The Doctor and Jade were back on the TARDIS. The Terratriton had been dealt with, and it now rested deep beneath the surface of the earth in a desolate area. Before they left, the Doctor had left a note on the theater doors, basically explaining how to avoid future situations such as that. Then they went on their jolly way.

The minute they stepped into the TARDIS, however, the Doctor decided to play Twenty Questions.

"And where did you learn to shoot like that?" He stood across from her on the other side of the console.

"...It was my first time?" Her voice rose an octave, which made the Doctor frown slightly.

"You didn't fumble with the gun at all, nor did it take you long to aim. There was no restraint when you pulled the trigger. My eyes tell me you're no rookie when it comes to shooting on command, so spill the beans, Harley," The Doctor's voice grew louder as he kept taking steps forward until he was standing in front of Jade.

Jade stood on her tiptoes to look at him head on, "Okay, you want to know the truth? Fine! My grandpa taught me when I was a kid. What's the big deal anyway? So I can shoot a gun? It's not like I'm going around shooting innocent people? I thought you'd at least be a bit happy, I mean I pretty much just saved everyone's lives."

"I prefer to keep as much violence out of my work as possible!"

"Then why'd you have a flare gun?"

"To draw its attention so I could lure it into the sick trap I had set! ...Oh." The Doctor paused and his nose scrunched up and his lips pulled back into a 'I-just-made-a-big-mistake' expression. "I knew I forgot something."

"What?" Jade asked cautiously.

The Doctor looked to the TARDIS door, as if contemplating on making a return trip back to the city. "I forgot to take the trap down... Well I'm sure they'll get rid of it on their own. Not for us to dig our noses into, after all we just come and go without intervening. Right, Jade?"

Jade laughed, "Right, Doctor!"

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