You've even went into shock because of your illness. Like the rest of us say, no means no and you're staying put even if I have to call some nurses to put restraints on your wrists and ankles."

There was no point in getting around it. My attempt of getting out of bed seemed futile as I felt the fever return to me once again. It seemed to me that I haven't fully recovered in order to stay at this hospital, but I also had no choice but to put up with Saizo as she was still standing guard in my room. I wanted to get out of here because I hated being confined, but I had to stay in bed, regardless. It wasn't long until I saw a familiar face come into my room with a plastic container in his hands. It was Abi, who had his hair cut as he was wearing his civilian clothes that were different from his coveralls. From the plastic container, I could smell the meat that was familiar to me as it was none other than youi meat that was cooked in a stew. The smell of the youi meat had satisfied my taste for so long as I was relieved to see that it wasn't the standard hospital food. I was glad that Abi had showed up with that container of stew as I was starting to get hungry.

"It's been a long time, Yukiatsu," he said.

"You brought something good instead of Jell-O, I take it," I said.

"It's the same stuff that we always eat. Don't tell me that you forgot."

"It sure beats hospital food."

I was handed the container full of stew from Abi as he also fished out a plastic spoon for me. Opening up the container, I smelled the scent of youi meat as I started to chow down. Little did I know was that Saizo wasn't too impressed with me eating the stew as I had to follow protocol, but she knew that I loved the taste of youi more than anything. It was like Genbatsu said; when you taste something delicious, your tongue is never cured. It may not be the first time I had a taste for youi meat, but it would never be the last, either. Somehow, I was ready to go home as I was about to check out of this hospital despite the fever that comes and goes. I wanted to go back to the halfway house so badly as I finished up the stew and started to get up out of bed. Pulling out the needle from my arm, I later removed the electrodes from my body as I was ready to go.

"Hey! Where are you going?" cried Saizo as she grabbed me and pinned me down. "Just because you got a taste of youi meat in such a long time doesn't mean that you're ready to check out of here just yet!"

"Damn it, Saizo! Let me go!" I yelled.

"Abi, help me out here! I can't let him leave!"

"You got it!" he said as he barred the door.

"Why are you doing this, Abi?" I yelled.

"Dr. Moran told us to keep you here until she arrived and that she's-"

"Right here," said the doctor as she was standing right behind him."

Abi got out of the way as Dr. Moran went inside. She saw the mess that I made when Saizo was still pinning me down. I knew that she wasn't too happy with me as she knew that I was about to make a break for it. She also knew that I wanted to go home real bad as she found that I was starting to feel too confined for my surroundings. It was bad timing, but I was still trapped in the shackles of this hospital for the time being until I get to a full recovery. Something told me that I was still feeling confined as I was still eager to check out and leave. Unfortunately, it wasn't going to be easy for me as I was still barred from leaving the hospital, especially when it came to Dr. Moran's opinion.

"Let him go, Saizo," she said as she saw her releasing me. "What were you thinking, Yukiatsu? You know that the hospital staff can't let you check out and leave on the sly. They are still doing tests on you, but you have to stay put."

"On whose orders, Doc?" I asked as I had a hint of anger in my voice.

"It was Lord Eustace Grimwade of the Royal Physicians Association. He's the one who's been interested in running tests on you as well as your fellow Ayashi."

"It's true," said Saizo. "Lord Grimwade summoned all of us, including you because there's been a huge mess of youi activity lately. Three days ago, you used your Ayagami on that youi that was haunting the Whitechapel District."

"Let me guess, we've become servicemen to the House of Lords, haven't we?"

"It's not what you think," said Abi. "We've been recruited not only by Hozaburo Ogasawara, but the office of New Scotland Yard. We're here to hunt down youi and it's one hell of a pension to keep us busy."

