Hi! This is my first Hellsing fanfic and I hope you like it. This is going have a T rating but it will eventually turn to M. Pairing is Alucard and Seras ^^.

The night was gloomy as it was usually, but tonight was different. The moon shined brightly in the sky with a blood red color. The night symbolized what had laid on the earth's soil. Bodies that were mutilated were spread out on the earth's ground, covering the green grass with color of red. Over one thousand men laid dead just before a giant black castle. The castle was covered in demons statues, symbolizing that this castle was not normal.

From the highest part of the castle stood a young woman, looking down at ground below her. She had witnessed the men's death, smirking at their stupidity. They had tried to invade the castle that she had laid dormant for over 30 years. She then witnessed her defenders go out from the castle and go to the corpses to drink their freshly spilled blood. She then let her face sneer at the barbaric way her men drink their meals. They are lower than animals, but they defend the castle well and that's all that matters to her.

"Milady" A voice called out from behind her. She turned to see a young teenager stand on the castle roof with the moon shining behind her. Her black hair was tied in a braid that was wrapped around in a bun. Her red dress moved slightly as she walked closer to her mistress and bowing slightly. She stood back up with a look of concern on her face.

"Ashlee. What ails you dear?" The woman spoke with kindness in her voice. She let her spiky blonde hair move across her eyes as she looked down at the younger girl. The girl that held the body of a thirteen year old girl looked down at the ground, sadden by the atmosphere.

"I'm concerned milady. This war is becoming more dangerous and I'm getting worried. The king has not returned since his departure. He would have returned by now had he completed his mission. It's only a matter of time before the next attack by the weak humans. I'm concerned for you and the young princess. The dear princess should not be able to see such violence at a young age, despite who her parents are" She says in a quiet voice while gazing at the crib that held the infant princess. She turned her attention back to the queen when she heard a small laugh.

"I have no worries for the pesky humans. If they had done their study, it would have been quite smarter to attack during the day rather than at night. The night is made for our kind so we have a huge advantage. However, you do hold a point. I don't my daughter witnessing something so gruesome at an infant stage. "The queen mumbles as she goes over to her crib and picks up her daughter.

The princess looks up at her mother with curious red eyes. She smiled happily as she touched her mother's cheek with her small pale hand. The queen put her hand in the child's black hair before letting blood escape from her eyes. Ashlee looked at her majesty with sympathy.

"What will you do to keep the princess safe ma'am?" Ashlee asked in a quiet voice.

"I know this will sound crazy but I'm going to send her into the past" The queen stated as the blood went onto the child's face. The princess blinked curiously at her mother.

"The past? Are you sure that's going to be safe?" Ashlee inquired with a shocked and concerned voice.

"As long as she is with my past self, she will be alright. I was weak back then but I could put up a fight. She will be safe. I'm sure of it." The queen reassured as she remembered how she used to be. She remembers her gold uniform with the stockings and combat boots. Her old eye color disgusted her when she thought of them. Her eyes were once as blue as the day sky.

"I will not question your choice ma'am. I shall get the spell ready" Ashlee bowed before leaving the room. The queen looked back down at her child. The tears became more fierce as she was about to give up her most precious treasure.

"Listen to me my dearest daughter. You are going to be away from your mommy for awhile. Please don't hate me for this selfish choice but I only want your safety" The queen states while hiding her eyes behind her bangs. The child then began to cry as Ashlee took her from her mother. The queen turned to the retreating child before going on her knees, sobbing into her hands.

Ashlee took from the highest part of the castle and began descending to the lower part. She passed the countless paintings that lay dormant inside the castle. The crying didn't cease the whole way to the basement. Ashlee's red dress was getting blood droplets on it as she ran. She couldn't stop the young princess from crying. The pain was getting to her but it was not her choice to do this to the child. It was the queen's and only the queen's.

She arrived in the basement in only a matter of minutes. She opened the door, and was greeted by a blue portal that she had created only moments ago. She stepped inside the portal, feeling a whoosh feeling go all around her. She closed her eyes, clutching the crying child as tightly as she could. The feelings were probably too much for the young princess.

The feeling stopped after a good 5 minutes. She reopened her eyes to see she was in London, so it said on the sign she was looking at. She then gazed at the sky to examine it was night. The moon shining brightly above them. She looked down at the princess, noticing that she was asleep. Probably from exhaustion from the portal they had went into. She then looked straight in front of her and started her journey to find the location of safe place for the dear princess.

She walked a good ten miles before coming to the gate of huge mansion. The gates say "Hellsing" on the top of them. She then gulped before jumping over the fence so the guards won't take notice to her. She landed on the ground gracefully before looking back to see she was in undetected. She smiled triumphly at herself on the accomplishment. She stood up and saw there was a good hundred meters distance between mansion and gate.

