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Memories Of A Clone

Part II

WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" Sasuke screamed as he flew into Naruto's apartment through the open window. His swirling red eyes instantly landed on the nervous, half-naked ninja as he shot off of his conspicuously rumpled bed and began to cautiously back towards the door, his hands raised high in surrender.

"Don't kill me!" were the first words to burst from his teammate. Sasuke prowled towards him, his whole body prickling with… something, and it was all Naruto's fault!

"Give me one good reason…" Sasuke growled, dangerously soft. Naruto's back hit the closed door, his only escape and he gulped audibly, his blue eyes wide and verging on desperate.

"You liked it!"

The accusation stopped Sasuke in his tracks and his face grew uncomfortably hot. His head suddenly felt like it was full of steam as if he was about to release a Fireball Jutsu. Which he was very tempted to do. He couldn't look Naruto in the eyes.

"You! – You fucking TIED ME UP! And – and you did things to me, you BASTARD!" Sasuke fluttered around the room, not having the first clue what to do with himself. He really wanted to hurt Naruto, but he also, incredibly,didn't. Naruto was right, he had liked it or at least his clone had, and in all actually, the clone hadn't put up much of a fight to begin with.

"Sasuke?" Naruto's hesitant voice startled him from his rapid descent into a nervous breakdown, and Sasuke looked up to find Naruto at his side, too close really, for him not to have noticed, watching him with concern and the slightest glimmer of amusement. Sasuke scowled, going from hot to cold within the space of his next breath but before he could open his mouth to deliver his rebuttal, Naruto beat him to the punch. "I told you that this was something I couldn't do without you, 'ttebayo."

Sasuke ignored his burning cheeks as best he could. "Why me? You could have done… that to – with ANYBODY!" he snapped with difficulty. It was true! Naruto could have anybody! Everybody loved Naruto and he had an even bigger following of fangirls than Sasuke had before he'd left the Leaf in the first place! And don't even get him started on the enmity that was Sai. He clenched his fists at his sides to stop himself from either, punching Naruto in the balls or covering his face like a delicate virgin, which he was NOT anymore.


"Not anybody." Naruto said with absolute certainty and Sasuke gaped at him, feeling rather faint. He never had gotten a grip on dealing with his emotions well. "I wanted it to be with you, Sasuke. And I wanted it to be a surprise!" he grinned.

"A surprise?!" he repeated incredulously. He couldn't understand just what the deranged, weirdly romantic idiot had been thinking! It was beyond irrational! It was perverse, damn it! "It certainly was that! In fact, it was a surprise for everybody! Kakashi, Sakura, and Inuzuka sniffed me, that insufferable Mutt! Even Aburame was there, and I bet Hinata-sama's timid-little-self's been traumatized beyond consequence!"

"Shit." Naruto looked on the verge of laughing and failing to mask it. "You were still in the Ramen Bar? I was sure you would've ditched them real quick!"

"Yes, I was still there! And I would have left sooner but I was waiting for you like an idiot!"

"Sorry, 'ttebayo!" Naruto grimaced apologetically and, finally, seeming to mean it, however Sasuke never had been very forgiving. "I tried to drag it out but you were really into it and I –"

"GUH!" Sasuke shoved his palms over his ears, like a child, trying not to visualize the memories the blond's words provoked and, even worse, the echoing throb of his traitorous body's responses. "I do not need to be reminded! I remember vividly, you pervert!" Naruto shrugged and grinned, pissing Sasuke off enough for him to push aside his embarrassment.

He dropped his arms and immediately got in Naruto's, abruptly alarmed, face. "If you want me that way then why didn't you just tell me, like a normal person would have?! We could have sorted something out! And I sure as hell could have avoided seemingly having a random orgasm, right in the middle of a FUCKING RAMEN BAR!""

Naruto raised his palms in surrender again, wisely shrinking away from Sasuke's growing fury. "Okay! Okay! I get it! Bad idea! I just thought it would be cool! I was wrong, 'ttebayo!"

