A Digimon Fanfic
By Krystal Karpenter

Author's Note:

Hello everyone! I know some of you are still awaiting an update on some of my other stories, but I've lack some inspiration on many of them, including The Locket. For a while now I've been wishing to write another story with a fantasy based plot with adventure, magic, and of course romance. I turned out to be very proud of my story A Beautiful Sin and longed to write something like it once more. Though this plot is much different and it takes place in a much different setting, there is still that one element I really love: magic. Magic is such a versatile element in fiction. Honestly, it can be transformed in to whatever the author wishes it to be. That is probably why I love it so much! Alright, now on to this new story...

Again there will be some mystery, along with adventure! I really am happy with the world I've created for this new fic. I have about the first five chapters finished, but will not be releasing them until I have the first ten done, for I want to have some sort of foundation, so that I can update, while work at a non-rushed pace. I find I work better like that. Anyway, this Prologue is a you will not completely understand at first, but in time, you will. :) I shall update the first chapter in a few days as a SNEAK PREVIEW but after that the next update will not occur until next month.

Please read and review :) I take every suggestion and comment in to account and LOVE hearing feedback. And yes, this story is TAKUMI ^_^

Shadowed Flame:

It was not a Hero's duty to fear…

But I did.

It was not a Hero's duty to lust…

But I did.

It was not a Hero's duty to be weak…

But I was.

It was a Hero's duty to protect. To govern. And to ensure that the balance of the elements stayed intact throughout eras of war and political unrest.

It was a Hero's duty to stay fair, and resist any temptation that was beautiful to all eyes, but not allowed for ones with our responsibilities.

I failed all of these duties.

It was not a Hero's duty to fall in love…

But I did.