HI GUYS! In order to start off the new year, I decided to show a small preview for chapter 1 of the sequal. This takes place after the manga events, except Alucard did not disappear for thirty years and Seras didn't lost her arm before she became a full-fledged vampire. Other than those two things, all other manga events are the same. Enough of my rant, ON TO THE PRIVIEW!

"Alexis . . ." Seras' sadden voice echoed throughout her bedroom. The stone walls bounced off the sound waves of her voice so she could hear her echoing sadness. It's been over thirty years since peace had came to Romania in the future and her daughter stayed home with her real parents. Her future self. The future queen of Romania didn't only seem more powerful, but more . . . strict.

In her hands, she held a small blue instrument. However looking at the instrument only made her think about the past. She recalled sitting with the queen by the huge tree in the castle courtyard under the full moon. The queen seemed to be sorrowful about something, but what was it? She let out a small sigh.

"My road to becoming queen was not an easy path. Once you understand him, then the true path will open for you." Those words drifted in her mind for the last thirty years. It would always piss her off when she couldn't figure out what the queen met.

"What the hell did you mean?!"

"Seras, are you going insane? Talking to yourself is the first sign of insanity." She brought her attention to the source of the voice. She gazed her red hues up to see her master leaning on the doorframe. His arms were crossed over his chest as his red jacket was wrinkled lightly. His red hues held mockery in them as he stared at her. The grin on his face was more evidence towards his mockery.

She shook her head slightly. "No I'm fine Master."

"How many times have I told you to call me Alucard?" His tone, from what she could tell, was disappointed.

"It's all I know you as, Master. Just because I'm no longer your fledging doesn't mean that I can't still respect you."

"So you don't wish to be my equal?" That one question made her widen her eyes. He didn't see her as her equal? She drank his blood for that reason! She looked away from his face. She needed to look at something besides his face. He sneered at her actions before turning his back against her. "Now is not the time for an argument. We need to get ready for our departure."

" What do you mean 'Departure'?" She asked, looking back up at his back.

"We are going to Romania. Integra is finally dead so I have my name back."

"Don't remind me." Seras sourly stated as her facial expression turned into a sad one. She recalled the memory of Integra on her deathbed. The Hellsing Heiress actually looked peaceful for the first time after saying goodbye to Alexis. After the small vampire stayed home, Integra was always in a bad mood and she never smiled. Integra asked Seras if she would stay and lead the Hellsing Organization. Seras refused the request since she had decided to follow her master back.

"Take good care of him then." Those words would be her last as she uttered them from her breath. Though the atmosphere around her was sorrow, she still held a smiling on her dying face. Seras closed her eyes as the memory faded from her mind and she was set back into realty.

"Yes Master." Her voice was clear as she looked back up into his red gaze. He smiled sweetly at her before pulling her into a hug. She let out a small squeak as her body came in contact with his. She felt his warmth hug her body tightly. Her reply was to hug him back, resting her head on his chest. It's been over thirty years that Alucard had shown her this kind of affection. When they returned from the future, he told her that they're relationship would wait until she became a full-fledged vampire. Even when she accomplished her goal, he still was distant from her. It made her question that if it was only lust he held when Alexis was around. The thought made blood go from her eyes. Was their future ruined?

The plane ride to Romania was tense. Here she was, sitting on the window side of the row, gazing out at the beautiful scene of nature the plane was passing in the moonlight. The ocarina in her hands was shining brightly from the light above her. Alucard was on her left, staring off into space. She gazed her red eyes at his face, watching look uninterested about anything. Perhaps, she could ask a few questions to make the trip more bearable for him.

"Master" He looked over at her. "Can I ask you something?"

"What?" His tone had a growl in it, letting Seras know that he wasn't in a good mood.

"I was wondering if you can turn someone into a vampire if they drank your blood, instead of the other way around." She saw him his arch his eyebrow slightly. He looked away from her for a moment, thinking on how to reply to it.

"It's possible. They must at least drink a pint of your blood. If you give the human a few drops of your blood then it will take longer for the vampiric effects to kick in."

"Can it work for someone who is not a virgin?"

"Hmm . . ." He pressed his hand to his mouth, deep into thought. "I believe it could. As long you don't actually consume blood from said human, and then there is a possibility for them to turn into a vampire."

Before Seras could ask another question, there was a loud beep in the over speaker about her. "Attention passengers. We are about twenty minutes from landing in Bungalow Balea Transfagarasan." With a loud click, the other passengers on the plane began to mutter and even a few stood up to gather their luggage from the top cabinet. Seras let out a sigh before gazing back out the window, waiting for their landing.

Twenty minutes passed quicker than she had imagined, and already she was outside with her master. She felt the cool night air tickle her skin as she looked at the scene behind the airport. Mountains surrounded the area, defending the small area from any known danger. She was so far deep into nature's trance that she didn't notice a young woman come up to her master.

The young woman curtsied to Alucard before looking up at his red hues with her own. Her red hair blew softly when the wind came in contact with her. Alucard looked at her as he gave a curt nod to her. "Cum este ţara mea de origine, Marie?"How is my home country, Marie? He spoke in his native language after so many years. The woman name Marie smiled proudly.

"Ea este bine, regele meu. Cu toate acestea... Ea va reveni la măreţia după ce reveniţi la tronul tau."She is fine, my King. However ... She will return to greatness after you return to the throne.Her reply was sincere to Alucard. He let out a small chuckle before turning his head to Seras, who was still gazing at nature.

"Seras" Seras turned her head before running over to her master. "I want you to meet Marie. She is a servant of mine who has been with me for many years. She is the only one to survive as my other servants were killed by Van Hellsing."

Marie curtsied to Seras. "Bine ati venit la România. Cum te simţi astăzi?" Welcome to Romania. How do you feel today?

Seras nodded her head at the girl. "Sunt bine. Vă mulţumesc. Numele meu este Seras" I'm feel fine. Thank you. My name is Seras.She spoke easily in Romanian, shocking Alucard and Marie. Their eyes were wide as proof as the shock.

"Where in god's name did you learn to speak Romanian, Seras?" Alucard asked, confusion present in his tone. Seras looked at him with surprised look.

"I think it came to me when we left the future thirty years ago. My future self-poked me on the head and she said it would come in handy. I didn't realize this is what she's talking about." She pressed her fingers to her forehead as she recalled the memory. She looked at Marie's face to see she was looking at her with a confused look. Maire must not know English. She took her wrist before biting into it. She felt her blood flow out of the wrist and she held it out to Marie.

"Bea sângele meu. Veţi putea să înveţe limba engleză." Drink my blood. You will be able to learn English. She told Marie as she held it closer to Marie's mouth.

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