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Chapter One:

"I got something big for you and it's huge and I want you on it." Peeta says seductively with a grin as he walks towards me. Did those words just come out of his mouth? Did I miss something? "Want to know what it is?" He gets up on my bed and starts to crawl towards me.

"Peeta..." I try to say but his mouth crashes onto mine. His lips are so soft and moist when he kisses me. I try to pull away but he only kissed me harder making me moan a little. He slowly leaned his body onto mine pushing me backwards on my bed. What the hell is going on?

He breaks the kiss and in a husky voice asked again, "So do you want to know what it is Katniss?" His touch is so warm and his skin is so gentle and so soft. He rubs his hands up and down my leg slowly with a smirk on his face. As if I don't know what he's talking about by now. He starts to pull my nightgown up and I tense up a bit. He starts kissing me again; softly at first and I find myself kissing him back. As we continue our kisses get more intense, more powerful, more heated. He slides my nightgown off and breaks our kiss for a moment then crashes his lips back down on mine.

I'm not stupid. I know what Peeta wants and I have a feeling he's going to get it. I mean, he is after all a victor now and every girl wants to be his. Every girl including me now.

He moves down slowly and starts to kiss my neck. I let out a slight moan and he takes that as a sign that I like it. He starts sucking lightly on my neck nibbling at my skin and I let out a louder moan. He brushes his hand across my right breast and as I inhale my heart skips a beat. He smiles as he pulls his head up to looks at me. I could see lust in his eyes—and desire and passion and love... He brushes his fingers across my left breast playing with my nipple and puts his mouth on the other. My eyes literally roll into the back of my head as another moan escapes my lips. "Peeta." I moan again. His soft lips on my breast feels amazing as he sucks and flicks it with his tongue. He switches to my right breast now and starts to suck. His strong hands continue to play with the other his lips just left, keeping my nipple hard. "Peeta." I moan again putting my hands in his hair, gripping his blond locks.

"I so want you." He whispers in my ear turning me on and making me feel a wetness between my legs. He slides his hand down my stomach, his fingertips just barely touching my skin causing me to shutter. "Let's get these off shall we?" He says and starts sliding my underwear off until I am completely naked in front of him. He moves his whole body down from me and I start to feel cold without his warm body enveloping me. Before I can protest his absence the warmth returns as he gently starts to kiss my toes, my feet, and my ankles as he makes his way up my legs. He moves them apart and puts his lips in a place I never thought he would. I inhale, shocked at how good it feels and how good he is. He slides his tongue in me and I moan throwing my head backwards against my pillow. He brings his hand up and starts to play with my clit with drives me crazy.

"Peeta." I moan. "Don't stop Peeta, please don't stop." This seems to turn him on as he get more aggressive. I'm panting by now saying his name over and over. My body starts to tighten up and my moans get louder and louder until I reach my climax.

"I want you." He groans as he repositions himself right on top of me. He kisses me again with more power and intensity than ever before. He moans against my lips and I find myself taking his shirt off. "Katniss." he continues to moan. "I want inside you." I start to fumble with his buttons and he quickly starts to help me—first with his shirt and then with his pants.

I am surprised to find him with no underwear on. "What no boxers?" I tease with a laugh.

"No," He kisses me again. "Just one less piece of clothing out of the way." he says into my mouth. As he breaks the kiss I can feel his strong hands spreading my legs. "Katniss I need you." He says again. I look down while running my hands down his back and he moans. He wasn't kidding about that something big and huge he wanted me on. He is so hard and so big I can't believe it. I am so horny and I move my hand down to touch him. I need to touch him. He moans softly and closes his eyes. "Katniss..." I start to stroke him up and down, not sure of what to do. As if he could read my mind he puts his hand over mind and starts to guide me. I started going faster and his moans get louder. He's so hard and I'm so turned on.

"Katniss..." he moans again. I let go of his hard dick and he slowly starts to slide into me. "You're so tight." He groans which makes me moan with pleasure. He's all the way in now and he begins to move in and out of me.

"Peeta." I moan. "Oh god Peeta." With that he starts to quicken his pace. His dick is so hard and feels so good as he slids all the way in and out of me. "Peeta." I whimpered and dig my nails into his back, making him moan loudly and crash his lips onto mine...

"KATNISS!" my name is being yelled. I open my eyes and shoot up in shock. I'm panting as if I were out of breath and my heart is racing. Oh my god...I cannot believe that just happened. I haven't really seen him in over a month even though it seems like just yesterday when we stepped off of the train to get welcomed back as victors in our district. That couldn't be right though out of all the people in District 12 it was him, Peeta Mellark the bakers son, who entered my dream.

I, Katniss Everdeen of all people, just had the most vivid sex dream about Peeta and to my surprise, I am smiling and a little turned on. Does this mean I actually like him as more than a casual friend?

"Katniss!" my little sister Prim yells back up to me, "Wake up, wake up, wake up!" I hear her footsteps thudding up the stairs as she yells. "Katniss!"