"Wrong?! I've been humiliated!" Sasuke growled and began pacing the small apartment, his nerves still buzzing from his earlier orgasm, (and he still couldn't believe THAT had actually happened!), and his agitation was NOT helping his mood. "Everyone knows! Kakashi will tell everyone! And Inuzuka sure as fuck won't stay quiet about it! Sakura will probably go crying to Ino -" Sasuke listed with a lengthy groan.

He solely wished he had thought to stop at his apartment before confronting the molesting fiend and pick up his katana, as he very much wanted to slice and dice something right about now. If he didn't think it was a total waste of chakra and far too risky with the Elders constantly breathing down his neck, he would have already activated his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan and challenged Naruto to a fight for his virtue –

Actually, that sounded like a pretty good idea –


Naruto's strong proclamation threw Sasuke's growing bloodlust off kilter for a long, drawn out moment before he recalled just what that one syllable meant. "What?!" he fumed.

"Good." Naruto repeated un-repentantly, staring him down, even.

Sasuke gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly at his side, his internal mantra rapidly circling around, buzzing inside his head.

Don't attack him; the Elders will use it against you. – But the Kyuubi will keep him alive; I'll just hurt him a little. – No. I really shouldn't, it wouldn't look good for me with my history. – Fuck what it looks like! If I kill the Dobe then I won't have a reason to stick around, anyway! Why not get my revenge on the Elders while I'm at it? Yeah, that sounds good… KILL HIM! -

"I'm glad everyone will know what I did to you." Sasuke gaped at the legendary knucklehead ninja, absolutely speechless in his forcibly restrained, passive-aggressive rage. "I want everyone to know that you're mine. And thatI'm yours, 'ttebayo."

"I'M NOT YOURS TO OWN! And neither are you mine! It's not anyone's business that we – that you – we –", Sasuke ran out of steam as he ran out of words for the wanton images in his head.

"We had sex." Naruto supplied helpfully. Sasuke vehemently denied, (self-denial is a wondrous thing), that he blushed crimson from head to toe at those ominous three words. Naruto smirked at him and gleefully added, "Gay sex, actually. Or anal if you wanna get technical as well as–"

"I DON'T want to get technical! Shit, Naruto!" Sasuke buried his burning face in his hands like the virgin that he would never be again. Although, technically HE was still a virgin, wasn't he? It hadn't really been him that Naruto had been… doing.


When strong arms tried to embrace him, Sasuke put up a real pathetic resistance. He was too busy trying to avoid looking anybody in the face ever again to put up a decent struggle. Although, he admitted only to himself that if it had been anybody other than Naruto attempting to touch him so familiarly, he would have managed to, at the very least, throw them through the still open window with very little effort. But, as it was, Naruto succeeded in surrounding Sasuke and held him loosely within the circle of his arms without taking a sudden detour, head-first, toward the pavement outside.

"You're cute when you blush." Naruto whispered into the dark hair along the side of Sasuke's burning throat. He tried not to shiver with the physical stimulation, as well as the memories that one action invoked. Of course, feeling Naruto's bare chest against his clothed one wasn't helping either.

Sasuke growled, not trusting himself enough to form a coherent insult at the moment. He felt Naruto's grin against the tingling skin of his neck, entirely too smug for his liking. But what could he do, well, short of killing the idiot? He felt too embarrassed to look the powerful Shinobi in the eyes, so insulting him would be a very weak battle strategy right now. He needed to overcome his inner battle before he could be of sound mind enough to properly ridicule, (and possibly beat the shit out of), the cheerfully, oblivious moron for his… eh, blunder.

A warm, callused hand cupped his chin, startling him with the electricity that sparked from the innocent touch, urging him to lift his face from its hiding place behind the dark curtain of his bangs. Sasuke allowed the motion, humoring the sentimental idiot but kept his eyes stubbornly closed. He could still feel his blood rushing hotly just underneath his skin, no doubt causing his pale complexion to become an undignified pink.

Fuck, I hate pink.

