ASDFGHJKL; YOU GUYS THOSE REVIEWS LITERALLY MADE ME FANGIRL I CAN'T EVEN I LOVE YOU. ALL OF YOU. TO PIECES. And I'm trying not to make it just like Anakin & Padme.. which is proving to be tougher than I thought since that's where my mind automatically goes ;P Those two were literally the first couple I ever shipped (I was like, 5?). And I was planning on making Hoyt be Palpatine xP (Lol nice call darth talon), but I've decided to make it way before him and all the characters from the movies except Yoda, since he's been training jedi for a couple thousand years I think? Also, I'm debating on where the rating will go- I've never written M before, so I'm not sure yet. And Maura's not the queen- she's about to take the current senator's place in the senate (I'm trying to not rip off the entire story and kind of make it original). I didn't expect anyone to even be interested in this! You guys are AMAZING. And I'm open to any suggestions! :)

Maura Isles stood with her delicate hands folded in the wide sleeves of the light blue gown she was wearing. Her honey-blonde curls fell around her shoulders and framed her beautiful face, the naboo sun glinting off the silver headband braided intricantly into it.

She wished she could get this over with- the senate had ordered every senator a jedi body guard after the assasination of an important diplomat on Coruscant a few days earlier. And she wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea. The last thing she wanted was a stranger watching over her night and day. Her inner monologue stopped when she spotted the gleam of an elegant Naboo cruiser approaching the landing pad. Here we go.

Her breath momentarily left her when a woman with an unruly mane of raven hair, tan skin and dark, molten-brown eyes dressed in a black tunic and dark brown jedi robe stepped off. This might not be as terrible as she'd first thought.

"Hello, I presume you're my new security detail?" Jane looked up to see a light-haired woman, who was more of a girl still, smiling at her warmly.

"Yeah- Jane Rizzoli, mi'lady." She bent and kissed the top of one of Maura's pale, soft hands.

Maura couldn't help the breath she sucked in when she heard that voice- it was impossibly gravelly but still soft, like the small streams in the lake country she'd grown up in- she'd never heard anyone talk like it before.

"Maura Isles. Pleasure to meet you, jedi."