I sigh and sit up knowing now I won't be able to fall back asleep. I rub my eyes with my hands wiping the crusty stuff away. I glance over at my door and see Prim in a bright blue dress with two pigtail braids hanging loose on both sides of her head. "Yes little duck, what is it?" I ask in a quiet voice.

"You'll never guess what mom told me downstairs!" she half yells at me. "Well..." she drifts off looking up before she stares back at me and says, "I'll just tell you because you'll never be able to guess it!"

"Prim," I sigh. "You know you don't need to yell when I'm sitting right next to you right?" I tell her softly.

"Sorry," She mumbles. "But guess what. Mom ran into Mrs. Mellark and they were talking about how they wanted to thank you for, you know… not killing Peeta and all." She pauses to take a breath. "Mom said we are invited over for dinner tonight. Isn't that great? I mean I know she was never nice to you and all before the games but she has wanted to thank you for some time now but never seems to see you around anymore."

I put my hands up to my face and sigh. "Dinner with the Mellarks tonight?" I say through my hands. "Why?" my voice is still scratchy from just waking up. "Tell mom I don't want to go okay."

"Well," Prim smiles. "Mom said she wouldn't take no for an answer, and she also wants you to get out of the house and go buy two loafs of bread and some cinnamon bread with the icing from the bakery. Oh and to tell the Mellarks that yes we will be joining them tonight and to find out what time they would like us to come by." she is now smiling because she knows there's no way I'm liking this.

"Why can't you go to the bakery?" I ask her. "I'll give you money."

"Nope." she smiles, crossing her arms across her chest. "I have to go tend to my goat; sorry Katniss, looks like you get to see Peeta." I stare blankly at her. What did she mean by that? "I mean you must miss him and all because you kept saying his name in your sleep." she adds as if she could read my mind.

"I was what in my sleep?" Oh my god I hope I wasn't saying anything else.

"Yeah, I walked by earlier and you kept saying his name over and over again. Was it a bad dream or a good dream?" she teases.

"Ugh!" I throw my face into my pillow.

"I'll take that as a good dream." she adds and I hear the clicking of her shoes as she walks away. "Don't forget to go to the bakery. Mom wants the bread for breakfast." Her voice fades away and she's gone.

I get up slowly and walk to the bathroom. My hair is a mess—half fallen out of my braid. My skin is also pale from the lack of sunlight caused by staying in the house all the time. I slide my nightgown off and walk over to the tub, getting in slowly. The water is still warm which brings a smile to my face. I wash my hair and body in a daze still thinking about my dream...about Peeta. I get out and dry off, putting my hair up in my french braid to the side. I put on my brown pants and black t-shirt followed by my boots and green jacket. I glance back at the mirror and sigh. This is as good as it's going to get. I head downstairs and go out the front door. The sun is beaming in the sky and is hot against my skin. I take a deep breath and start walking towards the bakery. It's been so long since I was outside.

When I reach the bakery I stop in front of the window and look in. There he is with flour up his arms making bread and talking to his brother with a smile on his face. I wonder what they're talking about. Is Peeta blushing?

"Hey there Katniss, long time no see. Where have you been hiding out since you and Peeta got back?" I have to turn to see who was talking to me as I am pulled back into reality. It's Peeta's other brother Rye, who just happens to have a huge smile on his face. "What brings you to the bakery?" he asks.

"Oh um, I..." I manage to get out before looking back in through the window at Peeta, "I um..."

"You came to see Peeta huh?" he asks with a smile. "Well now don't be shy, let's go in and say hi." he says and starts to lead me in.

"Well no not exactly. I was just um… I was just looking for your mother." I manage to say, "My mom says yes and wants to know a time."

"Yes to what?" Rye asks confused. He opens the bakery door and the bell chimes. "Maybe Peeta knows. Hey Peeta!" he yells. Peeta looks up and over at us. It's like his eyes light up when he saw me and his cheeks turn slightly pink as a smile begins to form on his face.

"Katniss what's up?" his oldest brother, Wheat, says. "We were just talking about you weren't we Peeta." he grins and Peeta's cheeks become even redder.

"What um, what brings you to the bakery?" Peeta asks trying to change the subject. "Haven't seen you around here much. I see Prim more than you."

"My mom needed some things and asked me to get them." I tell him and walk forward to the counter where I find myself standing next to Rye again.

"She needs a time for something." Rye adds in. "Something to do with mom?"

"Ohh..." Wheat grins. "About dinner tonight, yes. So you're coming tonight then?"

Unfortunately, I think. "Um yes she's just wondering about the time you want us here."

"Around sunset is usually when we eat so probably about then. I'll go find out." Wheat says, "Be back in a second," His voice trails off as he leaves the room.

"Yeah I'm um… I'm gonna go help him ask mom." Rye adds and walks out too, leaving me alone with Peeta in the empty bakery.