However, all the stubbornness in the world could not have stopped his eyes from flying wide-open when he felt soft and moist skin, gliding against his lips, feather light. Naruto's blue eyes flooded his whole world as they stared into him, the too bright blue, sparkling with a conflicting blend of mischief and good-intentions –

Naruto's kissing me.

His memories were quick to inform him that this was not so alarming, Naruto had kissed him before; had done more than kiss, even. However, his body – though his mind remembered – his body knew it was the first time that those lips had touched him, with intent. Naruto's tongue was prodding around the crease of his frozen mouth, and Sasuke, amazingly, remembered how to take a breath with the admittance of Naruto's questing muscle.

Sasuke felt weak, likely from the lack of air. And he didn't much like it..., much. He didn't remember feeling this way the first time and he didn't very well appreciate feeling it now. The clone had felt shock and excitement; everything had happened so fast. This kiss was nothing like those Naruto and his clone had shared. Or any accidental kiss he and Naruto had endured before that. This kiss was agonizingly gentle, Naruto's tongue coaxing his into a slow battle. His body felt weightless; that is, his limbs and chest felt weightless, his head was insistently buzzing and he had never been more aware of the heavy throbbing between his suddenly itching thighs.

What is this feeling?!

Sasuke gripped onto Naruto's unyielding arms to steady himself, suddenly terrified that he would float away.

BREATHE! His mind screamed at him and he instinctively wrenched himself away from the pleasantly hot cavern of Naruto's overly eager mouth. Cool air filled his burning lungs like cold water dousing a campfire.

Well, if his face hadn't quite been red before, it undoubtedly was now.

Naruto's gasping laughter distracted Sasuke from the soothing of his lungs, and he looked back at the short-ass ninja, although, regrettably not so much now, eyes sharp. Naruto had grown almost level with Sasuke, but Sasuke took righteous pleasure in pointing out the remaining centimeter advantage he still had between them because he knew that it really fucked off Naruto.

Naruto's face was just as red as Sasuke's own; his lips were swollen as well, and he was grinning like the fool he was, even while he struggled to fill his own neglected lungs. Sasuke scowled at him, frustrated with himself for letting the dobe control their kiss. He should have known that the Great Uzumaki Naruto wouldn't have prioritized air over stimulation.

He shoved the shirtless Shinobi cruelly away from him, catching Naruto with his guard down. The stunned klutz stumbled backwards with a curse and landed flat on his back onto his rumpled bed. Sasuke blinked down at him, surprised and disappointed with the soft landing.

His aim was off…, it had to be a by-product of his near asphyxia.

His scowl returned full force. Stupid dobe.

Naruto returned his scowl from the bed, leaning up on his elbows with his blue eyes sparking. "What the heck wasthat for, teme?!"

"You could have suffocated us, Usuratonkachi! Are you trying to kill us both?!"

Naruto grinned. "I knew that you'd give in before me, 'ttebayo."

Sasuke gaped at him. Of all the ridiculous! – He glared down at the ninja menace. But then, his dark eyes lit with inspiration and he slowly nodded to himself. "Right then." he said sternly. Naruto's grin dropped with the reformed missing-nin's sudden proclamation and he eyed the other man warily. "If that's the way you insist we do this -"

Naruto's eyes went comically wide when Sasuke climbed onto the bed and straddled him. "Wha-?"

The rest of his uncertainty was swallowed by Sasuke's mouth over his, not that he minded. Naruto was quick to recover from his stock, as usual, grasping at Sasuke's clothes with the clear intention of ripping them off. Sasuke made a valiant attempt at controlling the kiss, however Naruto was nothing if not unpredictable and before Sasuke really got a rhythm going, Naruto had somehow managed to roll both their bodies so that they were lying side by side on the already sex-fragrant sheets.

Sasuke was forced to break the kiss a second time and gasp for breath. He wrinkled his nose at the blond fiend he was indulgently sharing air with, when his sense of smell was assaulted by the memory of what had already happened in this very room, not one hour before.