"So, I'm working for New Scotland Yard like the rest of us. It's been ages since we last worked together under the Shogun, but we're here on British soil now. It also seems to me that you have undercover on your resume. Abi's working at a meat-packing plant, Saizo's a security guard, Genbatsu's a drag queen in the Whitechapel District, and Hozaburo's a cop." I sighed heavily as I got up on my wobbly feet. "As for me, I'm the local looney who should have been kept there in that insane asylum. I bet there's no job for me after all because I might wind up being either a stage hand or a worker at one of the public bathhouses."

"You have a job already, Yukiatsu," said Dr. Moran. "You work at the London Library in Westminster. Your commander, Hozaburo, has already set it up for you in order to keep your cover. Also, you and the rest of the Ayashi have to have a second-in-command in at all times, which is known as a Chevalier."

The very thought of having a second-in-command with any member of the Ayashi has had an ill effect on my stomach. I didn't want anyone with me while I was about to start back up with the rest of my fellow Ayashi, but I had no choice in the matter. I was an Ayashi that was about to be put on a short leash as I felt the sting of confinement still hanging over me. Being an Ayashi was more important than anything as I was about to have a partner just like the rest of them. Life was harsh for us, but being immortal and protecting the world has gotten even more monotonous for our daily life.

"So, when do I check out?" I asked.

"Not until you're in the clear," said Dr. Moran.

"I don't want to stay here in this hospital for the rest of my life. If I'm gonna resume in being an Ayashi, then I need to leave here and-" I collapsed onto the floor. "Oh..., the horror!"

"Yukiatsu! Are you alright? Talk to me!"

"I guess that he's not ready to leave," said Abi.

Dr. Moran got out her stethoscope as she began to listen to my heart. Once again, I was going into shock for the third time as the doctor found that my heart was beating too fast. The stress from all that rambling about escaping had made me feel uneasy as Abi picked me up and put me back into my bed. It wasn't long until a doctor and a nurse came in as they saw me slip into unconsciousness. I was feeling uneasy as I felt lightheaded. I was losing it as I was unresponsive. With Abi and Saizo keeping watch at my bedside, they were holding me down as Dr. Moran and the other medical staff were doing everything they could to keep me alive. It wasn't long until the doctor with the muttonchops and glasses came in as he had a defibrilator in his hands. With Abi removing the top part of my hospital gown, the doctor with the glasses and muttonchops used the defibrilator as he shocked me back to a state of consciousness.

It was a relief that I didn't die as I was stable with Dr. Moran putting an oxygen mask on my mouth. Once again, I was covered up in my blanket as I was administered another i.v. into my arm. I even had the electrodes from the monitor put back on as I was about to close my eyes. Even Saizo was concerned as she stood outside my room as usual. She has seen me in shock before, but it wasn't the first time as I was still unwell and unfit to leave.

"Looks like that he's not ready to go after all," she said.


Hozaburo was in the x-ray room as he was carefully scanning the tests that were conducted on me for the past few days. The tests themselves were quite remarkable as they showed signs of something that wasn't ordinary for a normal human. There were signs that my body temperature kept fluctuating as I was still not ready to go home just yet. Hozaburo was astonished to see that I even showed signs of strange ESP as he carefully looked at the brainscan. He knew that I was more than likely to become such a god-like figure, but in a good way as it showed to find that I was neither human, youi, or the demonic figure that I became long ago. I was becoming someone who would protect the innocent and vanquish any type of youi that entered London.

"It's official, Yukiatsu," said Hozaburo. "You're an immortal god now."

"Are you staring at those x-rays again, Commander Ogasawara?" asked a woman with mousy brown hair and glasses. "'Haven't you heard that this Yukiatsu fellow tipped the scales on the scans?"

"I already know all about it, Louise. Unfortunately, this patient is still feeling ill right now, so we're on monitoring duty right now.

"By the way, Commander, Lord Eustace just alerted us through text message. He says that he wants to see this Yukiatsu fellow at once. Also, the bloke has a mysterious bank account that was used earlier just to pay for the medical bills while staying here."