"So," he says as he walks over to the sink. "Why haven't you been around much since we got off the train?" I'm quiet and look down at my hands embarrassed while trying to think of what to say or what to do. I can't look him in the eyes. The truth will only worry him. "So you're not going to talk to me now, is that it?" his voice sounds sad.

"I've been around." I say slowly as I turn my attention towards some cinnamon rolls. I don't remember how to talk to hi—or anyone for that matter. I've been keeping to myself so much for the past month that my mother is getting worried and Prim seems sad because I stopped talking to her like I used to. "Inside mostly." I add.

"My father has been asking about you." he tells me. "He's been wondering about your squirrels, he actually misses them." He is now standing in front of me only on the other side of the counter leaning against it. "Hungry?"

"No not really, why?" I look up at him not realizing how close he was to me.

"Want one?" he asks and points to the cinnamon rolls I was staring at a moment ago. I don't answer so he takes one out for me anyway. "Here." He slides it across the counter towards me.

"Thanks." I half smile and pick it up in my hands.

"Everything alright Katniss?" I nod my head up and down and take a bite from the cinnamon roll. It tastes so sweet and delicious and warm. "You just seem…oh I don't know, quiet. Maybe like you've been avoiding me a little bit too."

"Sorry Peeta." I sigh and look down. "I just haven't really been myself lately is all." I pause. "I haven't really seen Gale either if that helps." I add. Why did I have to bring Gale into this? I'm so stupid just ask for the bread and go. What's taking Wheat and Rye so long? It doesn't take that long to ask a question?

"That's okay no harm no foul." he smiles at me and I can't help but smile back. "So you will be here tonight?"

"That's the plan. Or well, what my mom wants anyway."

"You didn't want to go did you?" he questions me.

"It's not that I don't, it's just awkward," I pause and his smile drops. "I mean it's not like your mother was ever kind to me before and now she wants me over for dinner. It's just not what I expected is all."

"Well don't worry, I'll sit by you later if that'll take the tension away some." he grabs my hand with a small smile and I jerk my hand away. His smile drops again. "Sorry." he whispers.

"It's okay. I actually need to be going my mom needs two loafs of bread and is waiting for me to get back." he nods and grabs two of the freshly baked loafs. "Big enough?" he asks and holds them up.

"Huh?" I ask confused as my mind wanders back to my dream.

'I got something big for you and it's huge and I want you on it.' Peeta said seductively with a grin coming closer to me. 'Do you want to know what it is?' He winked at me and started to get on my bed. 'Katniss?' ...

"Katniss?" Peeta says snapping me back to reality. "These okay in size or are they to big?"

"Oh, um…no," I blush. "They're perfect." He shrugs and hands them to me. "It's on me Katniss, don't worry about it. You sure you're alright?"

"Perfect." I say a little too fast. "Okay um thanks," I smile. "So we will just come around sunset then I guess." I say and head out the bakery without ever getting the right time from his mom or giving Peeta the chance to say another word.

I run home as fast as I can not wanting to talk to anyone else about why they haven't seen me either. When I walk in the door my mom is waiting for me. "Dinner's around sunset." I say and set the bread down on the table.

"Where's the cinnamon bread and icing?" She asks and I freeze. "Katniss?"

My eyes widen. I can't believe I forgot that! "I um...I forgot about that." She looks disappointed. "Sorry." I mumble. "I got sidetracked."

"I wanted that for breakfast." She sighs. "Prim got all excited and everything and now I have to tell her that you forgot it."

I stare at her in disbelief. Is she trying to guilt trip me? "Sorry mom." I say again. "What do you want me to do, go back and get it?

She smiles, and I immediately know I should not have asked. "Why yes Katniss that would be so sweet of you." I sigh wishing I never said anything. "Now go." She points towards the door.

"Ugh!" I complain and stomp my way back to the bakery. I open the door and the bell rings.

Peeta looks up and looks a little confused. "Forget something?"

"Um yes," I walk up to him and stop. He's in front of the counter this time with Rye behind it.

"She forgot to kiss you." Rye teases and laughs as we both blush. "Wow you two are so easy."

"I forgot the cinnamon bread with the icing." He smiles. "My mom made me come back because Prim was 'oh so excited' to have it." I say mockingly. Peeta laughs which makes me smile.

"Is that all?" Rye asks and winks. We both just stare at each other awkwardly. "Oh you both suck. Here's your bread and icing Katniss." Rye hands it over the counter and Peeta grabs it and gives it to me. His hands brush against mine again and he blushes.

"Um Katniss." Peeta says quietly so only I could hear him. "Tonight can we talk in um...well privately?"

"Sure." I hesitated. "Is it about anything in particular? I whisper back.

"Maybe." He smiles. "But it's nothing bad so don't worry." I just stare at him not knowing what to say next. "Don't want to keep Prim waiting do you?" He teases. I smile and stumble towards the door. How in the world does he have so much impact on me? His smile is just so breathtaking. I walk home lost in my thoughts wondering what he wants to talk to me about.

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