"Pervert." he hissed, if only to remind the bastard that he still disapproved of his blunder, even if he was inadvertently rewarding the idiot by leaping headfirst into the very place Naruto wanted him.

Of course, it's not that his idiotic plan actually worked. I just happen to feel the same way, and would have done something about it myself if I had known that the Usuratonkachi felt that way about me. So, it's not as if I'm giving into him. I've wanted this for a long time. I'm just doing what I want… it has nothing to do with his "seduction technique", if it can even be called that…

Naruto grinned and winked at him. Sasuke pursed his lips with acute annoyance. Winked! "Good thing too; a Perverted Boyfriend is the best kind, 'ttebayo!"

Sasuke felt heat pool in his groin as the word "Boyfriend" breezed pass Naruto's lips. He shifted uncomfortably as he incredulously wondered; is it normal to think "Boyfriend" a sexy word? Hearing it had sent hot shivers up and down his spine. He could feel his blood heat rapidly throughout his entire body. Well, if ever, I was in denial of my sexuality that would wrap up all doubt in a neat sealing scroll to be delivered safely to the dusty cavern of my fraught libido.

"Who told you that?!" Sasuke snapped, embarrassed by his inner-monologue. He was thinking far too much about this. Clearly. "It was your old Master that perverted Sannin, Jiraiya-sama wasn't it?" Not that he really needing to ask. He rolled his dark eyes in exasperation.

"Yep!" Naruto practically yelled, which was nothing new, before diving in to capture Sasuke's frowning lips in another passionate dance, which was definitely new.

Sasuke gave a startled sound that never made it pass the back of his throat, what with Naruto's tongue monopolizing the whole of his mouth. He was determined to take control, however.

He could feel the heat of Naruto's skin where their legs entwined, even through two layers of clothing. The solid heat of Naruto's naked chest was very distracting, although not as much as the hot and heavy hands that were sneaking under his shirt, and over his trembling abdominal muscles and jutting hipbones.

It was obvious to him that if he wanted any chance of directing the proceedings he had to move fast, while he still had the brain capacity to do it.

Pressing his body impossibly close to that scolding heat, Sasuke gripped and pushed at Naruto's shoulder whilst shoving his tongue deep into the Usuratonkachi's mouth, which Naruto met eagerly in a ferocious battle. At the same time, rising up on his free arm to lean over the responsive blond, using every tactic he could employ to gain the advantage.

Just when Sasuke had relaxed in victory as Naruto's back met the mattress, the blond Shinobi literally bounced back, turning the tables on Sasuke and suddenly switching their positions with Sasuke landing flat on his back with a bright-eyed, and grinning moron hovering above him, much like a cloudless sky on a nauseatingly sunny day.

"Teme, I saw that, 'ttebayo!" He exclaimed, sounding surprised and ecstatic that Sasuke had attempted to overpower him by using duplicitous tactics. Sasuke huffed; annoyed that he'd relaxed too soon, and started to sit-up, but Naruto caged him in with his looming body, so his only options were to either stay lying down, or punch the delighted fool in his grinning face.

He was seriously considering the latter.

"Move." He commanded instead.

Naruto squinted at him in a pseudo of thinking, of course with Naruto it was always pseudo when it came to thinking, "Hmmn. No."

Sasuke's icy silence was his dignified response. It was all he needed to give, really. Naruto's expression softened and he smiled down at him, as if Sasuke had ever done anything to deserve that look. "Do you wanna top?" he asked quietly.

Sasuke's heart stuttered in his chest and he stared up at Naruto for a long moment, before he frowned. "You said that you wouldn't let me –"

"That was because it was part of the plan, 'ttebayo. I've read enough porn books, thanks to Pervy Sage, so I have an idea of what I wanted to do once I got you here, and I was pretty sure that you wouldn't know what to do with a guy. But that wasn't really you, and you know now! Besides, we're equals right?" he grinned hugely.

