Wolf Link

I feel the burning sensation spread throughout my body. I let out a howl of pain—a wolf howl. I feel fur spreading, growing, over my whole body. My hands and feet, my stomach, my back. I bare my fangs, yelping as I feel the familiar weight of Midna dropping onto my back.

It momentarily knocks the wind out of my body, but I quickly recover.

"Hurry up, silly! We need to get to Castle Town." Unlike in the land outside the Twilight, here I can hear Midna's voice instead of just in my head. I nod, racing furiously. I stop after a moment, though, sniffing. I lower my nose to the ground, my senses heightening. I see a sort of belt.

Ilia! I sniff the belt all over and start following the scent to Castle Town.

She does not say it out loud, but in my mind I hear Midna grumbling.

"Lover boy," she murmurs. I growl and she giggles. "Calm down! I'm just teasing."

Rolling my fierce blue eyes, I race along the dirt road, using only Ilia's scent as a guide. My mind wanders as I run. Of old memories of Ilia—ones where we are happy. I would smile at the memory of her and Epona, if I was not a wolf and the situation at hand not dire. I shake my head to clear it, almost shaking Midna off.

She scolds me, lightly slapping my furry hindquarters. I put on a burst of speed, already seeing the looming outline of the castle in the dim Twilight.

"I'm coming for you, Ilia…I will find you," my mind murmurs. I hear the annoying giggle of Midna once again.

"Hurry, we're almost there!"

For once, I agree. I agree most furtively.