"Looks like Ryudo has a nest egg after all, but the medical bill is paid for by some sort of insurance that he has, so he got a free stay."

"Commander, about this Yukiatsu guy; have you known him for a while?"

"He was the fifth Ayashi... and here in London, Dr. Moran will be his Chevalier."

Hozaburo and his Chevalier, Louise, were well aware that they were most likely to be working with me in the near future. They were officers for New Scotland Yard as they were given both the tasks and the responsibilities of stopping youi whenever they made themselves present in this city of London. It was very evident enough that I was need alongside Hozaburo and the rest of the Ayashi once again, but I was still not feeling well at this time.

"Something tells me that Mr. Ryudo has a strange string of tests," said a man in a labcoat as he arrived in the x-ray room. "His brain activity is over the roof, but it seems that he's on the brink of recovery."

"Lord Grimwade!" said Hozaburo as he had a look of shock on his face. "What are you doing here in this hospital?"

"Starting tomorrow, Yukiatsu will be discharged here and going back to the halfway house under orders from Dr. Moran."

"That's not what I'm hearing." Hozaburo took out his cellphone as he looked at the text message that brought his attention. "He just went into shock again. It seems that he's not going home tomorrow after all."

"I see...; Yukiatsu Ryudo is a strange man, but he's been very ill since he arrived here. Also, it seemed that he was institutionalized three years ago for no reason. Before he goes off and fight those cursed monsters, he's going to have to be rehabilitated if he's able to bring out the duties as an Ayashi."

"Whoever put him in that mental home, must have a grudge against him," said Louise.

"It was fate that Dr. Moran got him out of there, but he'll also be under your orders, Commander Ogasawara."

"It won't be easy, though," said Hozaburo.

"And why is that, Commander?" asked Louise.

"Yukiatsu is going to need all the support that he has, especially from Dr. Moran."

Hozaburo was right about that as he knew that I wasn't able to leave the hospital yet. Once again, I was incapacitated as it was the worst of problems to Hozaburo's plate already. Now, that didn't stop or stall any plans to bring me back into the service of the Ayashi as hope was already turning for the better. It would take days before I am up to full capacity, but according to Commander Ogasawara, I was still a part of the group that hunted down any form of youi that lurked all over London.


Night had set in as I was still in my hospital bed with an oxygen mask over my mouth. I suddenly found myself awake as I saw a group of strange women standing in front of my bed. Who were they and why were they interested in me all of a sudden? Were they summoned by Dr. Moran's inquiry or were they from the Other World? All of the women were dressed in black as they all had black hair and dark blue eyes. My heart jumped as I saw them circle all around me in my hospital bed. I was scared to death as I had my hand on the call button. The women refused to leave as they had something to tell me, but what did they want to talk about?

"Yukiatsu Ryudo," said the woman in the center. "You are neither human nor youi, but an immortal super being. In time, you'll find the Aztec woman you saw long ago. She is also destined to be your wife."

"What are you talking about?" I said as I removed the oxygen mask. "Are you talking about Atl?"

"Atl is near, super being."

"Wait! I'm not the super being! This can't be happening to me!" I was shaking with fear. "And what purpose will you give me when I become an Ayashi once again? What will become of Atl when I find her in this city?"

"Atl is your betrothed and she will find you..., but not yet!"

I saw the group of strange women vanish as I later woke up in the early hours of the morning. I only heard the sound of the monitor beeping as I also heard the sound of rain pouring from outside. I was fully alert and awake as I got up from my hospital bed and removed the electrodes from the monitor and the needle from my arm. Wrapping the blanket around me, I walked out of my room as I was wandering down the hall. Everyone was shocked to see me up and about as I stopped into one of the waiting rooms. The place had a television as it also had a restroom and a few vending machines. I sat down on the couch as I was staring directly at the television in which only the news had been on for the past few hours. Still weak from shock, I was starting to feel a migraine pounding my entire head as I later saw a familiar face along with his Chevalier walk into the waiting room and sat down in the two chairs next to the vending machines.