Sasuke continued to stare as his mind whirled with this revelation. They'd be on equal ground; both of them were men, there was no need for a woman…, the possibilities were endless. His mind boggled. Naruto's offer was very alluring and he was solely tempted to take it, however when he imagined himself over Naruto, he was assaulted by all that his clone had experienced in Naruto's place, and Sasuke found that he was jealous.

Oh God. He wanted to experience it for himself. He wasn't entirely sure how this kind of jealousy played out, but an encouraging voice at the back of his mind was becoming increasingly louder and clearer...

There would be time for you to take control later.

Sasuke shook his head slowly, distractedly running his curious gaze over tanned skin and the swollen biceps tensed to balance Naruto's weight above him. "No. You t-er – you do it. Again." He blushed and squirmed as Naruto gawped at him. "It wasn't me. Like you said." Sasuke grumbled defensively.

Naruto blinked and then beamed down at him. Fucking beamed. "OK! I wanted to do the real you, anyway, 'ttebayo!" Then Naruto was lying bodily on top of Sasuke, and they were kissing again.

Sasuke tried not to think too much about it, tried to just relax and feel. He trusted Naruto. He was the only one he trusted. He knew Naruto would take good care of him if he let him.

His shirt was unzipped and Naruto's hand was cupping his groin over his black pants before Sasuke had even gotten a good grip in that ridiculously, sunny-blond hair that had mocked his own dark coloring all through their childhood rivalry. And still did. Sasuke gasped around Naruto's tongue while the legendary ninja roughly stroked him to full hardness. He stubbornly refused his body's urging to push into that rough palm. He still had some pride.

So far.

"Hnnmph." Sasuke complained when Naruto removed his hand, and Sasuke felt a smirk curve the imbecile's lips. He bit down on the bottom one in retaliation and Naruto broke away with a squeak.

Naruto held Sasuke's glare as he slowly slid his fingers into the dark Shinobi's waistband and, just as slowly, began to slide the black material down his notoriously deadly legs. Sasuke made no move to stop him, even as he was forced to raise his feet above Naruto's head. Cool air against his flushed skin informed Sasuke that Naruto hadn't wasted any time; like always, he'd gone straight for the gold and grabbed Sasuke's underwear along with his pants. Once removed, Sasuke let his legs fall either side of Naruto's knees, having no idea of the effect this would have on his rival.

Sasuke wondered, rather worriedly, what he must look like. With his shirt unzipped and pushed back on his shoulders, skin flushed and completely naked from the waist down, hard and… with his legs spread.

Blushing furiously, Sasuke attempted to pull his knees back up and together while avoiding Naruto's heated stare. But, of course, rough, tanned hands stopped him with a firm squeeze to both of his upper thighs.

"Who'd a thought that Uchiha Sasuke would be so shy, 'ttebayo?" Naruto whispered with a breathy chuckle. Sasuke shivered with what could only be described as extreme sexual anticipation while trying to maintain his scowl.

"I'm not shy."

Naruto just grinned. "Sure. That's why yo trying to hide!" Sasuke opened his mouth to deliver a biting riposte but all that came out was a loud moan as Naruto took his naked cock into his hand and gently pulled.


Naruto smirked as he stroked Sasuke, watching his face intently. Sasuke had to close his eyes to the erotic sight of the man pleasuring him, the boy ninja who had fought his way, tooth and nail into his heart and made himself very comfortable there, no matter how hard Sasuke had fought back and tried to push him out, he had remained throughout the years. Sasuke wasn't even sure when the number one knucklehead ninja had managed it, but he sure as fuck had.

Sasuke's eyes shot open for the second time that day when a cold and wet substance dribbled onto a very intimate area of his. He was alarmed, even though he knew what would happen, what he had asked to happen; what to expect. Somehow, actually experiencing it for himself was infinitely more… intense than remembering in the aftermath.

"Relax, Sasuke." Naruto murmured, pressing his thumb over the head of Sasuke's steadily leaking cock, which, unlike Sasuke, cared little about his anxieties. Sasuke shuddered and relaxed into the mattress, then tensed again in surprise when a blunt digit 'popped' into his unsuspecting area, smoothing the cool oil inside. "Relax." Naruto obviously felt the need to repeat.

