This is a sequel to my story The Destruction of Mercurius, so you might want to read that one first if you haven't already.
Finally got around to writing a sequel! :D This is probably going to end up much longer than the first, something I realized while writing this chapter. Anyway, enjoy the story and I'll try to get the next chapter out as soon as I can!

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Lucy yawned and opened her eyes. She sat up in her bed and stretched her arms upward. Today was going to be a good da-
"Ouch!" Lucy yelped, and then touched her rib cage where she had felt a sharp pain when she'd stretched. She lifted a bit of her shirt to reveal a large and ugly bruise the size of her fist on the lower part of her rib cage.

When did I get this..? Lucy wondered. "Puuuun~!" Lucy's thoughts were interrupted by Plue, who had been awakened from a nap and had wandered over to Lucy, worried about what had caused her to yell. "Eh? Plue? I didn't call you out!" Lucy yelled. First the bruise she didn't remember receiving and now Plue summoning himself. Lucy was officially freaked out. "What's going on..?" Lucy muttered to herself and then climbed out of bed.

For the first time since waking up, Lucy took in her surroundings. "Where the heck am I?" She cried out. She was in a room she didn't recognize, and now that she was thinking about it, dressed in unfamiliar clothes. The room was rather large and interesting. Beneath her feet the carpet resembled lush green grass, and if Lucy hadn't been standing on it barefoot, she might've mistaken it for real grass. The walls were even more intense than the carpet. They were painted to resemble a beautiful starry night; Lucy could make out several constellations from the stars. Between the floor and the walls, Lucy felt as though she was standing in the middle of a meadow on a starry night. The furniture of the room was rather plain in comparison. A simple dresser stood against the wall parallel to Lucy's bed. Suddenly the door began to open, and Lucy prepared herself against whoever might enter.

"Good morning Princess! I am glad to see you've awakened."

"Eh! Virgo too? What's going on here?" By this point Lucy's eyes were bulging out of her head. She half-heartedly wondered if this was all a dream.

"Noisy as always, Princess. Anyway, come with me, everyone else will be glad to see you are awake and you must be hungry, you were asleep for a full day."

"I was asleep a full day? What's going on?" Lucy thought about the bruise on her side again, but Virgo offered no response; only led Lucy out of the room. "Puun~" Plue waddled after the pair.

Virgo led Lucy out to a much larger room. This room was much different from the bedroom; it was cozy and plain in comparison. They walked through this room and went outside. Lucy now realized where she was: in the Celestial Spirit Realm.

Immediately, they were surrounded by three very familiar celestial spirits. Two looked pleased and relieved to see Lucy, and the third had a grim expression on his face.

"Lucy-san, your body is looking nice as ever!" Taurus said while ogling her chest.

"Shall I fix your hair? It looks a little messy from your long rest -ebi"

"C'mon now guys..." Lucy said while backing away from the smothering spirits. Right into another pair of arms that immediately embraced her.

"Just can't keep away from me can you Lucy? Now's not the time though, there is an important matter involving you." Loki said in an off voice that worried Lucy.

"What's going on? Virgo wouldn't tell me anything." Lucy asked as she wrestled herself out of Loki's embrace.

"And neither will I. It is for the King to tell you."

"Umm, excuse me, Lucy? I am very glad to see you are okay but the King told me to inform you that you are to have breakfast with him this morning." Aries said as she walked over. "Okay, where is the King?" Lucy asked, relieved to hear she might finally get some answers.

"I'm sorry… He also told me to lead you to the castle, where you will be eating." Aries said with a bow. "Lead the way Aries." Loki said as he walked over and touched her on the shoulder. Aries seemed to blush a little and replied "O…okay"

The walk to the Celestial King's was a short one. Lucy had gazed in wonder at the beauty of the Celestial Realm, which she had not truly appreciated the last time she had come, while in training for the Grand Magic Tournament. Although Loki had told Lucy he couldn't answer many of her questions, he did answer a few along the way, and through him, Lucy learned that she had been recovering in a sort of hospital suite owned by the King. This suite was conveniently located close to his castle where Lucy was to dine with him. The Celestial King's castle was similar to Mercurius, only it had a sense of magic and wonder to it.

"Ah! Princess, there you are! I've been waiting here for you to bring you to the dining room." Virgo called over. She had been standing near the gate of the castle.

How did she get here before us..? Lucy wondered, and then sighed, deciding it didn't matter. She just wanted to get to the King so her questions would be answered. "Wasn't Aries supposed to bring me there?" Lucy asked.

"No, she only had to bring you to the castle, I will lead you inside to the King. He also sends his thanks to Aries and dismisses her." With that said, Aries turned to leave.

"Hold on, thank you for bringing me Aries!" Lucy called out. Aries turned to face her master again, and smiled shyly in response.

"Hey Lucy, I'm going to head out now too, I have other matters to attend to. You should be okay with Virgo." Loki said before turning away and leaving. Lucy waved in response and turned to face Virgo.

"Right this way Princess," Virgo called, and Lucy turned to follow her through the enormous gates and into the castle. Upon entering the castle, Lucy gasped at the size of the room; to say it was huge would have been an understatement. The tiles on the floor were each about a square meter long and were an off-white color and looked pristine and shiny. The walls were a rich emerald green painted in an intricate pattern that looked to Lucy to be optical illusions of some sort. Virgo led Lucy through the room to a giant flight of stairs, but Lucy was so busy glancing around the beautiful room that she didn't notice when Virgo stopped, and walked right into her.

"Princess," Virgo said. "I think it would be best if I carried you the rest of the way so you don't get tired."

"What? No, it's fine, I feel well enough to walk myself but thanks for offeri- Hey! Put me down!" Lucy cried as Virgo picked her up and threw her over her shoulders.

"We will be there shortly." Virgo stated.

"I'm going to be sick!" Lucy cried out as the spirit set out on what seemed to be hyper speed, jostling Lucy on every step of the way though not intentionally. Motion sickness reminded Lucy of a certain person. Sick… Hmm, I wonder if Natsu and the others know what's going on, or where I am. Could they be nearby? Lucy wondered.

With a final step, Virgo stopped moving and placed Lucy down. The ride had disconcerted Lucy, and it took her a moment to regain balance.

"We are here. The Celestial King is right through these doors and waiting for you."

"Erm, I see. Well, thank you for bringing me here." Lucy said as her dizziness faded.

Lucy faced the large wooden doors in front of her. The left door had the sun carved into it, and the details of it amazed Lucy. The right hand door was carved in a similar manner, only with the moon. Lucy reached for the doorknobs, and with both hands pulled open the doors in front of her. What she saw shocked her entirely.

End of the first chapter! Thanks for reading! This is sort of a slow start to the story, but I plan on making it a little more interesting in future chapters, I hope you enjoy it!