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Anyway, this is pain17ification loading my story "Bond of the Uzumaki". This is a story with Naruto meeting a long lost cousin who survived the Uzushiogakure Destruction. This will be my OC named Koda Uzumaki, Kushina's older brother's son. I decided that the healing factor will be one of three Uzumaki bloodlines. The two that have been used frequently are the healing factor and the Rinnegan. The third will be control over water to the point where it is like water bending from The Last Airbender (which I don't own). Naruto will be with Hinata because I have no idea who else to put him with. Koda will be 3 years older than Naruto (Naru 14, Koda 17) so he will be with Anko just because I love her character.

And now that's a simple overview. I own nothing except my OC and this story.


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Chpt 1: Welcome to Konoha

On the path heading for the village of Konoha, two figures were nearing the village gates.

The first figure was female with rust colored hair, emerald green eyes, and dressed in a blue battle dress over a fishnet shirt, high-heeled shinobi sandals, and with her waist length hair down. This woman was Mei Terumi, Jonin of Mizugakure and sensei of the next figure.

The next figure was male with long, spiky, black hair and amethyst eyes. He was dressed in a navy blue, sleeveless shirt, black, baggy pants under a fur skirt (he isn't gay. I just couldn't find any other way to describe it), and fur boots with a thin layer of metal on their bottoms. He also wore bandages all along his arms that were grey in color. His long, spiky hair reached his mid back held in a ponytail. He also wore his black-clothed headband around his neck. This man was Koda Uzumaki, a son of one of Uzushiogakure's survivors and elite Genin of Mizugakure.

"There's the main gate," said Mei. "You ready for this, Koda?"

Koda was quiet for a second, until a confident grin was seen on his face.

"Let's do this Mei sensei."

Konoha Streets

The two Mizu shinobi were enjoying their peaceful walk while they headed for the Hokage Tower. Mei enjoyed the peaceful smiles and comments of the civilians, while ignoring the perverted men in the process. Koda paid more attention to the children running around and playing. He watched with a gentle smile on his face. He always wanted kids ever since he helped out in the orphanage at Mizugakure. He enjoyed making them smile and wanted to raise a family of his own one day.

Mei saw the gentle look on Koda's face and couldn't help but feel pity for him. He was the son of Terqua Uzumaki and Kiara Shiba, two of the best shinobi Mizu had to offer. Three years after his birth, Koda's parents headed out on a dangerous mission and only their heads returned by a large messenger bird. They were killed and the murderer was never found. Koda was never the same since he always looked at families with looks of longing and became distant towards others. He had just started to talk to people again and his old confident personality was slowly showing itself again. For that, Mei was glad.

They kept walking until some Leaf Anbu appeared in front of them. One was wearing a cat mask and the other wore a tiger mask.

"Are you Mei and Koda?" asked Cat.

"Yes," answered Mei.

"Come with us. Hokage-sama is waiting."

"Thank you, Cat-san."

Hokage's Office

The 3rd Hokage, Sarutobi, was a kind looking old man who cared for his village a great deal. He loved his job except for one little (cough*big*cough) problem: paperwork.

Sarutobi knew that paperwork would most likely be the death of him. He had finished about a quarter of the day's work and was currently glaring at the rest. He was shaken from the glare fest by snickering from the Anbu and Mizu shinobi. Blushing slightly in embarrassment, he waved away the Anbu and focused on the two others in his office.

"Welcome to Konoha, Mei-san and Koda-san. Please have a seat," said the aged Hokage.

"Thank you," Mei said, "I'm here to sign Koda-kun here up for the Chunin Exams."

"Just Koda?" asked Sarutobi.

"Yes. He is the only Genin in Mizu who has completed C and B-rank missions alone with a Mizu Jonin. As such, his skills allow him to work without partners quite easily."

Sarutobi turned to Koda, sizing him up. Koda's confident aura never faltered and he easily stared back at the old man. Sarutobi then smiled and turned back to Mei.

"Very well, Mei-san. Koda will be allowed to compete alone. However, he will have a slightly higher goal set in order to pass."

"That's fine with me," Koda said speaking up at last. "I'll still pass this exam, no matter how hard I have to work for it!"

Sarutobi smiled at him and said, "Alright, Koda. Here is the form and good luck."

Koda quickly filled out the form, handed it to the old Hokage, and said, "Thank you sir. Now I guess I should be going. I still wanna see the rest of this village." With that, he gave a bow and water flickered back to the front door of the tower.

The Hokage looked at the form and his eyes widened in shock. There, where it said "name" was the name "Koda Uzumaki".

"H-he's an U-Uzumaki?" the old man asked in shock.


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