"Easy for you to say." Sasuke growled, then took a deep breath and forced himself to relax again.

Naruto chuckled and sighed happily, "Yeah." He worked quickly and silently, stretching Sasuke's virgin hole and keeping Sasuke distracted with his busy hand on his cock. Sasuke watched Naruto's expression as his body thrummed and throbbed at very twist of the blond's fingers, his dark eyes glazing over the hard chest and coiled abs, and flat plains of tanned hips, and the tantalizing V of smooth, sloping skin that lead down and was half hidden beneath orange tracksuit bottoms..., and Naruto had obviously grown up this well with the intent to torture him.

If he was salivating a little could you blame him?

Sasuke scowled and tugged on the waistband of the offensive clothing. Naruto jumped slightly and glanced down at Sasuke's hand, his face a big clueless question mark.

"Take. It. Off." Sasuke pronounced clearly, so that there was no misunderstanding. Naruto's eyes widened marginally and then he leered. He obediently dropped Sasuke's pulsing organ to slap against Sasuke abdominal, causing the dark ninja to hiss unpleasantly, pulled his three fingers out of the scowling Shinobi's private area, and quickly wrenched the little clothing he had managed to scramble into before Sasuke's dramatic arrival, clean off him. Sasuke was grudgingly impressed with just how fast the blond could strip, although he would have preferred a show. Too bad, I didn't think to activate my Sharingan. Damn it.

Naruto laughed giddily and leaped back onto the bed, right between Sasuke still spread legs, causing the bed and the dark-haired ex-traitor to bounce with the blond. Sasuke rolled his eyes and sighed, wishing internally that the Dobe could take this a little more seriously. This was his First Real Time, for fucks sake.

Sasuke gasped as he felt Naruto press something that was definitely NOT his fingers against his stretched and lubricated asshole. He immediately shoved at Naruto's chest and caught Naruto's confused look.

"Warn me BEFORE you do that, moron. This isn't an infiltration mission." He snapped.

Naruto smirked and raised his eyebrows. "Well, actually –"

"NOT without my say so it's not, Usuratonkachi. And if you ever want to see my ass in your bed again, I suggest you warn me before you ever infiltrate my territory. Got it?"

Sasuke was pleased to see that self-assured smirk whipped right off of Naruto's now very worried face. "Yes sir." He uttered meekly. Sasuke rolled his eyes at the formal address.

"Whatever, just get on with it – AHH! FUCK! NARUTO!"

"What, 'ttebayo?!" the blond gasped out nervously, as Sasuke tried to blink the white spots from his vision and simultaneously remember how to keep breathing. "I thought that was permission!" Naruto loudly defended himself. His-suddenly-balls-deep-inside-Uchiha-self.

"THAT WAS NOT 'PERMISSION'! Holy-Mother-of-FUCK! That Fucking Hurt!" Cold sweat had broken out all over Sasuke's tense and straining body, and Sasuke's mind was still trying to grasp what the fuck just happened. Stupid Naruto; so fucking impatient.

"Could you not squeeze?" the hotheaded idiot gasped again. And Sasuke finally blinked his vision clear; Naruto's pained expression a much more welcome sight. "It hurts me when you do that, 'ttebayo."

"Good." Sasuke growled and deliberately clenched his ass, causing them both to hiss in pain. "Fuck. I'd think that you'd never done this before if I hadn't experienced it for myself that you have. I would even suspect that you'd put my clone under a powerful Genjutsu if I didn't know for an absolute fact that you are complete shit at it, and I would have been able to see right through it even if you had."

The blond glowered at the insult. "Yeah, well your clone was a lot easier – eh!" Naruto squeaked to a stop at the murderous look in Sasuke's spinning Sharingan-activated eyes. "I mean! Looser! NO! WAIT! I meant m-more, eh, a-at ease! THAT'S IT! He was waaaay more, erm, at ease, if you know what I mean, 'ttebayo!"

