Levi's POV

Growing up it was only me and my mom my father had left my mom for her own cousin I mean come on that's real classy my mom had phased a couple of months after she got in a fight with her boyfriend he had left storming out my mom started shaking I thought she was crying I was only 5 at the time turns out she wasn't shaking from sadness but from anger she phased and I was too close lesson learned I have a permanent scar where one of her nails nicked my face its not bad and then I have the other 3 scars from where the rest of her claws got me the travel from the top of the side of my neck to the center of my stomach. My mom had to tell the doctors that we were hiking and that I was mauled by a mountain lion while camping we were on a vacation in Florida one thing I learned while in Florida there really were mountain lions in Florida who would have thought when we finally made it back to Brooklyn my mom broke up with her boyfriend and then went into a depression blaming herself for my scars she tried to make up for my dad especially after she met Faith but I didn't care my mom said it was like love at first sight for her with Faith that was the same thing my mom said my dad said about Emily even if that was true my mom still cared about my dad I couldn't say the same thing about her when I was 8 I got real sick kept smelling really disgusting smells when I described it to Faith and my mom they said that's what vampire smell like oh I didn't tell you everything Faith is a Vampire Slayer her, Buffy, Kennedy and a shit load of other girls and they got this school in Cleveland me and my mom moved down there 3 months after she met Faith a month after we came back from Florida. I phased after being sick for a week my wolf was even bigger than my mom I've got an interesting back-story one that I'm hoping to tell to the world my name is Levion Samire Josiah Michael Clearwater I'm 15 years old and right now I'm leaving my parents behind in Seattle to go to La Push its time I prove to those fucks how wrong they were for shunning my mother whether she thinks they did or not watch out La Push Levion Clearwater is coming.

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