"You know, you shouldn't be walking around in your condition," he said sternly.

"Hozaburo..., long time no see," I said.

"You need to stay here for one more day, that's all."

"No, I want to go home. I don't want to be confined here anymore."

"It's for your own good, Mr. Yukiatsu," said Louise cautiously. "Commander Ogasawara has even looked at your medical tests. Surely, there's no way that you can leave right away."

"I gotta go back to the halfway house." My head continued to throb as I closed my eyes. "I can't stay here forever, you know."

"Yukiatsu!" Hozaburo's tone became more angrier than normal. "You need to stay here whether you like it or not. Right now, you're in no condition to be checking out of here because just recently, you went into shock a few hours ago. You nearly died, so the hospital staff are keeping an eye on you constantly. Now, if you don't mind, I suggest that you go back to your hospital room to rest."

Without hesitation, I got up as I left the waiting room and back towards my hospital room. I returned to my bed as I later saw a nurse run into my room and helped me with a fresh i.v. into my arm. Once again, I had the electrodes to the monitor put back on me as I heard it beeping when I saw the nurse leave my room. I looked out the window as I saw the rain pouring down from outside. Somehow, my eyes were closing as I was going back to sleep. Even with my migraine pain subsiding, I was returning to a state of slumber as I was starting to feel ill at ease. I hated the fact that I had to stay for one more day here in this hospital, but I had no choice because I wasn't ready to leave just yet.


Morning came around as I woke up with the same migraine in my head. I wasn't feeling too well as I was still running a high fever earlier. I still looked out the window as I saw the rain come down all over the street. I had a sense of longing as I wanted to leave here right away, but due to Hozaburo's stern orders, I couldn't do that. My body still had a fluctuating body temperature as I remained incapacitated in this hospital bed. I was watched constantly as I was reminded that I was in no condition to roam around freely right now. It was as if my spirit was slowly leaking away as I looked at the window with drops of rain on it. Just as I was about to go back to sleep, I heard the door open as I saw Genbatsu walk in. He was still the flamboyant crossdresser that I knew from long ago as he was dressed in a purple dress and black leather coat. He was even wearing a long pink wig as he sat down in a chair next to my bed.

"It's been a while," I said as I had my hand on my forehead.

"At seems that you're not in fine fettle right now," said Genbatsu.

"Yeah, I know. I even had a nasty scolding from Hozaburo. He told me that I still needed to rest before I checked out."

"You do know that you've been covered for your medical expenses here, so you wouldn't have to worry at this moment. More than likely, you're gonna have to find a better home than that halfway house that you were staying at. By the way, there's a flat for rent across the street from the library that's compatible for you. It has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a working kitchen, and even an area where you can play."

"How much does it cost to live there?"

"The cost of living there is about 350 pounds a month, plus utilities. You should go there after you check out of this hospital."

"I'll try that." My stomach growled as I was starting to get hungry. "I sure want some breakfast right now."

"There's a donut shot that has got the most divine confections that ever came on this planet."

It wasn't long until I saw Genbatsu fish out a box of donuts from a bag as he opened it up. There were plenty of apple fritters and jelly-filled donuts in there as they were the first real breakfast that I had in so long. It surely beat the constant meal of oatmeal and orange juice any day as I was handed an apple fritter. I was happy that I tasted the donut as I was eating it without any problem at all. Although I was still confined here, I decided to remain here until I got the stability in my temperature managed to the point that I would be feeling better soon. In a strange way, I was happy that I reunited with the rest of the Ayashi as I was ready to be on my feet once again. It also seemed that I was starting to be on the mend, but I had to stay here for one more day in this hospital until I was ready to leave. It may be a pain in the ass, but I had to deal with it, regardless.

To Be Contunued...