"No, Naruto." Sasuke said dryly. "I don't know what you mean."

"You're uptight?" Naruto supplied daringly. When the bloodthirsty glint returned to Sasuke's red eyes, Naruto panicked and took the first course of counter-action he could think of. Of course, he kissed the irate, dangerous,and fully capable of murdering him in cold blood, killer.

"HUNMPHNUPH!" Once again Sasuke's mouth was invaded by his (soon to be ex) best friend's tongue. His fingernails dug viciously into tanned muscled shoulders. However, Sasuke lost all intent of vengeance when the simpleton he was attempting to maul fucking moved.

Sasuke hadn't realized that their "lovers spat" had distracted him from the former, screaming pain that had emanated from his ass and lower back and was now a throbbing echo of a painful memory. When Naruto moved, Sasuke could feel every inch of his hot shaft pull slowly out and then push, forcefully, back inside of him. He gasped sharply and bit Naruto's lip more in confusion than anything, not sure whether the burning stroke to his tingling nerves was pleasant or not.

Naruto pulled back, to meet Sasuke's mystified eyes with a heated stare. Sasuke shivered; his body and Naruto's gleaming with sweat and both their breathing became more labored as he watched the man he loved, irrevocably, move over him. Felt him deep inside. A wondrous, quiet moment passed between them. One where they looked into each other's eyes and read one another perfectly whilst their bodies moved in accord.

It was starting to feel good, Sasuke realized in astonishment. Naruto was slowly increasing the speed of his (so far) shallow thrusts, and even slower Sasuke could feel him pulling out further to thrust in deeper. The whine that was crawling up Sasuke's throat was too undignified - even while in the state he was in - for an Uchiha to ever utter, so instead, he allowed little moans to escape him to somehow ease the heavy pressure building within his chest.

Surprisingly, Naruto was just as quiet; letting out muffled groans on every thrust back inside Sasuke's body. Heavy, tanned hands bruised tentatively wriggling hips, painting the pale skin in blues and purples, while long, pale fingers clung to clenching biceps with just as much vigor. With a startling twist of Naruto's pumping hips, Sasuke chocked on an unexpected scream as white-hot pleasure fizzled and popped every nerve ending throughout his entire body.

"There it is!" Naruto laughed breathlessly, smirking and deliberately hitting that same spot harder, so he could watch Sasuke try to keep his even more undignified screams compressed into low, drawn out moans of obvious delight.

"Ah! Not so hard! Ah! Dobe!" Sasuke complained between gasps, his face was bright red (as red as Naruto's) and his neglected cock was hard and dripping against his trembling abs. He could feel the pressure in his balls building, tightening, almost at its peak and he was struggling to starve his imminent orgasm off, too proud to give in before his long time rival and too stubborn to tell Naruto to take it more easy. He gripped tanned arms in a vice-hold that would bruise for week if not for the Kyuubi's overtly advanced healing, to stop from reaching down to touch himself and end his wicked torment right the fuck now.

"Oh. Oooh, Sasuke." Naruto whispered, and Sasuke almost didn't hear him. But he did see (and feel) the muscles tightening under glistening and tan skin. Naruto was almost there, and Sasuke could have laughed with relief, but then he felt himself abruptly slipping.

"Oh no!" he gasped mindlessly, and then, "Oh fuck! Ah, Naruto, I'm gon-nah –!" There was no force on earth, no Jutsu powerful enough, to stop the scream that shot out of Sasuke's lack mouth as he shot his load on Naruto's heaving chest. He shuddered and rippled under and around the blond Shinobi as he came and came and came.

Naruto felt as if his head was about to blow up; to either float away or explode he couldn't think straight enough to give two shits. He couldn't move. Sasuke had him trapped, painfully so and there wasn't shit he could do about it until Sasuke relaxed again. And as he waited on pinpricks, he held his breath and prayed to God that his cock didn't fall off beforehand.

