A/N: I decided to write a fan fiction on what happens after pandemonium, i made the mistake of buying th book the day it came out so im very excited for the next book ^.^ SPOILERS! if you didnt allready read pandemonium this will give away the ending! all rights bla bla bla book belongs to Lauren Oliver... Enjoy prologue will update for comments on your guys ideas!

Seeing him, alive, I could've fainted.

I wish, somehow, I had.

Why was I thinking this way? The boy I loved (love?), the boy who showed me how corrupt the society is, how to escape to the wilds, who taught me to love, Alex, was standing in front of me.

"What are you talking about?" Julian asks, shaking me from my shock. I look between Julian and Alex, and between the again.

"She's lying." Alex says again, starring at me. Now Julian is starring at me to, trying to figure out who Alex is, what he means by saying that I'm lying-but I can only continue to stare at Alex and his new scar, the new numbered tattoo...the new dark unforgiving look on his face as he glares at me.