She started to walk slowly in the dark, taking her time before saying good- b ye her princess. She recalled all the memories she had with the dear princess with each step towards the mansion. The memories brought tears to her eyes. It was too soon to say good-bye for her but she had no choice. She had to return to the queen. The queen needed her to help defend the castle. She then smiled as she arrived on the doorstep. She placed the blanket over the princess before CAREFULLY putting her on the ground, not wanting her to wake up. She knocked on the door before disappearing in the air, not before leaving a note she had wrote while preparing the portal.

Walter had heard the knock and made his way to the giant wooden door. He opened slightly, opening his mouth to say something but quickly shut it when he saw no one there. He looked left and right for someone and gazed down to see the young infant. He noticed that she had blood by her eyes as well on her forehead near her black hair. She was wrapped in a pink blanket that must have kept her warm.

He bent over to pick up the child. "Oh. You poor thing. I'll see to it that you have a good home." He said in a gentle voice as he carried the infant into the mansion, closing the door behind him. He noticed that the infant looks somewhat familiar of someone he knows, but he couldn't put his finger on it. Shrugging it off, he began to walk through the manor to go to his master's office. As he passed the halls, a few of the solders looked at him oddly when they noticed that he was carrying a sleeping baby. He ignored it as he continued his way to the office.

Once arriving outside the door, he carefully knocked on it while balancing the child. When he heard a faint 'Come in', he opened the door and walked in with the child in arms.

"So this is the cause of the panic of the estate? A baby?" Sir Integra Hellsing stated coldly while gazing at the blanketed bundle in the butler's arms.

"Sir Integra. This baby was the doorstep, abandoned, so I brought the child in hoping we could find her a good home." Walter said in a gentle voice. Before Integra could respond, there was giant knock on the door. She allowed entrance to her office. The door opened to reveal Alucard and Seras.

"So what the hell was the alarm set off for?" Alucard growled annoyingly. He was disrupted from his private time. Seras just looked at her master before sweat dropping.

"Walter found something interesting outside. Walter" Integra pointed to Walter to show them. Walter turned to show the child in his arms. Alucard just sneered at it with disgust while Seras looked with awe. She went closer to examine the child while giggling.

"She's so cute!" She squealed with excitement, but her smile wiped her face when she noticed the blood on the child's face. She then had a pained look on her face. Alucard came forward to examine the child and noticed the same thing.

"This child is a vampire. She's been crying blood." Alucard stated with amusement in her face.

"What?" Integra stood up from her seat before sitting back down with a sigh. "Seeing that the child is a vampire. It will stay here and train to be a proper vampire."

"She already is" Alucard cut in with his signature grin.

"What are you talking about master?" Seras asked as she gazed back at her master.

"This child was reproduced from two vampires. A true vampire that depends on the parent's identity that will determine the powers inherited." Alucard said with a laugh. Integra let out an exhausted sigh.

During all the commotion, the infant stirred in the blanket and opened her red eyes. She looked at all the people in the room to see where she was.

"This child is smart. Instead of crying after seeing strangers, she examined her surroundings." Alucard mused as he gazed back the child. The child looked at Seras and her mother's face came inside her mind, blood going down from her eyes with her bangs covering them. She took her arms and held them in Seras' direction.

"It seems she wants Seras" Walter chuckled before going over to Seras, and handing her the child. She wrapped her arms against the child. The infant smiled happily at Sera's face. She then fell back to sleep with a coo.

"She likes me" Seras whispered, turning to Integra.

"You must remind her of her mother. Because of this, I'll allow the child to stay here. Alucard will help you raising her." Integra mused happily before smirking at Alucard's disgusted face. Seras smiled happily before looking back at her new daughter.

"Hmm . . . what should I name her?" She wondered as she examined the child closely. "For some reason, she reminds me of master so I'll name her after him." She giggled at herself.

"What will the name be, Police Girl?" Her master asked in a disappointed voice. Seras then pondered for a moment before a flash came in her mind. It seemed like a vision. It was her standing over a crib and looking down into it.

"My dearest daughter. You will be a beautiful creature much like your father. My darling Alexis" She heard her clone say. She then blinked to see reality.


"What did you say Ms. Victoria?" Walter asked.

"Alexis. Her name will be Alexis" She smiled at the sleeping child. 'What was that I just saw? Was it a vision or my mind playing tricks?' She thought to herself. She retreated from the room with Alexis in her arms.

Unknown to her, Alucard saw the whole vision as well. He knew there was something more to the child than presented. He didn't know what it was but he was going to find out.