When Sasuke finally (thank-you-God!) turned to boneless mush under him, Naruto sighed, groaned, and fucked with abandon. His arms collapsed under him and he buried his damp, blond head into Sasuke's sweaty shoulder, not missing a stroke. There was no holding back now.

Sasuke felt his insides rubbed raw, and squirmed to try to take the edge off. However, after his second powerful orgasm that afternoon, he was well past his limit and although he felt bad about it, he didn't want to grit his teeth through anymore of Naruto's rough treatment.

"Dobe. Naruto, stop."

Naruto whined and didn't stop. "I can't!" He gasped out. "I have to come, damn it!"

"Well, hurry up then!" Sasuke snapped, and then winced. "It burns like a bitch…, you bastard."

Naruto growled and thrust (impossibly!) harder. "Yell at me – and it'll – take longer – Teme!"

Sasuke grunted irritably and pieced his fingernails into Naruto's propelling ass in retaliation.

Amazingly, Naruto came apart underneath his fingertips. "Ah! Oh! Sasuke! Ahaha!" Sasuke rolled his eyes as the man he was hopelessly (and he did mean hopelessly) in love with shuddered and came inside him while laughing in pure ecstasy. It was an annoyingly long time after the fact that Naruto eventually went completely limp, both inside and on top of him, and Sasuke immediately shoved the worn-out Jinchuriki off of him, breathing more freely without the dead last ninja's dead weight on top of his chest. Nope. Nothing like when Naruto was with my clone…, I don't know whether I'm thankful for that or not…

It was an even longer while later that any sound or movement came from either young men.

"Teme?" Naruto tentatively broke the deafening silence that had enveloped his apartment. Sasuke grunted tiredly to show that he was listening. "…Sorry I didn't stop."

Sasuke turned his head to look into the guilt-ridden blue eyes of the man lying next to him, and sighed. "Don't worry about it, Dobe. You got off, that's all that matters."

"That's not true, 'ttebayo!" Naruto sounded outraged with Sasuke's response. And Sasuke eyed him in bewilderment as the blond leaned up on his elbows and glared down at him. "I shouldn't have done it. I should've stopped when I knew I was hurting you!"

Sasuke smirked. "It's hardly the worst pain I've ever felt, moron. You've hurt me worse than this during our very serious battles before I even came back to the Village. You haven't apologized for that." he pointed out.

"Of course not!" Naruto exclaimed, utterly bewildered by Sasuke's reasoning. "You deserved that, 'ttebayo!"

"Naruto." Sasuke said seriously. "I'm fine. True, I'm not used to this kind of pain, in… well, that kind of place, but I can handle it. I can handle anything you can dish out."

Naruto's shit-eating grin returned full force, and Sasuke felt his heart flutter at its predictable arrival. Shit. There's no getting out of this now. I'm completely screwed… literally.

"Really?" that one word somehow managed to sound like the most perverted; the most wonton; erotic fantasy that Sasuke could ever had imagined. And the once missing-nin, S-rank criminal suddenly had an uneasy feeling travelling down his still quaking spine. Naruto's grin morphed into a sinister smirk. "I'll take that challenge, 'ttebayo."

Sasuke's eyes nearly burst from their sockets as, impossibly, Naruto thrust his, already again, hard and pulsing length against his thigh. Sasuke's mouth fell open in shock and was quickly swept into a re-energized and passionate kiss by the Nine-Tails Jinchuriki.

All he could think was; Holy-Mother-of-FUCK!


A/N: I had mentioned in Part I the Clone "didn't put up much of a fight to begin with", but that could be interpreted as Non-Consensual which I had missed, so (again) thank you to the reviewer who pointed this out for me! And don't worry, I don't take correcting my mistakes as Flame. I'm glad you told me!

This was my first ever attempt at writing smut!


A BONUS CHAPTER WILL BE POSTED SOON! And you'll find out what really went on when Naruto tied up Sasuke's Clone! Although, I'm guessing you already have an idea, huh? *wink*