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A child is a curly dimpled lunatic. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kanda glared stiffly at his find.

It was small. It barely reached his hip – if it stood on tiptoes. It didn't speak much and when it did, he couldn't understand a word it said. Eventually, he determined it was speaking something other than English. Its eyes stared at him with an intensity he found disturbing for its age. They were dark blue in color. The hair was long and blond, with a few chaotic curls thrown into the mix.

Kanda couldn't help but wish he hadn't let the finder get crushed by a falling beam.

Now he was stuck with this…thing. His eye twitched when it opened its mouth. The mouth quickly closed again. He sighed in relief. At least he wouldn't have to hear any more of that garbled speech.

His relief was short lived when it started kicking its legs against the seat, making loud thuds. He glared at it some more, but it just smiled at him, apparently thinking he was joking. The only problem with that assumption was that Kanda never joked. "Stop that." He growled.

The thing laughed at him. "Stop," He commanded. The thing started to pout, but it stopped.

Kanda: One

Little Girl: Zero

Kanda stood up. He very much needed to use the bathroom. He glared suspiciously at the kid. "Don't. Move," He bit out the words, trying to make himself understood more through his tone than his words. The child stared at him blankly. "Stay." He tried again, pointing firmly to the seat. The little head bobbed twice, still sulking.

Kanda was not satisfied with the answer. But the desire to be done with his business was a rather pressing matter so he decided it was best to just take the kid's word for it. After all, what kind of trouble could the kid get into while he was gone for five minutes?

The girl's name was Claudette. She did not like the man with long hair. He was very rude in her opinion. He didn't smile much either; unless he was hacking up those monsters with that pointy stick of his. He didn't talk to her unless it was to reprimand her or to tell her what to do. He was a little too bossy for her tastes.

Claudette waited precisely two minutes until after Kanda was gone to get up and leave the train compartment.

Kanda: One

Claudette: One

Kanda swore, stalking the train and flinging open compartment door after compartment door. He ignored the shouts of indignation, rudely interrupting to ask if they had seen a little brat about four feet tall, blond hair, blue eyes.

It wasn't until the sixth compartment - Kanda practically foaming with rage - that somebody mentioned that a girl of that description heading towards the dining cart. He grunted, storming towards said dining cart.

He slammed opened the door, eyes scanning the room. The dark blue eyes locked onto the little blond thing from hell – as he now decided that was where the kid was from – and stalked towards her. Gripping her by the collar, he then proceeded to drag her back to the compartment and drop her back on the seat.

Had she been a bit older, he might have threatened her with Mugen.

Had she been about ten years older – about Moyashi's age – he might have just slit her throat there and then.

The thing from hell glared at him and stood back up. He stood up as well. It tried to open the door. He grabbed the handle. "Sit. Down," He spat at her, using his most menacing, scary face in an attempt to scare her into listening to him.

The plan backfired.

It started bawling. "Stop crying." He ordered, which only made it cry harder. Snot was running down the kid's face and the shoulders shook.

What the hell was he supposed to do?

Was it hungry? Kids got hungry, didn't they? What did they eat?

Maybe she was tired….thirsty?

He pinched the bridge of his nose wracking his brains. The only thing he could think to do was pick it up. There was no way he was doing that. No way in hell. He winced as the crying got louder. He hesitated and picked it up under the arms.

Holding the girl at arm's length he looked firmly into her eyes. "No, more crying," He said firmly, though he tried not to be too frightening. Exactly how much he was succeeding was another story. The girl hiccupped but nodded. She reached out her arms trying to get closer to him but Kanda plopped her back on her feet. "We will be at the Order soon." He grumbled. Once they got to the Order, he would make sure to deposit her into the arms of Komui. Then Komui could check her Synchronization rate. Then Kanda had no idea what would happen but he guessed it would have to do with some gushing on Lenalee's and Tiedoll's part. Not that he cared.

The child shot Kanda a hard look but went to the compartment bench. She fell face first onto the seat and proceeded to sob quietly into the seat.

Kanda was fairly sure he heard the word 'mommy,' but dismissed it. The kid was going to have to get over it. She wouldn't be seeing her mommy again for a long time; if ever.

At least she was being quite. Kanda took his seat again and lapsed into silence, feeling he had done his part.

He sighed and closed his eyes. It had been a long day. He kept his ears sharp though, in case she decided to pull another quick one on him and escape again.

Gradually even the quiet sobbing ceased and Kanda felt a little less agitated. He frowned, hearing the jiggling of a bracelet. The kid must have been looking at her innocence. He cursed the charm bracelet that had latched itself onto the girl, deciding that she was its Exorcist.

He shook his head.

It wasn't like she'd be his problem for much longer. Somebody else could feel sorry for her later.